C-R Theory Jester

The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

The Comedy-Recycling Theory Downloads

The Comedy-Recycling Theory is complete work in book format, which you can download below.

The Comedy-Recycling Theory

The March, 2006 revision of The Comedy-Recycling Theory in PDF format. This version is written in a style that includes humorous puns. International readers are encouraged to start with the Completely Recycling Theory.

The Completely Recycling Theory

A version of the C-R Theory created with the international reader in mind. With most of the puns removed, this version is more appropriate for readers who This version also includes an internationalized version of the CR Theory claims as well.

CR Theory Claims

A list of major claims from the C-R Theory and also serves as a teaser-style overview for the 2006 edition of the C-R Theory

Extended Definitions

A companion to the Comedy-Recycling Theory, this is a pun-filled glossary that explains many of the terms and concepts of the C-R Theory.