C-R Theory Jester

The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

Comedy-Recycling Theory Blog

The Video

Just this last weekend, myself and my web-master were shooting some video segments for the C-R theory, about an experiment you readers can do at home, in the privacy of your living room (or anywhere else), for under $1.00, which will disprove what some of the world’s greatest experts on gravity believe.  I hope some of that footage gets available very soon.  We also filmed a visual “joke”, where I stood with my head (apparently) aflame, saying “Another bright idea from the Comedy-Recycling theory”.  We also have a blooper segment, where I am saying those lines, and a bus or truck drives behind me, and blocks off the flame-illusion.  It should be a short attention grabber.  I might also add that no photographers were burned in the making of the video, and kids, don’t try this at home.  Attach a link to a still photo (or two) here.  These photos are not composited or photo-shopped, although they may be cropped, reduced in size or resolution, or color-corrected or enhanced.  That “bright idea” line may be added to the segment at the end, to add a little levity, and create an anticipation of humor to follow in additional segments.

The first segments we shot at the entrance to Gallery Place, right up the stairs by the bucking bronco statue.  The first few segments we shot had high wind noise from the camcorder’s internal mike, and one of the later segments had a fire-truck siren to contend with.  We also got a brief shot of a DC fire engine responding to a call, which could be added right after the bright idea (joke) segment reviewed above.  We hope to shoot additional segments for later topics.  I try to keep them brief, approx.  3 minutes, and not too heavy, topic wise.  Whether I edit in graphics, or stick with a static shot, I don’t know yet.  Commercial videos on the networks try to change the shots every 5 seconds or less, and often move the cameras and change the views constantly within those segments.  With a budget fractions of that of commercial broadcast videos, I was not aiming for such a “sophisticated” level.  Rather, I want to tell a very simple story, in my own words, with my own emphasis, with my own hand gestures, in a non-threatening way.

Whether it fades into well deserved obscurity, or gains some eventual notoriety, as a legitimate new idea, challenging the established Newtonian beliefs in gravity, totally unsuspected (hence, un-looked-for) by the majority of those in that field, remains to be seen.  When the segment is ready for on-line viewing, I will place a link here.

I would like to eventually explain many of the most basic, simple ideas from the C-R theory, and I welcome readers suggestions for what areas they would like me to try to personally go over.  Especially areas where readers (actually, writers-in), have trouble understanding what I am trying to describe.

Although the C-R theory ideas are new, they really are (or should-be) simple to understand.  Almost all are derived from knowledge of existing designs, or existing solutions nature already uses.  How the C-R theory uses these ideas IS new, but the ideas themselves are really all quite simple.

I would also like to acknowledge that this February, 2009, also represents the 30th anniversary of my understanding of the C-R theory, since I first glimpsed how events in this universe might be working.  It is also the 3rd anniversary on-line at the Cr-theory.org web address.  Additionally, we have recorded the 8,000th visitor, although the first months the hit counter was not added, so the true count is probably higher.  Much of the material is relatively new, added or revised within the last 3 years.  I believe my understanding has deepened, and I continually find articles in the media which seem to support the many overall C-R theory hypotheses.  Among some of the most interesting, and pro-C-R items from last year: a finding that the measured aftermath of a supernova was almost totally dust-free.  The standard view had been that there should be an enormous amount of freed-up “dust material” ejected from the supernova.  Instead, the environment was “clean”.  That the C-R theory would expect this, being positive-ionization driven, it is not at all surprising that the area might be almost totally devoid of residual dust.  Scientists also found and measured a cosmic ray with 300 quintillion electron-volts of energy, a staggering sum for conventional physics to muster.  I read elsewhere that each proton repelling another proton is around 1,000 electron-volts, so the 300 quintillion electron volts would “only” need 300 quadrillion protons simultaneously released, a “mere-pittance” to the quantities suspected to be released by the C-R theory supernova hypothesis.

I did find a web-site (I don’t remember specifically when, but it might have been last year) that listed at least 4 known stars that have changed their position or class on the H-R (Hertzsprung-Russell) charts, within a human lifetime.  By standard hypothesis, this should take millions of years to change the mode of thermonuclear fusion that substantially within any star.  I found out that now the measured current between Jupiter and Io is at least 5,000,000 AMPS, whereas I had seen 3,000,000 amps in earlier times.  I also saw that NASA had measured a potential of 400,000 volts across the face of Io.  That conventional theory would have a problem with that, in a predominantly “neutral” universe.  That the C-R theory has this is possible evidence of substantial electrical activity right in our own “proverbial” backyard, right under our noses.

I just read an account of a huge “proton storm” measured here on earth in 2005, which arrived from our sun in something like 30 minutes.  That “small belch” of protons might represent some-type of “less-than-nova-level” proton-escape, much closer to “home” than I had previously claimed.  I suspect that it might be an “orders-of-magnitude-smaller” release than the nova, supernova… chain of proton-release events I have talked-about with the C-R theory.

There may well be some other articles within this last year that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but that place the C-R theory ideas within the realm of understanding real phenomena that we actually see going on all around us in this universe.  I can honestly claim that I can’t remember ANY article suggesting some event or phenomenon which would seem to rule-out any of the main C-R theory ideas.  In my next blog, I will relate a possible change I might have to make in the C-R theory’s understanding of a Black-Hole C-R eating another Black-HoleC-R .