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When Black-HolesC-RTry To Merge: A New Line of Thinking

Introducing: A New “Killer App” for 2011 from the C-R theory; how a new line of thinking about how an attempted merger between two supermassive Black-HolesC-Rsolves two puzzles that conventional theory cannot.

This blog was originally to have been posted in January, but other things took priority.

In early January, on a Friday, I was mulling over a new analogy to illustrate the C-R theory take on the possible merger between two supermassive Black-HolesC-R.  I used a variation on a specific analogy to better illustrate the major differences in behavior that would only be apparent in one’s expectations when using the C-R theory insights.  In doing so, I believe I came upon a fantastic new insight, that gave me a significant new answer to a profound question that conventional science cannot answer.  Why do Black-HolesC-Ronly get so big, and why we do not find ever larger ones.

I believe I can now uniquely and simply answer the second profound insight, and explain why certain supermassive Black-HolesC-Rhave been detected, either: not at the exact centers of their galaxy, or in a few cases, have been found to be exiting a galaxy at a great speed.

Conventional theory has no good reason to expect that one supermassive Black-HoleC-Rshould be kicked-out of a galaxy after an attempted merger.  Using a new line of reasoning, the C-R theory can now provide a simple answer at to the why’s and the how’s.

I now believe I can generate a new answer to that question, and give you home-readers a simple to understand analogy to solve the “puzzle” as to why this should be so.  You may still have trouble accepting the C-R theory idea as reality, but I believe I can explain it in an easy to understand example.

In doing so, I think I have now refined my expectations, and found yet another profound answer “hidden in plain sight” within the C-R theory.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have commented in previous blogs that ONLY by understanding a Black-HoleC-Rfrom a C-R theory specific curvature standpoint, is it very easy to realize that the matter stored inside ALL Black-HolesC-Ris already at it’s minimum-possible gravitational energy potential.

WARNING: You absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to understand the following example without at least temporarily accepting the C-R theory hypothesis.  {I will leave plenty of time afterwards for you to reject it again, if you so desire.} However, the following example will make no sense to you whatsoever if you refuse to accept the C-R theory logic.  {You WILL therefore FORFEIT ALL of the new benefits that can only emerge from this new line of reasoning.  HINT: I only noticed this starting in 2011, so I know that it is available nowhere else.  This line of reasoning is so different than standard theory accepts, that it CANNOT be accepted or even imagined using their line of reasoning.}

A very important aside here: One must first realize that in a C-R theory type Black-HoleC-Rthere is a special condition that MUST be set-up first, in order to make the Black-HolesC-Ruseful.  This difference DOES NOT HAPPEN, and cannot be expected to occur, when using conventional reasoning.

That KEY difference is that ALL MATTER eaten by every Black-HoleC-Rmust go into a Neutral ZoneC-R, where matter is held in a “(geo)metric-like knot-state” where it is entirely “stored at a curvature above the speed of light” -escape-velocity-wise.

In the conventional thinking about black holes, this “special new condition” of storing newly-infallen matter in a “set-apart zone”, where the escape velocity is greater than the speed-of-light would not be critical, as all new matter is expected to be eaten in an electrically neutral state, and virtually nothing would be expected to change for the eaten matter.  Only the C-R theory claims that this special storage method establishes the “forbidding any interaction at the speed-of-light, anywhere within”.

Inside the conventional black hole, virtually the entire inside volume is expected to be a totally-hollow, void-like emptiness, until “the absolutely-tiny” center singularity is reached.  That singularity is a minuscule portion of the total volume inside.  In their expectations, it is the ONLY significant contributor to the operation of the black hole.

A second note: In the conventional theory’s reasoning: the entire volume inside the black hole has the escape velocity “greater than the speed of light”.  Conventional theory has not yet learned [discovered] that nature was/is designed to exploit this storage-condition for the maximum usefulness, and therefore, only concentrates “where this effect takes place” in a very limited zone.  Conventional theory would not accept that this “above the speed-of-light” escape velocity also effectively prevents any and all communication between any particles, or that it insulates the electrical charges.  By their reasoning, that condition (inside the black hole) has no noticeable effect on the action of the positive (or negative) charges.

HOME READERS: I am sorry that you must learn this new way to think about the problem, and the solution, before it makes any sense to you.  For this reason, PLEASE suspend your disbelief, learn the concept, test it out as it is stated, and see it’s usefulness in action.  If you start-off with the idea that nature does not have the ability do this (which IS the conventional theory’s beginning point, you will miss-out on the benefits that nature has already accomplished.  I am simply trying to “clue-you-in” and to help you learn this new way of thinking.

All that I am asking is to give this new idea a test-ride first, then go back to disbelieving it, after you have tried it out.  ALSO: There is nowhere else that you can go to learn about this new concept.  It is only available here, from the C-R theory.

A Practical HINT: The C-R theory highly recommends that you do not ever think of the concept of The Event Horizon.  This concept will severely misguide you, and will lead your thinking astray.

How to Re-Understand the proposed Black-HoleC-RMerger, using the C-R theory:

The situation faced by matter and energy is totally different for a “brand-name” Black-HoleC-R.  Immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius, the conditions require (and establish) a “mandatory zone” or volume where curvature (and therefore, the escape velocity) exceeds the speed-of-light.  Why this expectation is so critical is that almost ALL of the matter that is eaten is in an electrically “ionized” state, where it will be completely stripped of most or all electrons* {*In the case of really heavy atoms, such as uranium, I am not willing to commit that ALL the electrons would be totally stripped-off.  I would go out on a limb to state that up to iron +23 ions, and virtually everything of lesser mass, ALL electrons are rejected.}.

Under conventional conditions [where light-speed interactions are not forbidden], any amount of this “electron-stripped” matter should be unstable enough to blow apart the contents almost from the beginning.  Please remember that the electrical force repulsion between charged (same sign) particles is some 1040times stronger than the gravitational attraction is.  I would expect the explosiveness of matter should increase proportionally, due to the concentrated electrical charges.  It is only the distorted nature of twisted spacetime that so convolutes matter in the Neutral ZoneC-Rthat prevents this explosion potential from being realized.

Under these special conditions (which exist immediately-inside ALL Black-HolesC-R), all matter eaten is stored-up in an electrically neutralized state.  Similarly, photons of energy should be trapped in a “well-like, resonance-state”, resonating in small circles (at exactly the speed-of-light, but not in the “standard-3” dimensions [directions: up-down, right-left, front-back] we can describe), but in “twisted resonance-“net-like”-wells”, slightly next-to a region of spacetime where real time “used-to-be-measurable”.

Technically, the photons would exist beside themselves, but not in the directions above, below, to the left, or to the right, in front-of, or in back-of where we could imagine them.  The charges would reside in a mini-dimension in a direction just different enough that the complete energy-value can be maintained, intact, but never accessed, changed, influenced, measured, or measurable, by anyone living in real-time.  Effectively, this makes the stored particles electrically neutral, for all practical purposes.  This “saves them for a rainy day”, or stores them in a manner that is literally, beyond our ability [while we are outside the Black-HoleC-R] to detect them.

The practical benefit to this is: Since the particles and photons stored in this manner practically disappear, nature can bunch them, concentrate them, and handle them with total safety, as long as those “neutralizing-conditions” apply.

HINT: Alfred Nobel made his fortune by safely “stabilizing” nitroglycerine when he invented dynamite.  It was much safer to handle, and saved many miner’s lives in the process.  The Neutral ZoneC-Ris to “safe-handling and storage” of this group of explosively-dangerous charges, similar to what dynamite is to nitroglycerine.

Let me add in this additional commentary.  The incoming matter, eaten by the Black-HoleC-Ris already “subdued and conquered”.  It is in no condition, and absolutely powerless to change it’s fate, and there is no ability for matter or energy there to DO anything, [from the INSIDE], that can re-activate any of the trapped matter.

Before you rebel at this concept, let me state that this is not the only location that can influence the release of matter and energy trapped inside.  This is where external supermassive Black-HolesC-Rcome in very handy {necessary to the good workings of a Universe}.  What the matter on the inside is forbidden to do (make any attempt to actively escape) is NOT BARRED to a close encounter with an additional Black-HoleC-R.

This is where the true genius of this situation becomes apparent, and this is what I just realized at the beginning of this year.  Rather than setting-up this universe for FAILURE (as the Big Bang, ever-expanding universe is almost required to do, as time goes forward), the C-R theory realizes that this universe is: planned for success, and almost perfect* recovery of every photon, neutrino, atom, and sub-atomic particle that was eaten.  {*Note: There may be some additional particles not totally freed-up at each encounter, so I do not claim a “perfect 100%” restoration happens every time.  The important thing is: nothing EVER goes to waste, nothing is ever lost, and nothing is beyond practical recovery [and I would highlight the PRACTICAL part of that].}

Please do not take my word for it, that nature just does this, but check out the evidence that is observed, and see if the known facts fit the situation as I described it.

NOTE: Imagine if I wrapped you up in a big ball of the hawser-cord that supertankers or aircraft carriers are tied to a pier with, in such a manner that you could not move, but so that you would not either die or remain conscious as long as this “storage-mode” persists.  In a technical sense, all of the conservation laws would allow this to occur, but no interactions of any kind could go-on with you while this storage-state continued.

Inside this Neutral ZoneC-R

If we attempted-to measure time by counting the increments of distance that the light took, there, at the speed-of-light, to travel the smallest distance possible, time would not be measured, as no travel would be possible.  This is something-like what I imagine “life trapped in the Neutral ZoneC-R” would be like.  Impossible to live, and impossible to die, yet unable to sense any passage of time, or participate in any interactions.  It would be very close to a suspended animation state, with the proviso that the storage conditions were so extreme, you might be killed if anyone attempted to extract you out of that state.

Secondly, immediately inside of that thin Neutral ZoneC-R, every Black-HoleC-Rhas a completely enclosed Active ZoneC-R.  This Active ZoneC-Ris in essence a completely closed structure, sealed-off from the outside, except that the “influence from curvature” does couple-through.  {Its value does not change actively over time.}

NOTE: This conveying of the value of the curvature IS NOT governed-by any type of speed-of-light-limited radiation, but is more akin to a twisting, bending, warping, or distortion of the fabric of space.  I envision it as geometric-like influence.  (Imagine something that could twist your arm or pinch your skin without contacting it.  Think of the twisting-effect on the strands of a mop, or a piece of rope or twine.  This influence exists, but does not change with time, or vary.  It simply “is”).

A suggested new pun to appropriately-cover this situation could be:

KNOT in my back yard, — or —, KNOT that I can see.

NOTE: If we understand our universe, and the laws that govern it, that is exactly what conditions inside any Active ZoneC-Rare like.  Normal matter would be 100% at home, with true, real-world interactions.  It would also be something-like the inner tube that supports a bicycle-tire, or the inner-hole that defines a donut’s or a bagel’s boundary, but is not a physical part-of-it.  You could also think, it is something-like the zeros whose existence gives meaning to the numbers like 100, or 1000, or 10,000.  All of the above situations set-apart or define a structure that defines a larger object.

NOTE that in this setup, ALL of the eaten matter, and the energy a Black-HoleC-Racquires can only be stored-up in this neutralized condition, and that the matter can never simply “just-pass-through” this barrier to join the more-(energy)-active matter further-inside, in the Active ZoneC-R, where conditions do permit full speed-of-light-type interactions, at least as long as the condition persists.

Originally, I never thought of this situation in this new way, where the Schwarzschild radius may act something-, more-like a magnet-set, where adding-in a new magnet almost snaps-it-into the overall structure, rather than acting like a doorway or a passageway, where one simply passes through without being changed.  If matter added-in to the Neutral ZoneC-Rbehaves in this manner, that may help to account for the circumstances.  REMEMBER: The properties of matter CHANGE SIGNIFICANTLY in the Neutral ZoneC-R, being “bound-up, trapped”, whenever matter resides within.  EFFECTIVELY: The electrical charges disappear, and are totally inactivated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Neutral ZoneC-Ris the only place in this universe where the conditions are so extreme as to cause this “neutralized” behavior.  SECOND ITEM: For all practical purposes, every Neutral ZoneC-Ris only a temporary-holding-state of affairs.  It IS NEVER permanent!!!!!

REMEMBER that the Neutral Zone’sC-R“confines” represents “THE MOST EXTREME STORAGE CONDITIONS POSSIBLE”.  It is much more like a brutal assault on matter’s freedom; demanding TOTAL SURRENDER, than a peaceful stroll in the park.  The situation is more like: a mugging, and martial-law-confinement* {*without a specified maximum-permissible time limit}, and a suspended death-sentence, all rolled-into-one.

{I am probably guilty of under-describing the violence of the situation, because I originally imagined it as a more peaceful and benign process.  I apologize for my initial error in perception.}

Remember that this Neutral ZoneC-Reffect is literally: “The most extreme gravitational-curvature condition possible for matter”, (especially since the singularity imagined by conventional theory never exists)

THE NEWEST OF NEW IDEAS (unique to the C-R theory):

Instead of a MERGER, it is probably more like a MURDER, when Black-HolesC-RTry To Collide.  

Since the entire contents of BOTH of the “to be merged” Black-HolesC-Rare already stored, compacted, gravitationally, as low energy-wise as possible (in the most-exposed, most VULNERABLE outer regions, stuffed-into the Neutral ZoneC-R), there is no “additional energy” available for the release-efforts to “reward” the larger Black-HoleC-Rwith “the easy to eat contents” from the smaller one.  In essence, the “hypothesized-massive” energy-release from the merger is more like a “super-wimpy”-addition-, of one “dinky” zero added to another “minute” zero; when the grand-sum total result is still zero.

What I had not previously considered, but what became obvious to me when I used this new thought process-model to explain to you at home, was an answer that I had not anticipated before.  When I realized what I’d stumbled upon, I was so happy that I realized I wanted to share it with my blog readers right away.

[Please set aside for the moment that some critics will state, “but the example you use DOES NOT actually apply to Black-HolesC-R“, and wait to see how this example still illustrates an important new point.]

The Merger-Murder Model (of Black-HoleC-Rmergers) — or

Pooling our Logic

Imagine two small, plastic, “kiddie-type” swimming pools, each one exactly filled to capacity, bulging to the last drop, with scalding hot water.  Now imagine that one or both of them get the idea to merge, or that they try to combine their contents, and make one even larger-sized swimming pool.  In their attempt to merge, the inconvenient fact here is that each pool is already at it’s full capacity, and neither one can expand enough to take-in even one-more-drop of the other’s contents.  [Because of the uniqueness of the circumstances, as we have set-it-up.]

{Note: This is not an exact analogy for the Black-HoleC-Rmerger, but it is intended to illustrate some newly-thought-of possibilities for what one of the dilemmas may be.  Do not take the above example too literally.}

What this example highlights is; the matter immediately inside every Black-HoleC-Ris stored in such a “tortured, convoluted” physical state that it is trapped, where the escape velocity is greater-than-the-speed-of-light.  What is especially important to realize is that, if, for ANY reason, this matter “exits” this new [highly distorted] state, it becomes incredibly, explosively unstable, since it is composed primarily of protons and neutrons which have been eaten by their respective Black-HolesC-R.  It may be quadrillions of times potentially more energetically explosive than the most unstable of chemical explosives, if it gets free.

NOTE: The electrical-repulsive force, from similar charges, is orders of magnitude stronger than the chemical-bond force.

WHY this NEW Insight could ONLY come-from the C-R theory:

What I had not realized before, until I re-considered this example of an attempted merger is: in order to release any of their contents, or share their contents (or to be overpowered by the larger Black-HoleC-Rappropriating and “ripping-loose” the smaller Black-Hole’sC-Rlunch, the contents probably would have to be temporarily freed-up {from the Neutral ZoneC-R}, to traverse outside the Black-Hole’sC-RNeutral ZoneC-Rarea.  This type-of INSTABILITY cannot be appreciated or reasoned-out by using conventional paradigms!!!

As soon as the “inactivated” contents escaped from their confines (from highly-curved spacetime), the results would prove catastrophic, and violently release the protons.  Whether this would occur in small batches, or in an apocalyptic, free-for-all, total jailbreak; in all likelihood, one or two of those Black-HolesC-Rcould explosively lose some of their mass, rather than: either-one gaining anything.

{HENCE: The sub-title above, that it may be more-like MURDER than MERGER for both Black-HolesC-R.}

Another special note here is that this release area, where the explosion would be concentrated is specifically located directly in-between the two Black-HolesC-R.  The resulting thrust-outward is also maximum directly between the two Black-HolesC-R.  That area (or volume) provides the ammunition to launch-out the lower-massed Hole, where the majority of the violent explosive power would be located and concentrated.

GUESS: The closer the merging Black-HolesC-Rapproach, the MORE UNSTABLE they BOTH become.  The probability of an explosive release INCREASES with their mutual proximity!!!

REALLY STARTLING NEW IDEA: The larger of the two supermassive Black-HolesC-Rmay have the MOST UNSTABLE (accumulated) MASS TO LOSE, and IT may become “The Biggest Loser”, and not The Champion-Eater.

That is why, as an innovation, I needed to use the totally FILLED swimming pools to illustrate the proposed aftermath to the merger and to highlight the INSTABILITY of the situation.  That is why I did not go with a “truer” description of the “lone Black-HoleC-R“, where the Neutral ZoneC-Rcould expand almost indefinitely.  Only when I thought about the potential “jailbreak-like” escape-situation did I realize that I now had the “smoking-gun” type-explanation as to what event could cause a perfectly-normal supermassive Black-HoleC-Rto be kicked-out of a galaxy at a high speed.

HINT: Think of a juggler juggling bottles of nitroglycerine, with the certainty that any and every mishap will be his last.  This could also explain the second situation, where science has detected at least one supermassive Black-HoleC-Rthat IS NOT at the center of it’s galaxy, but is significantly displaced from it.

NOTE: One would only EXPECT this type of unstabilizing behavior to be released during any most-extreme-merger attempt between the two most-extreme Black-HolesC-R, as they each drew near to each other’s unstable, Schwarzschild radius.

This explosive release-situation would never be expected from a conventional black hole merger, where ALL of the contents from each black hole were squirreled-away “snug” inside a well-padded singularity, where the “practical” recovery options of their internal contents are not nearly as promising to theorists.

I was reading an article just recently about a rogue supermassive Black-HoleC-Rthat was seen exiting a galaxy at high speed.  [The article was from earlier last year, but I did not encounter it or read it until this year.]

While I cannot “prove” that this is what happened in this case, mainstream science is at a loss from their “Newtonian-type understanding”, where the biggest [conventional] black hole should almost always win the gravity battle every time, and grow ever-bigger, without any naturally-occurring size-limit.

Where the C-R theory gives us something new to understand, to look-for, and to measure:

What is really neat in this new case is that I once again “stumbled-over” a simple, common sense answer, that seems to agree with reality, explains how nature overcomes a severe dilemma (to conventional theory), and provides a practical guide for things to look-for that conventional theory simply would not expect.

What is even more satisfying, is that I now believe that I CAN understand why scientists do not find Black-HolesC-Rof ever increasing mass-size, but encounter limits which seem not to be exceeded.

This also explains why, when scientists are looking-for universe-wide distortions of spacetime that should-be radiating-out, away-from these proposed Black-HoleC-Rmergers, they are finding no evidence to support it, regardless of their equipment’s sensitivity.  (See articles on the LIGO experiment that is under construction.)

Yet once again, I think I have found a significant “new” insight proceeding directly from a simple C-R theory type scenario, using conditions that ONLY THE C-R THEORY expects.  I had wondered if I had run-out-of new and simple possibilities that the C-R theory still had left in it, and the answer again seems to be NO, not yet.

I offer the possibility to ALL my incoming readers that the C-R theory approach is still new enough, and “uninvestigated enough” that there may be easy-to-discover items available to be anticipated to anyone (especially YOU who consider this theory) on a first-come basis, if they are only willing to try-out the C-R theory.  I am still hoping that one of my longer-time, returning site-visitors will make a significant, new uncovery (or discovery) that I have not yet thought-of.  If someone other than me can also use these principles to discover or realize simple truths, that would be my desire.

Of course, if there is nothing there, or the C-R theory is untrue, all would be for nought.  My hope is, I can be vindicated (and the C-R theory, too) if and when someone other than me can use these simple principles and apply them in some new area to connect to the existing, real world observations that science has already obtained.

Sadder news, too:

Although that new triumph seemed to greatly encourage me this last January, there was also sadder news on the home front.  My dear mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this last January, on a Saturday afternoon.  Needless to say, she “kind-of” made the C-R theory possible, by making me possible, and she will be greatly missed by her many friends and all of our remaining family members.

She had seemed to be in good health when I last saw her, just after Christmas, and I had thought she might have many more years left in her.  I do expect to see her again in the next life to come, sometime down the road (and I would hope, many years off), and I know that she went on to a better place, to meet her Maker.  I do believe she did her best to leave this world a better place for everyone by her having been here.

When I returned from the first (hometown) memorial service for my mom, my friend, and the webmaster for this web-site, told me that he received word that his mother had also passed away unexpectedly in her sleep.  I would like to acknowledge his loss here, and to thank him for his continued (and totally volunteer-based) services here.  If the strengths of his character are patterned somewhat on her role model, she did her job well, too.

Secondarily, I just got back this last month from a second memorial service for my mom, to return her to her hometown, to a final resting-spot she chose earlier in life.  She had already purchased a plot where she could rejoin her beloved family members from the earlier generations.

We had a very good service indoors, and with a limited number of close relatives present for the outdoor portion, only after a few days after the most nasty winter storm in a long time.  For that reason, the outdoor portion was kept very short.  {It was about 20 degrees F outside, for that final part of the service.}

Anyway, I decided to include these brief tributes to our departed mothers in addition to just standard scientific reasoning.  I figured that this knowledge might be of interest to many of our regular readers, who return often for updates.

I had an interesting letter about some questions that occurred while trying-out the theory, from a regular C-R theory home-reader, which I will cover in the next blog, probably near the end-of March, along with my responses.  I would like to cover some areas that I have not presented for a while, and I would like to try to explain why using the C-R theory may help us to understand what is really going-on in our universe better than the competition.

By the time this blog is posted, we will be past the arrival of our 30,000threcorded visitor to this web site.  I would like to thank all of you incoming home-readers who have ventured to this site, to consider the new, and non-standard ideas that have been presented here.  I do hope that you can incorporate some of these new ideas into your personal understanding, to get a better idea of the overall state of affairs in this universe.

This blog, last modified on March, 2015

Jerry Reynard