C-R Theory Jester

The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard


A very brief background on the Comedy-Recycling theory:

Back in late 1978-early 1979, I was wondering why gravity still emanated from a black hole, when light {and spin and electrical charge} did not?  In my quest to search for a reasonable answer, I re-considered an idea from Einstein, which had been known about, but was still “hidden in plain sight” for many years.   He said that matter bent or curved spacetime, and that warped spacetime, in turn, told matter how to move.

The curvature concept is similar to a person jumping onto an undisturbed  trampoline surface, changing the shape of a grid of squares drawn on the unstretched surface.  One could also think-of a grid, drawn on the curved surface of a loosely-filled water balloon.  Push down a dulled pencil lightly, to change the shape (curvature) of the balloon’s surface.

I noticed that in both cases, the curvature, (the shape of the surface), changed with respect to the amount of the weight or pressure placed upon either the trampoline or the balloon.  NOTE: Once it was changed, NO additional energy, or continuous action was needed to maintain the curvature, unless the shape changed in response to, say—a jumping person or pushing the pencil down or pulling it up.  Note also: even if the pencil is rotated or was constantly spinning, the curvature’s shape of the balloon would not change with time, or couple-out any information about the internal spin.

This suggested to me that curvature, a geometric-like effect, [or more correctly, a metric-like effect], would already be established  outside the mass of a black hole, WITHOUT NEEDING either electromagnetic energy, or gravitons, (the hypothetical carriers of the gravitational force), to travel at, or above, the speed of light, from inside the (generic) black hole.

Gravitational Curvature “Modulates” the energy-content of a Mass

Somehow, I came upon the idea that curvature “modulates”, influences or changes the real-time energy level contained in matter.  Consider that: the time-rate actually decreases, or slows down, in a greater gravitational field, or it speeds-up when matter is lifted-up, into a lesser gravitational field.  If this is so, then the energy content of matter literally changes, increasing as a mass is lifted-up, or decreasing, as the energy to cause acceleration is freed-out as kinetic energy.  In either case, the mass itself “keeps-track-of” it’s own energy-content, and gravity never brings-in energy from elsewhere, or takes-away the energy to somewhere else, to disappear into a “sea” of energy-foam.

UNNOTICED FACT: What is so important about the above idea is the dilemmas that it helps to solve.  It really explains why gravity exists outside of the Black-Hole  C-R  and why the Black-Hole  C-R  cannot collapse into a singularity.

Second unnoticed fact: This approach also explains what limits gravity, and places real barriers to gravity’s influence.  Once curvature, (measured as real- time,) has been lowered completely, to zero, gravity loses any additional influence on matter.

This curvature-concept nicely answered my original question, “Why is gravity still felt outside the black hole?”  Closer examination of this concept of “curvature” causing “gravity”, as more-of an after-effect, led me to discover (or uncover) many remarkable NEW ideas, launched from this starting base.

Next: If you, the reader, note the effect of an increase of curvature, (squeezing), on half of a juicy orange, you will detect an increase in fluids emitted with every increase in pressure applied, up to a point.  There will come a time when absolutely no more fluid, (orange juice), can be squeezed-out.

Let us now consider the effect of gravity upon matter.  Notice that as matter falls into greater curvature, kinetic energy, (speed), is released, until the matter hits something or is prevented from falling further.  The suggestion here is: increasing “gravitational” curvature forces-out some of the energy contained in all matter.  The kinetic energy has come-out, only from a decrease in the overall energy-content of the matter.  This released energy is in DIRECT proportion to both the decrease in real-time, and the increase in curvature.  In the simplest words, matter has decreased it’s net energy-content, in real-time, by the exact amount, equal to the same amount of kinetic energy released, (from the acceleration, or speed).  [This kinetic energy would have been converted to heat, if the matter had hit something or gone splat.]

The difference in energy EXACTLY equals either the gain or loss of time:

(delta Δ t) times (mc 2 )   [The energy is taken-from, or added back into the starting mass.]

or: the change in real-time, multiplied by mc 2  squared, equals the energy added or subtracted.

The equivalent energy of the starting mass, beforehand, plus the energy added to lift-up the mass, [or freed-up, when it is lowered], equals the energy of the mass afterward, plus (or minus) the energy released and/or gained.

[NOTE: conservation of energy is always maintained, because no energy comes-in, or goes-away, for free.  The price for the “gravitational” energy gained or lost is paid-for, in full, by the minuscule change-in-real-time, (taken-away or added-to) the total original real-time (energy) of the mass itself.]


If we said that the speed-of-light changed, (ever so slightly),


(the mass before ) (c before) 2  = [ mass after (c after) 2  ] + the kinetic energy added/released.

Either the time changes slightly, or the speed of light* changes slightly because of the changing value of the curvature.  [*The change in light speed is local, at differs slightly at each new location, and is very subtle.]

A radical, and radial idea:

Note: Either the quantity of mass, m, or the quantity of the speed-of-light, c, will decrease slightly with the slow-down of time, to make-up the difference in energy.  Recently, an atomic clock that was lifted-up by either 33 cm, or 1/3 of a meter, ran slightly faster than a second atomic clock, which had been previously synchronized.  We do not yet have sophisticated enough measuring tools to measure possible minuscule changes to a mass, with a similar elevation.  The changes would be more substantial if we could travel to a different, remote location, either to the Great Attractor, or billions of light-years out, near the outer edges of the universe.

The energy-value of the same mass decreases as the radius increases, proceding outward from the center, if it was moved.  (from 100% full-time at the center, to 0% real-time, at the outer Schwarzschild radius)

Tech Note: The gain in time on earth’s surface is approximately 1 part in 10 16  th per meter of elevation.  Strong Hint:  Consider the real-time slowdowns, [measured as redshifts], which are observed much further out in our universe, in ALL directions.

Newly claimed: While a mass exists in any level of curvature, that same matter, entering into stronger gravity, has less stored-energy after “gaining” speed, by that exact-same amount of mass-energy, as was gained. This difference in energy IS EXACTLY the same amount as:

[the change (in real-time) ]  times  [ (the mass) times c  ].



In the simplest concept, 1 Kg of lead (or any other matter), when transported to the outer edges of the universe is worth much less total energy, there, than that same mass would have after being transported to here, on earth.  The exact energy difference would be the exact amount of energy you would need to expend to move the matter from point A to point B.

“Oh, the TIMES, they are a changin’ ”   (to quote a famous Bob Dylan song.)

The difference in real-time, measured at the outer edges of the universe, and the real-time, measured here, on earth, will cause the end-result to be: that mass needs to acquire EXACTLY the same amount of energy (gravitationally), added to the mass, to “lift” the matter from there to here.

{HINT: It is as if Gravity, as curvature, puts “the squeeze” on matter}

NOTE: Gravity did NOT  produce  the energy.  Rather, the change in the gravitational curvature changed the  “ability ” of matter to  “store ”, or to hold energy, while in a certain time-frame.  [This is somewhat similar to adjusting the width between two metal plates, “confining” a sponge. The change in the width manages to adjust the fluid-absorbing capacity, varying the ability to hold a width-limited volume of fluid.]

The same 1 Kg of lead would then be worth even more energy, if we transported it to the “Great Attractor”.  [But, we would have to provide that energy to transport it, from somewhere.]  Notice: The “force” of “gravity” never needs to keep track of the energy-content of each mass.  Rather, each “mass” takes it’s own energy-content with it. [Something like: a car traveling with it’s gas tank, changing the fuel-level between full and empty, being full as you fill it, then empty it by driving around and expending the fuel for energy.]

Case: Closed, or,

Contrary to one assumption from the theory of relativity, there  IS  a “preferred” reference frame, for time-rates, superimposed over this or any “closed-off” universe, by gravity, (actually, by the curvature).  When we see a highly-red-shifted object near the edges of the universe, we see that object as it was, way-back-when, but, in it’s natural real-time rate.  That object really IS ACTUALLY as it appears to us, time-wise.  It is slowed-down, (time-wise) significantly, as compared to us, here on earth.  Similarly, an object at the “Great Attractor” is actually more energetic, clocking-faster, and existing in a faster timeframe.  It appears to be blue-shifted to us, as it is being compared to our real-time rate, or our earth-time, for us living here on earth.

Significantly, any photon emitted from an object near the outer edges of the universe DOES NOT (continuously) CHANGE it’s energy level when travelling towards earth.  Rather, our “time-frame” here on earth IS significantly faster.  When we measure the photon, emitted from  a mass “there”, it does not measure the same time-rate, as a photon that was emitted from the same elements stationed “here”.

Simply, this means that there is an overall “real-time” reference frame, superimposed over everything in this universe!!  This also means that the space we SEE everywhere, else, is not isotropic, or the same in all directions.  HINT: And that IS WHAT we actually SEE.

AFTER correcting the results (the DATA) on the observed red-shifts, science claims there is NO DIFFERENCE in what we SEE at a distance.  I am reminded of the Chico Marx quote: “Who you gonna believe, me” (as in:  the theory of relativity ) “or your own two eyes?” (The author’s addition in parenthesis and  italics  for the analogy.)   Sadly, science has chosen to believe the theory of relativity as true, instead of believing the observed VISUAL EVIDENCE, as seen in plain sight.


This also means that: our universe is NOT expanding, and is NOT expanding at an expanding rate, either.  Rather, the experiments done to come to that conclusion were flawed significantly in ONE underlying assumption.  The experiment(ers) assumed that the time-rate out “there” was the same as our time-rate “here”, on earth.

I would predict, (without yet having done the math or analyzed the specific data), if the Cepheid variable study was re-analyzed, with the real-time factor restored, and not corrected, (and not interpreted as proof-of the acceleration away from us), the data will fit fine with a relatively “static” universe.  [The universe is fixed in size, but there are dynamic, mixing-events, driven by electrical charge-imbalances, occurring regularly to stir-up both gas and mass.]

A significant note: Conventional gravity theories, based upon Newtonian equations, cannot prevent a static universe from completely collapsing.  There is no preventive measure to forbid it from totally contracting.  Using the new idea from the Comedy-Recycling theory, one can easily see that, matter located at the outer edges of the universe IS ALREADY at a lower energy state, [or, more downhill, gravitationally], there, than it would be HERE on earth.

Astoundingly, (by using the preferred reference frame concept), the matter there, near the outer edges, would have to GAIN or acquire additional real-time energy, [somehow, from somewhere], to be allowed to COLLAPSE inward, back into a “higher-energy-worth neighborhood”.  By noticing the features, as they are  observed  in OUR universe, the C-R theory used those features as a “laboratory model, or a role-model” of the only “Inside of a Black-Hole  C-R  ” we (humanity) will probably ever get to explore from the inside.

NEW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: {a new sheriff is in town}

All properties that the C-R theory attributed to the insides of all Black-Holes  C-R  were derived from carefully observing our universe, [with the sole exception of the Neutral Zone  C-R ].  The concept of the Neutral Zone  C-R  has been derived from other simple ideas common to several real world phenomena.

New terms used in the C-R theory are: Black-Hole  C-R  : This double capitalized, hyphenated, and post-superscripted “Brand Name” Black-Hole  C-R  is used to denote C-R theory obeying black holes.

Conventional black holes DO NOT EXIST as they are described in popular literature, and will be referred to only for discussion or ridicule purposes.  All properties described will be more extensively covered in the claims section, in the Extended Definitions sections, and in various areas of the C-R theory.

C-R theory Black-Holes  C-R  cannot collapse into a singularity.  All Black-Holes  C-R  must have an EXACTLY critical, fully enclosed Active Zone  C-R  at their center.  [This is something like a placeholder, or a structure inside, that initially establishes the Black-Hole  C-R , in the first place.]   Gravitational curvature at the exact center of each Black-Hole  C-R  is always minimum*.  {*Black-Holes can exist inside larger Black-Holes  C-R at varying real-time-rate positions inside the Active Zone  C-R .  It is possible that the energy at the minimum levels are different, varying by location.}

Any Black-Hole  C-R  which has swallowed matter or energy, will store these in a shell-like, thin-walled volume, immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius.  The C-R theory calls this loocation the Neutral Zone  C-R .  This Neutral Zone  C-R  is the real heart of the Black-Hole  C-R .  No energy needs to be expended or radiated to maintain the strength of “gravity”, (which is actually caused or implemented, in response to the strength of the gravitational curvature) outside the Black-Hole  C-R .  All matter swallowed by the Black-Hole  C-R  is stripped of electrons, swallowed, then only stored away inside the Neutral Zone  C-R  .

Because the escape velocity is above lightspeed, matter is confined in a totally inactive state.  It is forbidden to interact, radiate, decay, or communicate in any way with other matter or with any energy, as long as it remains inside the Neutral Zone  C-R .  The Black-Hole  C-R  seizes, sorts and consumes sub-atomic matter predominantly by mass. (Imagine that!!)  Most electrons manage to escape consumption after the proton or proton-neutron rich nucleus passes through, into the IB 3 Schwarzschild radius.

Note: Every active, matter eating Black-Hole  C-R  is storing-up and concentrating, in an inactivated state, the ONLY KNOWN substance which can create the only known force capable of OVERCOMING GRAVITY in real world situations.  Simply stated, the Neutral Zone  C-R  is slowly-filled with vast quantities of temporarily-inactivated, self-repelling excess protons, (positive charges).

After the Neutral Zone  C-R  has stored-up excess protons for a long time, a process not unlike cranking a child’s Jack-in-the-box to “free” the Jack trapped-inside, will occur.  These anti-Black-Hole C-R  events can range, in an  order of increasing magnitude, a nova, a supernova, a hypernova, a Seyfert galaxy, a quasar, a gamma ray burst (GRB), and I used-to think, even the initial big bang itself.

Active Zone  C-R : The Active Zone  C-R  is a necessary part of the inside of every Black-Hole  C-R .  In the Active Zone  C-R , all speed-of-light interactions are permitted, (unlike the Neutral Zone  C-R ).  Technically, outside of all known Black-Holes  C-R , our universe exists.  It also appears to be an inside Active Zone  C-R .  All “speed-of-light critical” interactions and activities are permitted within an Active Zone  C-R .  The inside Active Zone  C-R  could also be considered a “placeholder”, to help prevent the Black-Hole  C-R  from collapsing inward, into a singularity.

IB 3 -Schwarzschild radius: The C-R theory has added the term IB 3  to the front of the term Schwarzschild radius.  The IB 3  term is short for 3 extra properties the C-R theory adds this NEW IMPROVEMENT to the idea or the concept of the Black-Hole  C-R : the I solation B oundary, the I nsulation B oundary, and the Information B oundary.

Although conventional theories also use the term Schwarzschild radius, the C-R theory adds the following concepts: There is always a complete Active Zone  C-R  inside every Schwarzschild radius, and there is also an outer Schwarzschild radius at the outside of each Neutral Zone  C-R .  Between the 2 Schwarzschild radii, all new, incoming matter and energy is stored-up, confined, or trapped in a time frozen, inactivated state.

Somewhat akin to matter stored at absolute zero—temperature wise, matter inside the Neutral Zone  C-R  is, energy-wise, at it’s lowest possible state.  It also is time-wise in it’s minimum energy state.  All real time “speed-of-light” interactions will be prevented, turned-off, or inactivated.  It will be inactive, infinitely electrically insulated, and informationally isolated from other matter and energy there in the Neutral Zone  C-R , and any matter and energy anywhere else.

Imagine both mass and energy there simply “resonating” in place, forbidden to travel about.

All “speed-of-light” interaction, communication, exchanges, and knowledge is forbidden, or more accurately, turned-off, and inactivated.  The only exception is the (geo)metric-like influence of the curvature, as contributed by the total mass: the sum of mass from the Neutral Zone  C-R  plus the mass from the complete Active Zone  C-R  inside.   The momentum of the total Black-Hole  C-R  might be measurable from the outside.

Neutral Zone  C-R : This Neutral Zone  C-R  concept was discussed somewhat in the terms above, but briefly represents any shell-like volume of space, where the gravitational escape velocity exceeds  the speed-of-light.  There is no possible collapse of matter, once inside this Neutral Zone C-R , of “falling” further inward, into a singularity.  {Curvature, the real CAUSE of gravity, has ALREADY done ALL that it can do to that mass to LOWER the real-time ENERGY of that matter to it’s LOWEST potential!!!}  NOTE: Moving inward, back into real time, would require additional energy.

ANALOGY: The Neutral Zone  C-R  is to both gravity and time what absolute zero is to temperature.  The minimum-energy possible state of existence.  No additional energy can be extracted, by any means, ever!!!!  The energy-content of matter trapped here can only increase later, someday, after the curvature of this volume goes back below the escape velocity of the speed-of-light, then energy can be added again.  HINT: Only a catastrophic release event can normally accomplish this action.


Matter cannot absorb any energy while that matter resides in the Neutral Zone  C-R .  Quite interestingly, time-trapped energy, (as either photons or resonance-waves), can exist within the Neutral Zone  C-R , but they still cannot interact in any way.  HINT: Think of the photons as orbiting or resonating “out of the plane”, or at right angles to our normal directions, i.e., the shortest path that light would normally travel, from A to B.

Forget despair and hopelessness, though.  The very properties that the Neutral Zone  C-R  uses to shut down “real-time interactions” are a KEY new concept originating out of the C-R theory, explaining the technical details in the practical recycling of matter and energy in the universe!!!

The ability of Black-Holes  C-R  to recycle and renew matter and energy, will be further covered in the upcoming chapters.  Many of the unexpected but unique interconnections, using  THE EXISTING properties of the matter and energy within this universe will be explored more thoroughly.  There will be many explanations of existing, known phenomenon, which will be shown to fit-in very nicely into a C-R theory obeying universe.

I do apologize in advance that the C-R theory does not agree with many of the almost universally accepted concepts, common to conventional theories.  Most of the older C-R theory readers will never be able to change their viewpoint enough to fully appreciate or to accept the advantages gained using the Comedy-Recycling theory techniques.

I have designed this presentation to appeal mostly to those younger individuals who have not yet made up their minds that “it can not be done that way”.  [Not primarily for the academic professionals, who have been teaching the opposite, (conventional), ideas for so long, because they too, were taught that way, and they now believe those ideas fundamentally.]

I could not write the C-R theory “believed”, [not just believable, but already accepted as fact], so I wrote it funny, instead.

I would suggest, for the average incoming, new reader, do not try to believe this theory upon your first reading!  Read it as you would read a fake, a fable, a fairy-tale, a fantasy, a (science) fiction.  This will free-up your natural inclination to think: “This is not what I have been taught”!  My hope is that, given 5 or 10 years into the future, and after initially rejecting these ideas, some of those incoming visitors, who have read this theory, will remember what they read, and be continually amazed, as I have been, the last 30+ years, at the incredibly easy “real-world-fit” this theory seems to have.

((Place a hyperlink here to the short list of phenomenon which take on a new meaning, and should seem to fit-in to a plan if the C-R theory ideas are true, as soon as it becomes available.))

The abundance, in this universe, of high-energy, positive charges, (cosmic rays), excess electrons flowing from the sun, through earth, into space, (1,000,000+ amps) in the Aurora, the multiple positive-ionizations found and persisting for thousands of years, in the ejecta of the supernova, quasar, and Seyfert galaxy remnants, the complete ionization of the outer 1/5 of this universe’s shell of the hydrogen atoms, (as ions), and the presence of polarized light, (in almost every direction), indicating enormous current flows, (and/or magnetic fields); ALL take on a simplicity, from a set of causes unique to ONLY the C-R theory.  A natural cause for the appearance of “The Great Attractor”, and what it means, is also easily explained-away, by the C-R theory.

I welcome any reader to put this theory to every imaginable test, in every imaginable scenario.  Please let me know if you find any phenomenon, or any experimental result which would seem to invalidate any part of this theory.

Note: There may be some interpretations of the raw data, the original experimenters “spin”, on the view of what was seen or detected, that may be presented in such a way that their conclusions, from that viewpoint, disagree with the C-R theory’s view.

Some “easy” potential experiments to test the C-R theory will be covered later on in the appendix, and in one of the chapters.

Note: I said easy, not QUICK, not CHEAP, and not necessarily performable, with today’s technology and limitations.  There may be one unexpected aspect of gravity’s behavior, which can be tested within 20 years or more, when humans again re-visit the moon, with our existing technology.

I would like to start including some reader’s letters and comments near the end of the web-site.  I will not include anything unless you specifically state in your letters or e-mails that you don’t mind if I post the results.  If you add comments to this site, I will assume you give permission to post your results, unless you indicate this post is for the author only, and do not post the material on-line.

Note: I may edit the letters or questions for clarity, brevity, punctuation,and language.  I will attempt to credit any responders in: first-in, first credited, and I will try to be fair to anyone who disagrees with me.

I started out not believing any of the C-R theory views at first, but slowly “adopted” the C-R theory concepts as my own.  This was only after they started to made sense to me.  I am still making new discoveries, or uncoveries, from the C-R theory, several times a year.  I am still changing, adapting and revising my old, archaic, original, conventional beliefs, and adopting a more “pro-C-R theory” viewpoint.  Since I, too,  used to believe those more conventional views, I can both sympathize and empathize with those individuals who were too well taught, to easily surrender or abandon those views.  I can also sympathize if it takes you 5-10 years to adapt.

If I do detect, or suspect that I am not on track with the C-R theory, or if I am proved wrong in some area, or even if I have reasonable doubts, I will try to explain that to you, the readers, in the latest blogs, too.

Feel free to believe any of these new areas you choose, and reject any you cannot accept, right now.  Incorporate any of these ideas you like into your own beliefs, or your life’s experiences.  They either ARE true, or they ARE NOT.

Both the C-R theory, and all conventional theories have the same simple goal; to allow us all to more-fully understand our universe, and to try to understand the vast multitude of diverse processes, that have been documented, or reported, and that  we humans have detected, measured, and observed.

If some or all of the C-R theory ideas should be found to be wrong, then we will know of yet another way that nature does not work.  If, on the other hand, any of these new ideas are right, I am confident that they have not ever been properly considered by conventional scientists.  These ideas were simply thought to be already excluded, ruled-out, and decided-against, or pre-rejected, if you will.  I am attempting to “gently” show that these C-R theory ideas may have more merit than was ever considered possible “by the book”.  I will try to explain why they might make sense, and why they might reveal a side of nature, and the true-workings of this universe, that has never been suspected.

I hope that most who read this innovative new theory will find it funny, thought provoking, and both rational and reasonable.  I accept that many who will read this are too well “trained or taught” in current ideas.  They cannot now change their beliefs enough to allow them to shift their thought-processes, to experience or appreciate the C-R theory viewpoint.  For those who can and do accept these new ideas, please help to assist those who are not understanding these ideas, to look at them in a fresh new way.

If The C-R theory helps even one person to understand the workings in our universe in a simpler, better way, or to appreciate the pre-planning and the intricate wisdom of their Creator more, I will accept that.  Even if you reject the Creator, and you can start to see the C-R theory ideas as possibilities, that would be good, too.  If it helps you, the individual reader, that is even better.


Jerry A. Reynard

((Make a brief summary of statements, about the unique ideas supported by the C-R theory.))


Curvature IS the real cause of gravity.  Virtually the entire C-R theory concept is based-upon that NEW understanding.  Mainstrean science HAS MISSED this relationship completely, and understands gravity as a sibling-like version of electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force.

The Black-Hole  C-R  never collapses into a singularity.  Nature has built-in safeguards to prevent this, that “science” has missed.

There is always a complete, closed-off, universe-like region, called: The Active Zone  C-R , inside every Black-Hole  C-R !!!  This Active Zone  C-R  acts something like a place-holder for matter, also preventing any possibility of a collapse into a singularity.

Because curvature exists as something-like a shape-based-framework, and not a true, ACTIVE force, this CAUSES [or more accurately, allows], the effect of gravity to be realized, outside of the Black-Hole  C-R . { Without emitting ANYTHING, like gravitons,  at lightspeed, from inside the Black-Hole  C-R .}

Black-Holes  C-R  sort and consume mass, BY MASS, swallowing both protons and neutrons, but also isolating, insulating, and inactivating the electrical charges of the protons.

Almost ALL electrons are freed outside of the Black-Holes  C-R .  If the Black-Hole  C-R  is eating, it will leave evidence outside, of excess electrons escaping from it’s vicinity.  This is a hallmark for a Black-Hole  C-R , a “calling-card”, if you will, to identify it to the world.

There is NO radiation at the speed-of-light EVER exiting from any Black-Hole  C-R .  Not even one photon per billion years escapes from the Neutral Zone  C-R , while it is intact.

This specifically means that there is NO HAWKING RADIATION, either.

(As a consolation prize, however, this prohibition now makes the Black-Hole 100% thermodynamically efficient, to allow re-concentrating, renewing, and refreshing matter and energy.)

Only a catastrophic failure, a release event, will allow the Black-Hole  C-R  to explosively free it’s contents.  Possibly a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), definitely a nova, supernova, hypernova, Seyfert galaxy, active galaxy, quasar, and a gamma ray burst (GRB) are increasing versions of the same-type event.

HINT: Look for sustained multiple positive ionizations, featuring ions from +5 to +23, to continue existing over thousands of years, if not millions of years, as the driving force behind supernova expansions.

Our universe is a closed universe, exactly critical, always containing exactly enough mass to close-off this universe.  Because of the preferred reference frame, the outer regions are worth less energy, and are NOT ALLOWED to collapse inward, unless or until they can gain energy that they do not have.  They are also red-shifted to us.

Massive electrical currents, and polarized light, (all across the full electromagnetic spectrum), are very good indications that we DO NOT live in a mostly-electrically neutral universe.

There is no dark matter, and no dark energy.  Instead, consider a known force, electromagnetism, as the real reason, beside standard gravity, that the galaxies arms hold together as they are seen to do.

P.S.: I’m not finished with the presentation yet, so expect ongoing changes and improvements.  Every month, new observations provide un-anticipated  new phenomenon which seem to either support and/or be compatible with C-R theory-type cause or process.  I am often pleasantly surprised by the creativity of nature.

Here are just some of the KEYS for you home-readers to look for when viewing the universe:

Excess Electrons should be freed-up from every matter-eating Black-Hole  C-R  while it is feeding.  Quiet Black-Holes are starving

There should be almost Total Positive Ionization of remnants ejected  from ALL ex-Black-Hole  C-R  phenomenon, novas, supernovas, Seyfert galaxies, quasars, and gamma ray bursts (GRB’s)

We should see increasing Red-shifts outward in ALL directions, indicating a time-slowdown, but we should also see a limited increasing blue-shift, only occurring towards the direction of the CENTER of the universe.

This center of this universe IS “The Great Attractor”.  Ironically, the Great Attractor is not attracting ANYTHING, but instead is clocking-faster than anywhere else in this universe. (In reality, there, at the Great Attractor, is the only area in this universe not slowed-down.  Technically, energy-wise, it is the “most uphill location” in our universe.)  Rather than “falling” towards it, one would have to add-in the most energy to transport any mass to this location.

There never was a Big Bang to start-this universe, at all.  The properties of Matter in this universe have ABSOLUTELY no dependence on starting conditions, or from any consequences resulting from a random starting state at the Big Bang.  Matter DID NOT CHANGE at the Big Bang, if there was no Big Bang at a start.

The 2.7K radiation value is only valid when seen or measured from earth.  If we could travel elsewhere in this universe, the background radiation WILL take on other values far from earth, depending on one’s viewing location in this universe.  If we could visit there, the 2.7K will measure cooler, closer-in towards the Great Attractor, and it will measure warmer, as one travels further outward in any direction!

Also, this same 2.7K WILL NOT red-shift over time.  This background radiation is continually refreshed, and is continually replenished.  It is the AVERAGED-OUT, and smoothed-out result from all ongoing novae, supernovae, quasars, active galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, and gamma ray bursts (GRB’s).  IT is NOT the cooled-down leftover from the 13.7 billion-year-old Big Bang.

ALL conditions seen occurring in the past in this universe are also STILL ongoing, at this time!!  We see the universe as it is, at it’s actual, real-time rate, not DOPPLER shifted from any expansion!!!

Objects seen further-out towards the outer edges are actually slower than similar objects nearer to here, on earth.  That means that our universe is NOT ISOTROPIC, or that real-time is not the same in all directions.  HINT: That is actually WHAT we do see.

Objects closer-in to the center of this universe, (The Great Attractor), are less-slowed-down, (i.e., running faster), than objects here on earth.

Some of the above should be already apparent when viewing our universe, some might take a long time to verify.  If ANY of the above can be proved WRONG, then the C-R theory IS LIKELY to be False.

I welcome any interested reader’s suggested links to sites opposing, supporting, or challenging any of the C-R theory concepts.  Any links to unnoticed new phenomenon, with a possible link to any of the C-R theory concepts, would also be appreciated.

I do understand that some of the ideas I have presented are new, but I still try to use existing language, wherever possible, to convey the concepts.  I will try to link to simple diagrams to illustrate the concepts, and compare them to similar, more well-known events.  If enough readers comment that they cannot understand the same area,  I will revise that section again, or try to simplify either the concept or the language.

The latest additions or revisions to the C-R theory are featured in the blog section, which is the most regularly updated section.  Please visit it regularly.

There are many videos available on line at YouTube, featuring comments on C-R theory concepts, unique observations and new ideas not yet available anywhere else.  All materials are free and can be viewed as many times as needed.  HINT: It may take many return visits for the full measure of the benefits of the C-R theory ideas to sink in, or take root.

Please visit the blog section, to read my comments on the newest ideas, the latest comments on items I have noticed, and concepts so new they have not yet been incorporated into the theory.  That page is the most frequently updated section, with the newest items.

For the many international visitors, I also have the Completely-Recycling Theory (of the Entire Known Universe), a non-funny version of the Comedy-Recycling Theory.  That version should be more suitable for direct translation.

There are jokes, English language puns, and deliberate word mis-uses in some portions of the Comedy Recycling Theory that may make some portions of it unsuitable for direct, linear translation into other languages.

I have tried to be very clear in the theory to state where the C-R theory differs from mainstream theories, and chooses different solutions from standard thinking.  Most of the C-R theory new ideas are based on observations of nature from other, similar areas.

The only area I can think of that had no natural analogs would be the idea of the Neutral Zone  C-R .  I can only state that the Black-Hole  C-R  idea needed this innovation to reconcile observations with the concept that the Black-Hole  C-R  never could collapse into the singularity, in part, because there always is a complete Active Zone  C-R  inside.  The practical usefulness of the Black-Hole  C-R  is so much more functional, and so fully necessary to recycling matter and energy, I would be much less satisfied with the C-R theory if I had no concept of the Neutral Zone  C-R .

I do welcome reader comments and questions, and I do try to seriously answer those who have concerns.  Many of the C-R theory ideas are unique to this web site, and cannot be found elsewhere.  Feel free to adopt any of these concepts that you can accept, and carefully consider these ideas.  I expect that some of the C-R theory ideas are just too new and different to be accepted at first reading.  It has taken me 30 years to refine these ideas, to fully accept them, and to decide to advocate them publicly, and share them freely with others.

[If you would: consider any of these new C-R theory ideas as homeless orphans, feel free to adopt them as your own, if you are willing.  I do not mind other people nurturing them, too.]

I am still learning from nature, and I am regularly finding new applications of the C-R theory ideas where the concepts seem to agree with what is seen.  I am hoping that eventually, others will start to see the applicability and usefulness of these concepts over extended time, even after they have initially rejected the C-R theory ideas as not agreeing what they have been previously taught.

If any of these ideas are incorrect, then you will know yet another way that nature does not work.  I do apologize that some of these ideas may need a billion and a half years to fully test them.  Possible future innovations may suggest quicker methods of determining whether nature has truly chosen to operate along the lines of reasoning incorporated into the C-R theory.

There is also a link to contact the author.  This is the easiest way to contact me.  I do appreciate all who write in, and I will attempt to hand-craft an individual, detailed reply if your question or comment includes an e-mail address to reply to. (no generic, form letters are sent-out)

Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope that it has given you many new options to consider, and that you can try these new methods to understand our home, this universe.

Last revised April 20, 2014