C-R Theory Jester

The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

This is Jerry's autobiography as he last revised it in 2004.

Jerry Reynard

Photo of Jerry A. Reynard

Jerry is kind-of an “amateur cosmologist”, with the Comedy-Recycling theory as a main focus of this hobby. Jerry has been interested in the goings-on in the universe since his early days, and he is an avid reader of popular books and magazine articles, and informational programs covering the sciences.

The original insight for this theory came about in early 1979, and has been revised when needed, to account for new observations. These ideas have mellowed for over 30 years, and the author has lived with these ideas, attempting to reconcile observations with reality, and to improve the understanding of what is actually seen. During this time, nature seems to have supplied the C-R theory with gift after gift, phenomena-wise, suggesting that something is fundamentally right with this new way of understanding.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Over the last 30 years, I have refined, polished, and incorporated new findings into my understanding, and some small portions have been improved, as I now accept the C-R theory ideas, and try to understand everything new, through that lens. I believe that I understand our universe much better now than I did 30 years ago. My fondest wish is that others, too, will be able to use, and build-upon these ideas, and go beyond my limited thinking. If this happens, where others can also find merit in these ideas, and discover even more exciting links, uncovering layers of events, and successfully connecting them to new findings, it will help to confirm [to me] that at least some of these ideas are right.

The author has some college to his credit, but his primary training has been the U.S. Navy ET “A” school (in the early ‘70’s). Jerry is retired now. His primary occupation was in Two-Way radio repair, and communications systems. His former (unnamed) employer was not known either for either a sense of humor or for any endorsements of theories of the universe.

Jerry is “fully unqualified” academically to think-of, laugh-at, or comment-upon anyone else’s theory of the universe, but that hasn’t stopped him. Jerry enjoys speculating upon the universe, as time permits, and willingly shares some possible discoveries he has made with anyone who is interested. His presentation is in more-of a tour guide like manner, pointing out what should be of interest to those wanting to reconcile this universe to some type of theory. If what we see matches what we expect to see, we may be on the right track.

Jerry enjoys a good chuckle, laugh, or pun, and knew from the start that the mainstream scientists would not take the C-R theory seriously. For that reason, he wrote the theory “funny”, so that some of the readers might enjoy this presentation in a more informal style than the typical scientific treatise.

The ideas presented here are serious, and substantially different from the commonly held beliefs. The target audience is those who have not yet made up their mind as to how this universe works, combined with those who are highly unsatisfied with the current [Big Bang] system’s lack of comprehensibility. Seemingly, nothing happens for a reason, rather, illogical choices have been imposed upon observations, but nothing makes sense to us poor, confused observers.

HINT: If the universe you see makes no sense to you, perhaps you might wish to change your preferred theory of choice, and check out either version of the C-R theory. If, after switching, the C-R theory obeying universe does not make far better common-sense to you, discard this theory, and try somewhere else. [If it does work for you, please recommend it to any friends.]

While pondering over the nature of gravity and Black-Holes (C-R type), Jerry has possibly stumbled upon some of the most intriguing, most curious relationships between subatomic particles, gravity, Black-Holes, and the fate of the universe. The author has put together a scenario where almost everything in the universe is connected by an infinitely recycling, deliberately designed, and intelligently planned system. The simplicity of the ideas, and the elegance of the “real-world” fit between the C-R theory ideals, and the observations provided by the Hubble telescope, compelled the author to share his views.

Although Jerry’s C-R theory remains just speculation, with little chance of physically proving all of it conclusively in a laboratory setting, the theory does provide new, different, and humanly-understandable answers to many of humanity’s oldest and most wondered-about questions. {Where did the universe come from? How did it originate? What purpose does Humanity play (if any) in the overall fate of the universe? Is the universe just a random accident, or does it have a purpose, a plan, and a destiny? Will the universe just grow old, fade out, and “end” with a whimper billions or trillions of years from now? Is the universe, as we know it, “doomed”, or is there any reasonable degree of hope?}

Jerry’s unique viewpoint, and radically different conclusions about the universe and it’s ultimate fate may provide humanity (“you”) with an alternative glimmer (or beacon) of hope, compared to the fatalistic, “we’re all doomed in the end, anyway”, message permeating most current astronomical theories.

Jerry believes in a Creator, in charge: guiding and planning a carefully-designed universe, precision-engineered with ruggedness, durability, and “people-proof” parts; suitable for an infinitely long, amazingly useful, and remarkably resilient home for humanity. Jerry’s goal with the C-R theory is to communicate this possibility in a scientifically acceptable manner, consistent with all observations, especially, new ones. Whenever possible, ways to test this theory are mentioned, and the differences in expectations from standard theories are stated.

Jerry’s spin on “what is seen” in the universe will be interpreted by a C-R theory view. He will reach radically different conclusions, compared to standard theories, but the raw observations themselves will stand.

Jerry is currently single, and lives in the suburban Maryland area. He is now retired, but was employed repairing two-way radios and providing communications systems support.

Last revised: September 12, 2014