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(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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What the C-R theory would like to offer Home Readers

My response to an editorial in Science News by editor Tom Siegfried about scientists quest for dark matter and dark energy (the dark side),

To editors@sciencenews.org

I will agree with you that the vast majority of scientists feel completely baffled in their search for dark matter and dark energy.

Let me state that the reason that they are so baffled is that they have missed the big picture, the OBVIOUS clues, {the 800 pound gorilla in the room}, the only logical and simple alternative which I intend to present here.

I do agree with scientists that gravity is too weak and feeble to provide enough of a contribution to the total forces experienced inside galaxy arms.  I disagree that dark matter is the logical choice.  No experiment ever done on earth has given a clear, consistent, or compelling example of dark matter.

My favorite Sherlock Holmes quote (not necessarily exact) is: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Since we HAVE eliminated both gravity and dark matter, perhaps science should consider what has not been eliminated: electromagnetic energy (electricity and magnetic fields).  Without spending additional billions to search for answers first, let us look for existing evidence of such electric (or magnetic) fields entirely within our cosmic back yard, (the solar system).

Note that every planet in our solar system, except for Mercury, and Pluto {which may not now even be a planet anymore} shows auroral activity upon occasions.  Even a few moons of Jupiter and Saturn have been seen to display auroras.  There is the “inconvenient matter” of a cyclic 5,000,000 amp current between Jupiter and Io.  Jupiter’s electromagnetic emissions output, on almost every band exceed what the sun radiates to Jupiter by a large factor.  Most of the planets also have been recorded with tremendous ongoing lightning storms.  One storm on Saturn was seen to continue for months, emitting over 3,000 times the radio emissions from an earth thunderstorm.

I have read that earth’s aurora has been measured with a folded-birkeland current of over 1,000,000 amps.

Our sun’s sunspots display huge (magnetic) loops, whorls and arcs.

I have found (conveniently “buried” in the existing literature) that in our sun’s photosphere, almost EVERY HYDROGEN ATOM there has TWO ELECTRONS, despite the almost 10,000 F temperature.  (That SUGGESTS an anomalous over-abundance of electrons, there.)

What ALL of those have in common is that our local solar system shows a lot of evidence that there is substantially more electrical activity going-on than standard theories suspect.  [Especially for an electrically neutral universe.] HINT: SOMETHING is causing these phenomena.

If one also takes into account the space-wide presence of cosmic rays, radio and microwave emissions, and the persistent levels of polarized light seen everywhere in this universe, I challenge the scientists who casually dismiss electromagnetic activity from consideration as at least a “potential contributor” to the forces holding-together or bunching (pinching) of any galaxy’s spiral arms, and holding together their shapes, possibly aiding their radial rotation outside the central bulge (where gravity dominates).

HINT: If you’ve ever turned on a fan, electricity contributes to the driving rotation and the magnetic torque exerted on the fan-blades.  With millions of amps available within our solar system alone, can electricity be ruled-out, galaxy-wide?

Before spending billions of dollars to search for something “new” like dark matter, which clearly, has given us NO evidence of it’s existence locally, why not first try to at least consider the probable contributions from KNOWN LEVELS of electromagnetism, locally.  HINT: If our solar system’s level of electrical activity is AVERAGE for stars in this galaxy, will that suffice to explain the holding-together and shaping of the spiral arms that we see in those galaxies? (I don’t know, but I suspect a good computer simulation-program could show it would easily suffice.)

A good idea in standard science is to RULE OUT the most obvious and simple choices first, before pursuing the exotic unknown.  I am attempting to return back to simple ideas, first.

Your readers can read more about my simple ideas in the Comedy-Recycling theory (of the entire known universe).  (@ www.cr-theory.org )

Jerry Reynard

This below was to be the lead …

What the C-R theory would like to offer Home Readers:

I would like to offer some new ideas to our C-R theory home readers.  I have finished reading the book, The Black Hole Wars , by Leonard Susskind.  It concerns his battle with Stephen Hawking as to whether or not information disappears after it falls into a black hole (the generic kind).  What strikes me most about the book is just how similar are the thoughts of all the people quoted.  Even those who disagreed with the author, and his position had very similar views, and all used the same approaches.  I could not help thinking that these experts are “trapped” by their need to rely mostly on formulas for their understanding.

NOTE: I am not at all against learning and studying about formulas.  However, in the past, many (well intentioned) scientists have been misled by their overly simple understandings of how nature works, and nature often fooled them quite effectively.  The C-R theory would like to caution thinkers that simple human formulas DO NOT rule over nature, or nature has often found ways around the prohibitions and allowances or earth’s foremost philosophers.  Certainly, any ideas based upon a singularity are prime targets for misguidance, and any formulas used to understand such a catastrophe are quite likely to fail miserably.

Fortunately, the C-R theory can logically show both how and why nature completely avoids the singularity, and never gets into that kind of trouble.  Nature avoids any situation that is not practical, useful, and logical.  These new ideas are so simple that they should be easy to understand.  (Believing those new ideas might be something else.)

HINT: Very new to my thought processes is: Nature never gets into trouble FIRST, then decides, How do I get out of this predicament? Nature pre-plans the situation, and knows ahead-of-time how to avoid trouble, and so NEVER gets into any situation which will prove too difficult to get out of (such as, getting trapped in a singularity).

The C-R theory would also like to jump-in to the battle for the information loss.  Nothing that goes into a Black-HoleC-Ris ever irretrievable.  The only “lost” information is that placed inside the Active ZoneC-R{which is equivalent to a hermetically sealed region}.  Although it cannot communicate back-out again, it is “effectively” sealed inside, but it never actually disappears.

The C-R theory would like to offer it’s insights into our universe to anyone who desires to learn a new way to learn “How to understand something like “Black-HolesC-R“.

The C-R theory is based upon new insights not derived from understanding formulas, but from observing then applying how existing systems function.  In similar situations, suggest likely parallels with known solutions that nature already uses.  The C-R theory will also offer new ways to “test” the ideas.  We simply cannot go near Black-HolesC-Rand do experiments, but we can make new suggestions for where to look, what to look-for and what to notice.  If we find overwhelming evidence of something similar to what we suggest to look-for, that standard theories believe does not occur, we might make more progress than by demonstrating a formal logical “proof”.

Another new insight that the C-R theory would like to offer is why it is best to completely ignore the “Event Horizon” and to disregard virtually everything that standard theory says or thinks about it.  A few points to make is that the Schwarzschild radius is the real, “official start” of the Black-HoleC-R, but it is very limited in it’s scope.

Think of the “Event Horizon” as a geometrical concept, or an idea, but NOT as an actual physical object.  The C-R theory view is that paying any attention to the “event horizon” is something like honoring ‘the artificial line that was drawn in the sand’, considered in Zeno’s paradox.  He claimed that it should geometrically be impossible to actually shoot an arrow over any real distance, since, during the trip, one could always divide the remaining distance in half over and over again, an infinite number of times.  The enormity of infinity should make the entire trip impossible.  (Yet the arrow could always travel to hit it’s target if it was in range.)

Zeno’s paradox argued that an arrow could be considered as “unable to ever cross the distance between any fixed points, A to B, as long as the distance could be divided in half, over and over again, an infinite amount of times.  We now know that the logic was false, and the arrow does travel between A and B, if the distances are within the archer’s ability.  The starting argument was false (or irrelevant) all along.

The C-R theory maintains that the “event horizon” is just as “phony” of a concept, or just as weak of an argument as Zeno’s paradox {like an artificial horizon or an imaginary line, not like a real barrier or a limit}.  It would be better to simply ignore it, and concentrate exclusively on what’s inside the Black-HoleC-R.  HINT: Everything important to know and to understand is EXCLUSIVELY on the inside.  Since the C-R theory’s position is that there never is a singularity, this greatly simplifies the understanding of the practical operation of a Black-HoleC-R.  (C-R does not rely on equations that are particularly invalid when the escape velocity goes over the speed of light.)

The real “business part” of the Black-HoleC-Ris the Neutral ZoneC-R, which is an exclusive innovation from the C-R theory.  The Neutral ZoneC-Ris the entire (thin shell) portion immediately inside of the Black-HoleC-Rwhere the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light.  It is also the ONLY portion of the Black-HoleC-Rwhere the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light.  What this does for us (or the Black-HoleC-R) is to shut-down, turn-off, and isolate the matter and energy trapped within.

A personal note: Although I cannot prove the Neutral ZoneC-Rconcept is real, I find it just too darn practical and useful to abandon.  After understanding how it works and how to exploit it fully, I find that the concept just fits-in too nicely to retract the idea.*

*Before understanding how the Neutral ZoneC-Rworks, I recognized the practical NEED to LIMIT the unknown quantities and qualities inside.  The dual zone solution needed one zone to be turned-off, isolated, inactivated, physically prohibited from communicating, and with a fixed, absolute limit, a real impossible “barrier” to cross.  The concept of the inside Active ZoneC-Rwas the second part.  That zone was modeled by considering our universe, itself, as the only laboratory example we could obtain.

The Active ZoneC-Ris the inside portion, where all the known laws of physics we are familiar with still apply, except that it is fully closed-off, or sealed-up.  (more to follow)

I must apologize for understanding Black-HolesC-Rin this way, but now that I do, I cannot just go back to the pre-realization ways.  That forces me to argue why the idea is so good and so useful that nature chose it originally (or just used it from the start).

*HINT: Since virtually no-one else CLAIMS to understand Black-HolesC-Rinside and out, I would suggest you learn it, study it, then evaluate it, then compare it.  Since all of the competition admits “They have no real clue” as to what goes on inside a black hole (generic), why not at least consider listening to (and learning from) someone who does think they understand it.

NOTE: The Neutral ZoneC-Rcannot and does not radiate anything, ever (by DESIGN).  This FORCES the Black-HoleC-Rto concentrate [in a more compact and organized state] both matter and energy.  That total prohibition (against lightspeed travelling) TRUMPS the second law of thermodynamics*, which almost all standard physics professionals have agreed forces the conventional black hole to emit Hawking radiation.

*Either it isn’t a real law then, or the fact that the Neutral ZoneC-Ris “where time [as measured by “the speed of light” flow] does not function, which invalidates the universal authority of the second law.

HINT: The fact that earth’s scientists established the second law of thermodynamics by measuring heat-flow inside a “glorified fish tank” {rather than by ALSO measuring under the most EXTREME real-world conditions, from inside a Neutral ZoneC-R}* may be why nature DOES NOT feel compelled to obey a law proposed by humans after generalizing from an extremely limited scope of conditions.

*[Don’t feel too bad, though.  Since any interaction at the speed-of-light is forbidden inside the Neutral ZoneC-R, measurements could not have been made anyway.  i.e., you CAN understand it intellectually [reading about it while you are safe in your home], but you can’t ever go there and consciously measure anything from inside.]

The C-R theory claim is that the very properties of the Neutral ZoneC-R“force” matter to re-concentrate, reorganize, and store-up the only known force (excess positive charges, but stored so they are neutralized temporarily) which CAN overcome gravity (if and when enabled the foundation for a building establishes that structure).  HINT, HINT, HINT: This situation is not an “accident”.

NOTE: There is still an Active ZoneC-Rinside, at the center of every Black-HoleC-R.  The Active ZoneC-Ris the part that totally stabilizes the Black-HoleC-R, that allows it to maintain it’s “structure”.  The Active ZoneC-Ralso provides the “framework” that established the Black-HoleC-Rin the first place.  [just like the foundation for a building]

NOTE: The geometric-like “curvature” of spacetime accomplishes this modulation [including a full turnoff] of matter’s properties WITHOUT radiating anything at the speed-of-light.

NOTE: All of the normal physics rules we are familiar with operate inside every Active ZoneC-R.  {There is the exception that an Active ZoneC-Ris also the equivalent of a Closed Universe, which standard theory does not accept or account for.} HINT: Our ENTIRE universe IS the inside Active ZoneC-Rof a really large Black-HoleC-R.

Second Note: By observing our universe, it is perfectly acceptable to allow quadrillions of Black-HolesC-Rto exist inside our one Active ZoneC-Runiverse.  Most smaller Active ZonesC-Rwill not equal that quantity.

A SIMPLE Origin for Cosmic Rays HINT: SOMETHING is causing them.

One of the best claims from the C-R theory is just how simple the process is to explain the origin of cosmic rays, those mostly positive charged particles, using the Black-HoleC-R.  Note that ONLY the Neutral ZoneC-Rstores-up positive charges the entire time the Black-HoleC-Ris ingesting matter.  The Active ZoneC-R gets none of this increase.  These charges are suddenly re-activated after the Neutral ZoneC-Ris sufficiently disturbed.

NOTE: Since the theoreticians have NEVER considered that such a scenario is possible, their simulations have never tested that situation.  Note the simplicity of the concept, and note also that nature has abundantly confirmed that cosmic rays are present in quantities vastly higher than any conventional theories can account for.

Only the C-R theory has a simple causative mechanism to easily provide for the high level of high energy cosmic rays.  I believe it was just last year that scientists measured one cosmic ray with an energy over 300 quintillion electron-volts.  Virtually no known “standard mechanism” can explain that energy level.

Another note is that only the C-R theory expects that every Black-HoleC-Rin this universe contributes eventually to the overall cosmic ray level.  Conventional theory maintains that moving electrical charges should start to radiate-away their energy from the beginning, and there should be orders of magnitude fewer stray (high energy) electrical charges roaming-about, freely.  Those charges are continually replenished and added-to, by ongoing releases.  That is why those charges have not died-out.

Also note that the C-R theory also says that supernovae, quasars, Seyfert galaxies, and GRB’s (gamma ray bursts) energies are all caused by the same ex-Neutral ZoneC-Rphenomenon.  Each one of those potential release mechanisms which we detect should be seen also contribute towards the collective cosmic ray count.

Here are some of the things that the C-R theory claims mainstream science does not now know (or suspect), and may not learn for 50 more years:

All Black-HolesC-Rare Comedy Recycling theory (brand name) Black-HolesC-R.  Conventional black holes (ones that collapse into a singularity) do not exist.

The Comedy-Recycling theory brand name Black-HolesC-Rall have a “standard” internal structure with two main parts.  These two parts are: The Neutral ZoneC-R, located immediately inside of the Black-HoleC-R.  Inside that small volume of space is a completely closed-off sphere, a volume of space, kind-of like {100% like} it’s own individual “closed universe”, called The Active ZoneC-R.  These parts will be discussed shortly, along with their intended functions.

All Black-HolesC-Rseize and sort, then EAT ALL sub-atomic particles by mass .  They “eat or swallow” the “massive” protons and neutrons, and usually reject the electrons*.  {*A few of the innermost electrons may sneak in, especially when consuming heaver masses, like in uranium atoms, with their 92 protons and a much larger number of neutrons.}

Because of the way Black-Hole’sC-Rstore-up these captured protons, their internal electrical charges are inactivated, temporarily turned-off, isolated, and insulated.

The knowledge-about the internal accumulated electrical charge of a C-R brand name Black-HoleC-Rcannot possibly be communicated-out, and does not couple-out.  This is exactly the opposite of a classical black hole, where quantum uncertainness allows tunnelling-out of everything inside.  {More about this key difference will be covered later}

There is never any frame-dragging from any spinning mass stored-up inside of a Black-HoleC-R.  Curvature DOES NOT couple-out any information-on, or influence-from any internal spin.

Every “feeding” Black-HoleC-Rwill be freeing-up enormous quantities of freed electrons immediately outside the Black-HoleC-R.  (At least one freed electron for every hydrogen atom consumed) These self-repelling electrical charges are the main reason for a slowdown for the mass (food) falling-in.  The quantity of extra electrons will prevent the Black-HoleC-Rfrom overeating at any one sitting, and force moderation to avoid the feeding frenzy.

Every Black-HoleC-Rinternally stores-up the only known force (self-repelling protons), that, when and if re-activated, can overcome gravity in real world situations.

Black-HolesC-RDO NOT radiate out any particles, photons, or energy, i.e., anything at the speed-of-light.  They only ACCUMULATE and concentrate both mass and energy.

This only-increasing accumulation of mass and energy makes Black-HolesC-R100% thermodynamically efficient.  This forces entropy to be restored again

Black-HolesC-RDO NOT have the ability to selectively pick-out the correct particles from virtual-pair particles created outside the Black-HoleC-R.  Thus, they cannot choose which one to “eat”, to effectively radiate their internal mass away.  Thus, there is NO Hawking radiation emitted outside.  (NOTE: This is not a tragedy, from a thermodynamic viewpoint, but a blessing.  That is why Black-HolesC-Rare so useful and abundant.)

Only electromagnetic radiation produced outside of the Black-HoleC-Rwill be present outside the Black-HoleC-R.  There is never any leakage-out from anywhere inside by tunnelling, to free-up any mass or energy from inside*.  {*Technically, some electrons “probabilities” might make it partially inside the Schwarzschild radius.  The remaining electrons’ orbitals lose their attraction to the protons now fully inside the Black-Hole C-R.  The “s” orbitals attraction to the electrons should have already overcome the proton’s attraction.  Most of the electrons outside will have already fully-ionized-away well before they near the Schwarzschild radius.}*

When I first conceived this idea, I thought only a few electrons might be able to escape the black hole (before the brand-naming properties were fully realized).  I now believe that almost 100% of the electrons are liberated, at least up to elements as heavy as iron, or Fe+23.  I would allow that some of the innermost electrons from lower shells in the heavier nuclei might well be still attached.  From my readings over the last 30 years, and the amount of electrical activity OBVIOUS just within our solar system, I am more confident than ever before that only a very few electrons are consumed by Black-HolesC-R, and virtually never with lighter elements like hydrogen and helium.

HINT: If you, as a human can readily tell the difference, by mass, between a standard bowling ball and a single fluffy cotton-ball, then is it not reasonable to expect a Black-HoleC-R, to do so as well, because it makes it’s business consuming mass, by MASS? STATEMENT: If a Black-HoleC-Rcan’t sort, select, then eat mass, by mass, then what could?

As the Neutral ZoneC-Raccumulates these inactivated charges, it becomes primed for a later, catastrophic-failure release (from confinement).

Eventually, an outside disturbance should cause a catastrophic failure (or overcoming) of the Neutral Zone’sC-Rcurvature-influence will allow some-to-all of the accumulated matter and energy to be fully reactivated.  In order of magnitude this may include a CME (coronal mass ejection from our sun), a nova, a supernova, a Seyfert galaxy, an active galaxy, a quasar, and a GRB (gamma ray burst).

If the above scenario is the case, look for the incredible repelling power of unneutralized accumulated positive charges to endure, and to maintain acceleration long after the heat of thermonuclear fusion (and the radioactive decay of the byproducts) should have faded-off.  Also, look for the high number of multiple-positive ionizations in the ejecta of the supernovae (from +5 to +23) to be maintained even thousands of years after the initial occurrence.

It may well take mainstream science 50 more years before they can shift to accepting this new concept, and recognize the simplicity this represents.  The problem is that it requires a completely new way of seeing and understanding the process, and is not compatible with the entrenched ideas.  The biggest “fault” of the C-R theory may be in recognizing too many differences at the same time, far more than can easily be assimilated in one setting.  If only one or two smaller items could be changed at a time, the process of acceptance would be much smoother.  To change the overall understanding, it becomes necessary to think in a whole new way, and that needs too many simultaneous revisions for the entrenched, status quo.

That is one reason why I wrote the Comedy Recycling theory funny, rather than seriously, because I realized that the serious academic people now in charge probably cannot change their thinking enough to accept what needs to be changed.  The alternative is to target the new, up and coming generation, those who don’t know that “It can’t be done that way”, and teach them this alternative BEFORE they learn the “old ways”.  In that way, they will have a more honest evaluation of the two alternatives, and be able to choose between them based on the overall simplicity and usefulness.

That the C-R theory needs so many “changes” at once also does not help it’s credibility.  Although I have tried to pare-down the new thought processes and understandings needed to a bare minimum, there is too much that is newly understood (or perceived) to simplify or whittle down to a lone-new thought or two.  That is also why I apologize that I could not preserve nearly as much of the current way of thinking as I had hoped to, but almost literally had to raze the entire thought process and start over.  I am not unaware that the acceptance of new ideas is exponentially worse when they are needed in larger bunches.

For those who have a hard time accepting those changes, regard them as convenient fiction, useful but untrue.  Then let your imagination free up until you can use them, as you would enjoy a fairy tale.  I want to make them “convenient to use”, until they are so ingrained that they can be accepted.

I do apologize that I now understand our universe this way, but I am convinced that this is the method that nature now uses, and I am trying to communicate that to anyone who will listen, and keep an open mind.

I also apologize now that my understanding “is not how science is supposed to work”.  But doggone-it, oops, it works too well to get rid of it (or throw it back into the “sea” and to fish again for some lesser ideas, more likely to be considered acceptable).