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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

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by Jerry A. Reynard

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Welcome to Our 25,000th Visitor

I am preparing this blog slightly before our official 25,000thvisitor arrives.  It may be on line by the before that happens.  Technically, the first 6 months this web-site was on line, there was no working counter, so the real count would be higher.  I also regularly re-visit this site to check-up on it, so the real count (discounted for many of my visits) may be closer to a truer count of visitors.

Let me state that the C-R theory views are not yet mainstream and are too different to be quickly adopted.  I expected significant opposition and disbelief from incoming first-time visitors.  (More disbelief than true opposition, though.) I will try to “sell” my ideas to you (for free, though) thru this web-site.

I will try to explain why I now believe gravitational curvature “causes” gravity, rather than the other way around.  That new understanding is quite new, and very different from the mainstream ideas.  Most current scientists are taught the Newtonian views, then given the newer views from Einstein.  What I will try to do is to show where each left-off, and where improvements can be made.

The C-R theory is primarily non-mathematical, and based upon situational reasoning.  While I strongly support teaching and learning the formulas, readers should be advised that they are only guidelines, at best.  They sometimes make crude simplifications or approximations, and often miss finer points that can be caught by simple observation.

I remember that when I was growing-up, the books of the time stated that aeronautical engineers way-back-then could show by their formulas that a bee could not fly.  Fortunately, the bees did not read those books, and flew anyway.

Nowdays, the formulas have been revised enough, allowing for mini-vortexes and eddy currents that show the bee can indeed fly.  My point is that the formulas science derives most of it’s understanding from may miss details by glossing-over the real world situation and over-simplifying.

A simple over-reliance on formulas gives most scientists now the idea that inside a conventional black hole matter cannot resist the “pull” of gravity, and collapses into a singularity.  I have several problems with that reasoning.

By a NEW understanding of gravitational curvature, it should be simple to understand that, at the center of any mass, the net curvature is always MINIMUM at the center.  As one proceeds outward from the center, in every direction (for a spherical-circular mass), the curvature increases steadily until you reach anywhere at the outer edge.

NOTE: I can make the above statement untrue by making the mass a flat sheet, say 1 cm thick, but 1 km square, or by changing the density of the mass non-linearly.  Most planetary masses and larger objects will be spherical.

If this is the case, then curvature should only affect matter ‘the most’ where the curvature is the greatest.

Since the “layered-structure” of a sphere would only have curvature “the most” at the outer edges, this region is the only place where the MAXIMUM EFFECT should be found.  This suggests a Neutral ZoneC-R, or a thin, shell-like region, immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius of a Black-HoleC-R, as the only part of a Black-HoleC-Rwhere the “greater-than-the-speed-of-light escape velocity” will be in effect.

Inside this Neutral ZoneC-Rshould still be an entire sphere-of-matter which remains active in real-time.  This sphere of matter also provides a place-holder, a volume limit (on the inside) and establishes a “reference-frame” which does not change with time.  This inner region is sealed-off, closed-up, isolated, and insulated from communication with the outside world, but it is otherwise unaffected.

HINT: The universe we live in has exactly the same properties (but on a much larger scale) that matter in this “closed-off” region should display.  From earth, there is an increasing red-shift in all directions (towards the outside), and increasing blue-shift, up to a point, in one direction only, (The “Great Attractor”).

If the above scenario is in effect now, this results in many simplifications to our understanding of this universe.

It explains why our universe, with it’s enormous size, looks like it has “nearly enough” matter to close off this universe.  [Because it is exactly closed-off.]

The red-shifts seen in our universe are almost all from a slowed-down time-base, instead-of as a result of expansion (a Doppler shift).  The blue-shift, seen in the direction of “The Great Attractor”, comes from matter there actually running faster than here on earth.

Since our universe is stable, fixed in volume, perfectly stable, {not in imminent danger of collapsing}, the C-R theory needs no anomalous source of enough energy to continually expand our universe at an expanding rate.  That means that Conservation of Energy, which used to be a “ Gold -standard” principle of science and physics, is back again, restored to it’s former glory.

It also means that our universe never started-off from a nearly-impossible-to-understand singularity, and neither a causal mechanism or any explanation for why it started that way, is needed.

If the above is true, the C-R theory also does not need the anomaly of hyper-inflation, to explain why our universe looks so similar in all directions.  Our universe is now perfectly at equilibrium in all directions, because it always has been at equilibrium, and every location does constantly communicate-with every other location inside our universe*.  (*The exception being that matter inside our universe does not communicate with any Neutral ZoneC-Rinside any Black-HoleC-R.)

Some Retro-Obvious Principles: {simple ideas that Science has not yet noticed}

I also wanted to write about some retro-obvious principles that I believe this universe follows, that are now obvious from the C-R theory, but which mainstream science has not yet thought-of, or accepted.

The Black-HoleC-Rconsumes mass BY MASS, sorting between the lighter, more energetic electrons [letting them escape], and selecting the more massive protons and neutrons for consumption, guiding them in, by their mass.

It is no accident that there is more-than an 1800 times mass-ratio difference between the protons and the electrons.  Nature finds this property ESSENTIAL, and could not function properly (or did not want to function) with any lesser ratio-value.

The region (as a volume) immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius is the ONLY portion of the Black-HoleC-Rwhere the escape velocity exceeds the speed-of-light.  Nature “exploits” this prohibition to prevent any radiation, communication, or interaction at the speed-of-light.  The speed-of-light travel-ban also “TRUMPS” the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to prohibit “internal-leakage”.

Also, the reason that nature has two different “inverse-square” forces, gravity and electricity, (where their strength falls-off proportional-to the squared-value of the distance) is because Nature NEEDS two different forces, because they behave differently* [*by the C-R theory].  The C-R theory claims that their operating mechanism is totally different.  [The two “forces” are not reconcilable.]

Whereas gravity is effectively coupled-out from a Black-HoleC-R, the C-R theory states that heat, light, any electromagnetic energy or knowledge of electrical charge, or the value of the internal spin remains “trapped inside”.  NOTE: This is not a catastrophe, but a great tool.  Nature uses this property-difference to restore entropy, to re-concentrate matter and energy using the Black-HoleC-R, then catastrophically release them at some later time.  Because nothing can ever “radiate-out” from the Neutral ZoneC-R, until something sufficiently disturbs it (and inactivates the conditions that turn-off matter and energy), the process is 100% thermodynamically efficient.

This also means that no Black-HoleC-Rcan or will ever release Hawking radiation, or selectively choose-and-eat from newly created matter-pairs outside the Black-HoleC-R.

The Black-Hole’sC-Rentropy is not expressed-at, or limited-by the surface area of the event horizon.  The event horizon is a “fictional creation”, or a mental construct, and has no ‘real” properties that can be observed to understand anything about the Black-HoleC-R.

The C-R theory recommends not using the term, or trying to understand the event horizon.  Attempting to understand the Black-HoleC-Rby observing the event horizon will simply mislead or confuse the average reader and the dedicated professional, too.

In short, EVERYTHING you need-to-know, or want to know about the Black-HoleC-Rtakes place immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius, out of sight, and impossible to test with any current technology.  The recommended way to test these strategies is to look for the indications that something like this is going-on.

The C-R theory ideas on curvature causing gravity also imply that information is never destroyed, although knowledge of that information is “put to bed for a while”.  The huge difference is that the C-R theory is trying to show how nature accomplishes the trick of re-extracting this information (most of the matter and energy that ever went into the Black-HoleC-R, minus the amount that remains trapped inside, in the Active ZoneC-R, further inside of the Neutral ZoneC-R.

If you want to know: is Nature fond of Black-HolesC-R, just notice the sheer number of them in this universe.  This “implies” {but does not prove} that nature finds them incredibly useful.

The C-R theory is now claiming that: Before the very first Black-HoleC-Rever ate the proton and the neutron for the very first time, that nature had the plan worked-out, perfected, and set-up, to recover the matter and energy that would be “eaten”.  Nature NEVER faced the dilemma of: “Dang, I have all of this mass and energy swallowed by these conventional black holes, everywhere in this universe.  Now, what am I going to do to fix it?” (Nature speaking or thinking here)

Rather, it is the very nature of the mass-difference in “our favorite” sub-atomic particles, when eaten by the Black-HoleC-R, that SETS-UP the ability of Nature to restore the system, and keep it recycling forever*.  (*Can anyone think of a couple-of good theory names to describe this recycling situation within this universe?)

ANALOGY: The Black-HolesC-Rdo for our universe something-like what the air-pump does for the small aquarium.  It keeps the local environment fresh, cycling-along the matter within, and makes it more “livable” for those living things, stuck inside this “closed-system”.  {Just on a much larger scale, for a much longer time, and without the system collapsing or spoiling if the AC power fails, as can happen in a small aquarium.}

By simple observation, science has learned that nature will start an attempt to recycle (or harvest) dead bodies or vegetation within 15 minutes, if not sooner.  Standard theory states that the conventional black hole might need to wait up to 10100years to have Hawking radiation kick-in to high gear.  Although not normally recoverable within 15 minutes, the C-R theory maintains that Black-HolesC-Rare natures “tools” to “kick-start” start the recovery process much sooner.

The C-R theory claims that the same nature that can rarely hold-off 15 minutes to start the attempt to recover usefulness from a dead body (or vegetation) does not have the patience to wait “nearly forever” BEFORE attempting any recovery of a much greater quantity of matter and energy left over in a star or a galaxy.  The principle IS the same.

No Black-HoleC-Rshould be seen (or found to) to eat another Black-HoleC-R.

Every Black-HoleC-Ris already: matter at it’s lowest-possible gravitational energy.  That “lowest-energy state” cannot be lowered any further by being eaten again by a second Black-HoleC-R.

If two Black-HolesC-Rtried to merge, it would be more akin to two ice cubes at absolute zero (temperature-wise) merging.  There would be no “Newtonian value” gravitational energy releases from the two huge masses at a separating-distance, rather it would be more akin to expecting two sleeping people to begin-trying to argue with each other, while science is trying to “listen-in” on the fireworks.  [A non-event]

HINT: This means that the expected gravitational disruptions science expects to find from “merging Black-HolesC-R” should not be present, and will not be found, regardless how sensitive the proposed detectors become.

The C-R theory claims that when science builds these exquisitely-sensitive gravitational-wave detectors, a null result should be found.  We will not find universe-wide perturbations shaking the fabric of space-time.  It will be almost as exciting as watching paint dry {very, very boring}.

This “Change in Expectations” shows why the C-R theory is one of the few places EXPECTING to find no significant emissions of energy (or disruptions of spacetime) released by “merging Black-HolesC-R“.  This comes about from observing the possible merger through a curvature-based framework, and not from “Newtonian dynamics” based on two huge masses separated by a measurable distance.

The gravitational “ energy difference” between merged and separate Black-HolesC-Ris more equivalent to measuring the energy “released” when adding-together two ZEROS.

Think of the adage: “two nothings in – one nothing out” to imagine the proposed merger.  No overall benefit comes to either party, and no advantages emerge from the merger.

If BOTH of the merging masses are already at their lowest-possible-gravitational energy, then merging does nothing.  The expected “fireworks” are duds.

My notes on some recent magazine articles:

Some very interesting articles in magazines recently attracted my attention.  The
current issue of Science News [October 23, 2010] has an editorial titled “Seeking subtle simplicity in science’s complexities”, looking-for very simple answers which have so far been missed.  The Retro-Obvious points listed above ALL should fit-into that mold.  (I probably will not write-in to them and make ALL the claims above, to preserve some possible future credibility when I sense an opportunity where the C-R theory may be able to help science understand things in a new way.

There is an article in the November, 2010 Astronomy magazine about powerful jets spewing from an “average sized” Black-HoleC-R.  The Black-HoleC-Rcovered in this article was in the galaxy NGC 7793, the outer regions of that galaxy.  This Black-HoleC-Ris actively eating some object.  It is producing an expanding bubble, already 1000 light years across, and expanding at 620,000 mph, or 1 million km/hr.  The two jets shot out of the Black-HoleC-Rare enormous.

I wonder if anyone has a theory that can explain what might be “light-enough” and separatable-enough to allow two high-speed jets to appear, and to hold together? HINT: I wonder if ELECTRONS are light-enough that they could be sorted by mass and then freed from a Black-HoleC-Ras left-overs?

An article in an earlier issue a few months back of Astronomy magazine mentioned magnetars.  The really surprising thing about them is their enormous magnetic fields.  Some magnetars have their field strength estimated around 500-800 trillion Gauss, up to one quadrillion Gauss.  What is most interesting about this gigantic number is just how convenient it might be for the C-R theory to explain, if a supernova event indeed freed-up (from a neutralized, shut-down, insulated state) enormous quantities of positive charges (protons, with extra neutrons and photons released at the same time, for good measure).  These moving electrical charges should produce a correspondingly-large magnetic field.

Scientists on earth have achieved magnetic fields around 1 million Gauss (it may be higher by now, I’ll check on it and revise it if I find a significantly higher amount).  Conventional theory is more-or-less baffled by any natural process that could create such an astronomical number (literally, astronomical, in this case).

Gee, I wonder if anyone has a theory which could provide a REASONABLE explanation as to the source of this large-of a magnetic field, from a supernova remnant.  {A great guess would be the C-R theory, since that is what I am touting in this blog.}

The C-R theory is one of the few theories that EXPECTS large numbers of positive charges to be released at a supernova.  If the interested reader (you) wishes to check randomly, look for the number of multiple-positively-ionized positive charged ions in supernova remnants, from supernova at least 1000 years old.  (The older, and the more ionized, the better.)

Here is a link to a PDF listing of a soft X-ray source.  The chart on the third page lists ions at least +5 and higher.  Notice that this supernova is over 3000 years old, yet is still includes all of the multiple-ions listed.

If the skeptical reader still thinks the C-R theory is not on the right track, my next blog will re-address the list of electrically-based phenomenon from October 2009’s blog, where I mentioned a large list of the known phenomenon that hint strongly about the electrical nature of our universe.

(The blog celebrating our 24,000thvisitor was to have made it on-line by now, but I am still polishing it up a bit more.  This current blog (pun intended) will suggest at least one topic covered on my next blog.)

Thank you for visiting this site, and please look around at the many items available for free download.  The side of the blog column should have thumbnail sketches of many of the items you can look-at.  Even if you look at them just to laugh at my ideas, I can at least plant a seed (of knowledge) that might germinate later-on.

Jerry Reynard
October 25, 2010