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The most Outrageous Anomaly Known to Science

The most Outrageous Anomaly Known to Science, (but kind-of swept under the rug, as too embarrassing for “Science” to admit to).

It is the opinion of the C-R theory that the phenomenon known as The Double-Negative Ionization of All the Hydrogen Atoms in Our Sun’s Photosphere” is the most outrageous anomaly known to science.  It is easily explained by the C-R theory, but virtually no other theories seem to rejoice over this inconvenient “fact”.

Stated simply, in our sun’s photosphere (the “yellow” part we see that glows, or puts out all of the light we see), almost ALL of the hydrogen atoms there are saturated with as many electrons as that hydrogen atom can handle.  Every hydrogen atom there has two EACH electrons , despite the fact that the photosphere is heated-to over 6,000° C or almost 10,000° F.  On earth, for the hydrogen gas, each atom would rid itself of even a single electron, and be positively ionized at those temperatures.  (Like a neon sign ionizes, then glows, after high voltage is applied.)

The only simple answer must be that there are way too many available electrons there, in that region, far more than conventional theory can account for.  Far more than thermonuclear fusion (hydrogen to helium conversion) could provide.

At normal room temperatures on earth, hydrogen atoms would pair-up, and each one would mutually share their single electron with another hydrogen atom, to exist as an H 2 molecule.  If we heated-up this gas, it would positively ionize, and let at least one electron escape.

Neutral Zone Diagram Only the C-R theory says that our sun is powered by a small Black-HoleC-R, which has the unique properties: It never collapses into a singularity.  The matter consumed is stored in a region that technically has an escape velocity greater than lightspeed, which completely turns-off or inactivates the properties of matter (except mass).

This region (or volume) is called the Neutral ZoneC-R, specifically because of this property.  Matter in the Neutral ZoneC-Ris stored-at it’s lowest-possible gravitational state.  (The orange colored region’s size is greatly exaggerated in this diagram, to allow the labeling text to be readable inside.)

Immediately inside this volume of space resides an Active ZoneC-R.  The Active ZoneC-Ris always a perfectly closed off region of spacetime which always has exactly enough mass, at exactly the right density, to close-off spacetime.  This is not by accident, but is why the Black-HoleC-Rexists in the first place.  The energy of matter in the Active ZoneC-Ris arranged so that the least-energetic matter is always located nearer the outside edges, and the energy-worth increases until the center is reached.

This layering effect totally prevents a gravitational collapse.  Matter must either possess or gain enough energy to be allowed to exist-in, or travel-to a higher-energy region.  (The higher energy or more active part is where the color gets lighter in the diagram above.  The darker the region, the less energy it is worth.)  This is something-like why a life jacket always floats to the surface in a swimming pool, and a stone sinks to the bottom.

HINT: Our entire universe is also an inner Active ZoneC-R, and has all the observable properties needed to qualify.

The small Black-HoleC-Rat the sun’s center devours and stores-away the heavier nucleus (in an insulated, turned-off, neutralized state), and lets almost all of the much lighter electrons escape freely.  (Without being consumed)  The Black-HoleC-Rsorts, then eats sub-atomic preferred particles BY MASS, but rejects the low-mass electrons.  GASP, what a shock!!! (Pun intended)  My favorite Black-HoleC-Rpun is that a Black-HoleC-Ris a mass-sieve body because a Black-HoleC-Rsorts and sifts sub-atomic particles BY MASS before it eats them.

Briefly, the force we think-of as gravity is actually a result of the action of curvature acting upon matter, something like how the juice squeezed-out of an orange is proportional to the force exerted upon the orange, up to a point.  However, after all of the juice is squeezed-out, there is no more.  The C-R theory predicts that this analogy will be found to describe the case of all matter devoured by a Black-HoleC-R, too.  Because this effect is indirectly caused, there never needs to be any electromagnetic (or speed-of-light based) radiation emitted from a Black-HoleC-R.

The C-R theory may also be unique in pointing out that gravity and electrical charge have the opposite effects when trying to pass-out-from a Black-HoleC-R.  Whereas curvature simply exists throughout space (or spacetime), it does not “radiate” out or through the Schwarzschild radius (or have to actively cross through the event horizon).  The C-R theory claims that even the “knowledge-of the quantity of the electrical charge inside” cannot pass through the Schwarzschild barrier, and is trapped, insulated, isolated, and inactivated inside.  {Conventional theory concludes exactly the opposite.}

NOTE: Rather than facing a calamity or catastrophe as a result of this key difference in results, nature EXPLOITS this property to the hilt, to recycle matter and energy with 100% long-term efficiency [and thus, in the process, effectively restore entropy within this universe].

To the best of my knowledge, only the C-R theory predict s that an active (mass eating) Black-HoleC-Rwill show the evidence of external effects of a massive imbalance in electrical charge , or excess electrons.  This will not be a 50-50 mix of positrons and electrons (electrically balanced), but will be mostly electrons.  HINT: The collimated jets emerging from Black-HolesC-Rat near light speed ( 99%+ of “c”) will be found to be streams of pure electrons , too.  If not, the C-R theory is probably wrong.

NOTE: If we do not detect massive electrical-charge imbalances everywhere in this universe where Black-HolesC-R“lurk and operate”, the C-R theory is wrong .  But, if we do, please remember where you read about it , and pay us a return visit or more.

Uniquely, the inner area (the Active ZoneC-Rwill not change, or increase in mass at all, as the Black-HoleC-Rconsumes matter.  All of the increase over time will occur exclusively by adding mass into the Neutral ZoneC-R, the portion immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius.  This should be the case, even for the largest known supermassive Black-HolesC-R!!!

By completely avoiding any possibility of dealing with any singularity, and substituting a much-more human-friendly concept of a “property turn-off, or shut-down, like the difference digitally from a 1 to a 0, the C-R theory makes the Black-HoleC-Rmuch more end-user friendly to understand, and much more useful, to boot.  Thus, the C-R theory IS OFFERING one of the very few, human-friendly, simple-to-understand explanations for a Black-HoleC-R, it’s uses, and their intended purpose within this universe.  So far, even for free, we have had few takers.

HINT: If I were to upend a fancy race car, and stand it upright on it’s bumper, so it’s 4 wheels were totally off the ground, this “inactivation” is more akin to what a photon or particle could effectively DO in the Neutral ZoneC-Rthan an actual real time stoppage.  The action, and the energy value is maintained, but it is “warped-out-of-the-plane”, so to speak.

HINT: Think of a racing greyhound, trained to run only at the speed-of-light.  Imagine, his tail itches so badly, that he only can run in tight circles, trying to catch, then itch his tail.  His speed would still be “c”, but he would actually go nowhere, race-wise.  This is a more accurate depiction of how I now imagine the activity inside the Neutral ZoneC-R, rather than as a zone of “frozen time”, trapped “ice-cube-like” in a frozen-solid block.  I wanted to clear-up this area where some of my earlier comments may have been misunderstood, or I was not as clear as I now realize I should have been.

HINT: Think like the parachutist, i.e.  (punfully): jump out-of-the-plane.  

An additional pun is 0 = i “ c” { “Oh, I see!!” : describing this “nothing” as light travelling or resonating in an “imaginary dimension” at “c”, the speed-of-light, one we cannot visit when we are living in real-time.  Then think of light somehow “spinning or resonating” at right angles to all of our standard 3 dimensions, in an imaginary direction, rather than simply standing still.}

COMMENT: The interaction inside the Neutral ZoneC-R is still forbidden, or turned-off, but the visualization of the method of the turn-off process was interpreted as a more-classical “time-freezing” concept by some readers who read my earlier writings.  I wanted to clarify my method of explaining the process of “How the turn-off was done”.

NOTE: Most lesser sized Black-HolesC-Rwill not have a “mostly empty universe” enclosed inside, but will be much denser overall, and more fully packed.  I would imagine that the center of the proposed Black-HoleC-Rat the center of our sun is probably a dense concentration of matter, like a ball of neutrons , which is still exactly critical.  Even at it’s center, the net curvature will always be minimum.  This is a built-in “safety valve” against any possible collapse inward, and is the case for every type and size-of our “brand name” Black-HolesC-R.

This safety-feature, preventing possible collapse, is also a unique benefit derived from this new understanding , the C-R theory method of causing “gravity” indirectly, by curvature.

Conventional theory expects that it was “gravity” that caused the resulting curvature.  They put the onus on “gravity” to collapse or attract matter inward, whereas nature has, in reality, already “solved” the problem backwards.  Conventional theory has proverbially put the cart before the horse, and does not see the expected dilemma results from their misunderstanding of “cause and effect”, in that order.

If one does not understand the true “cause” of gravity, one’s expectations (the collapse into a singularity) cannot be prevented.  When one (i.e., YOU) understands it, the collapse cannot BE accomplished.  This is a major, and fundamental difference in gravitational expectations.

My personal dilemma is that the C-R theory approach has allowed or permitted me to understand this “new method” already for 30 years, but it could take many more years until mainstream science catches-up to accept or even seriously consider, this new-type of understanding.

I am trying to give-away the new answer, for FREE, to anyone who will listen, and try to accept it.  I believe a very few have, and I am grateful for their support.  The vast majority is still stuck in their “mostly Newtonian mode-of-thinking”.  This method works very well above-ground, over our earth, where it has been extensively tested.  

Only the C-R theory predicts that Newtonian gravity will fail miserably and spectacularly if we could test it, say anywhere below the Core-Mantle-Boundary.  Unfortunately, conditions there are truly miserable, too (about 11,000° F), and humans have not yet successfully gone even halfway down our thin, lightweight crust, much less the challenging conditions faced by any man-made technology at the Core-Mantle-Boundary.  We can barely send a probe down to function at the full undersea pressure found down at “only” 7 miles depth in the oceans, and that is much nearer to room temperature than anything near the mantle or the core.

I would like to invite those home-readers who regularly re-visit this site to correspond with me.  I would like to help you understand these new concepts, and possibly clear-up some misunderstandings.  I do appreciate that there are a few individuals who do check in regularly, and who may need time to accept or adopt these concepts.  I do appreciate your efforts, and will help if I can.

NOTE: If you tend to reject these ideas at first, that is expected.  I was not too comfortable with them myself initially.  As I pondered-over these ideas, and saw their usefulness in action (trying them out on the real-world observations over the last 30 years), I have been impressed by the accuracy and the constancy that these ideas have with what we do actually see.

I would invite skeptics to simply reject these ideas as fiction, fantasy, fabrications, falsehoods and the like.  Then, use them anyway to honestly evaluate what is actually found in any and every new observation (LINK or LIST).  Are there indeed enormous stray electrical currents seen nearly everywhere? Is there polarized light in nearly every bandwidth, over every octave from at least radio to X-rays? HINT: Something is polarizing all those electromagnetic waves.

Are there indeed indications of huge quantities of ionized radical compounds and elements? (See my previous blog on Jupiter’s magnetosphere.) Are there abundant high-energy cosmic rays (charged protons) coming from somewhere? Are ALL of the hydrogen atoms in our sun’s photosphere “enriched” with TWO ELECTRONS EACH, despite their 6,000 ° C temperature (almost 10,000 ° F)?

Could the simple presence of known-amounts of electromagnetic energy explain-away the “mysterious” holding-together of a galaxy’s spinning arms better than “missing” dark matter? Why not at least consider that possibility first before spending good money on a mad quest for the unknown?

Do older supernova remnants have outrageously high levels of excess positive ions, giving them incredible staying-power?  Unless one suspects this method as the “cause” of the supernova’s expansion [the catastrophic release of accumulated “excess” captured (isolated and insulated) positive charges], one will never understand why they continue to expand for long periods (years, decades, millennia) after their temperature should-have cooled down.  Will excess electrons be found in the vicinity of EVERY matter-eating Black-HoleC-R?

Will we (humanity) ever discover a way to eliminate Doppler shift (caused by the supposed motion away from us) as the major cause of most-of the red shifts seen?

Many of those separately might be a coincidence.  ALL of them ganged-together suggest an underlying pattern, or cause.  The C-R theory should be one of the easiest possible ways to understand the true significance of ALL of those types-of observations summed-together.  The C-R theory is not clever enough or powerfully-supported enough to “fake” all of those collective observations.  It is well-positioned enough to add a new level of understanding, by linking together those types-of observations into a new pattern, using new ideas to understand WHY these things are.  Then, if the pattern seems relevant, are the ideas truly fictional, or are they simply noticed well ahead of their intended time?

Science should notice them in the next several hundred years, but why wait til then when you can “cheat” a little bit, accept the C-R theory, and understand it now?

If the patterns are simply a one-time fluke of nature, then subsequent observations will not bear them out.  If the patterns continually seem to repeat, it is conceivable that the C-R theory has “accidentally uncovered” a new pathway, completely unexpected, for how our universe works.

How to change your expectations.  I have considered my failure to communicate what I think I recognize as new, as a failure to communicate the real differences involved.  I will try again to remedy that situation.  If I can communicate anything from the C-R theory, it is that gravity works much more like Einstein originally thought, as a curvature-based idea, than even he realized (or could accept).

Like the window-washer on a skyscraper, he should have taken a few steps back to admire the full view, and realize that our entire universe is governed-by, and even dominated-by curvature.  Everywhere nearer the outermost portions of our universe, curvature is the main influence.  Spacetime out there is more curved, more bent, {more de-focused or diffused too}, and any mass there is worth much less energy.

As one nears the center of our universe, “The Great Attractor”, any mass there is worth more energy, and is also clocking-faster (or blue shifted to us) than for that same mass located here on earth.  Any attempt to understand this universe WITHOUT FIRST understanding that “time-difference” concept is surely doomed.

Everytime I see the High Definition intro from PBS where they tout, “Our universe has no center and no edges”, I can see why they are hopelessly confused.  If I owned a bowling ball, and tried to understand it’s properties while yet claiming that it had no center, and no outer edges either, my understanding of it would surely be off base and worthless as a starting point.

If only they could see HOW SIMPLE it really is to understand.  If only they would give the C-R theory ideas a test-drive, and “take them out for a spin”, they could see the usefulness of understanding the bigger picture, first.

Mainstream science is so “tangled-up” in their bad ideas, something like a marine creature hopelessly entwined in a stray fishing-net, that they don’t even know which way is down, “And I do mean that, literally”.  I will explain that more fully here in a little while.

Let us start off with the C-R theory basics.  Gravity (the attraction of two masses for each other) is caused by curvature.  Curvature aids both of the masses to lose energy selectively, which then becomes the same energy used to accelerate the masses towards each other.  This (kinetic) energy comes directly out of each mass, and is never supplied-by any external source.  NOTE: This means that a Black-HoleC-Rdoes not have to emit any energy from inside the Schwarzschild radius, and that the (non-existent) singularity inside the same Black-HoleC-Rneed not “know” how much energy to “leak-out or pump out” from inside to allow masses to accelerate towards the Black-HoleC-R.

Another great benefit of this type-of system (and accounting for the energy) is that, once matter has entered-through the Schwarzschild radius (or passed through the event horizon), it HAS LOST all of the energy it can lose to gravity, and cannot be “attracted” any further.  This is an additional “common-sense” type safeguard nature has already built into a C-R theory brand name Black-HoleC-R.  Further collapse inward is impossible, without first gaining more energy (which is not available in any case).

I cannot oversell the importance of the practicality of the brand name Black-HoleC-Rvs the conventional black hole in a return to simple, human-friendly understanding.  If you can accept the simplicity of the concept, and the careful thoughtfulness of the “design”, and see ALL of it’s benefits, you will never want-to “go back” to the old inferior concept of a conventional black hole again.

Black-HolesC-Rprovide guidance for matter, especially in the center of galaxies, giving the galaxy a “stability” it would otherwise lack.  Black-HolesC-Rset and establish the lowest limits for gravitational energy “lowness”.  Once mass enters into this Neutral ZoneC-R area, it is as low as it can ever go, energy wise.  Mass cannot (is not allowed to) venture forth further inward, by “collapsing” back into “real-time”, into the Active ZoneC-Rimmediately inside every Black-HoleC-R.

The Black-HoleC-Ris also the source for some, if not most of the mass orbiting around in a galaxy.  As well as being a “garbage disposal” to place the “trash” into, and the restoring energy source of the nova, supernova, quasar, Seyfert galaxy, active galaxy, and gamma ray burst (GRB), the Black-HoleC-Ris also the renewer of energy, recycling matter-energy and restoring them to a “pristine state” over and over again.

The Black-HoleC-R(and the ex-Black-HoleC-Revents listed above) are also the sources of the electrical imbalances (causing all polarized light) seen all over this universe, which includes the prime driving forces of almost all movement of masses.  These activities never “run out of energy”, they just allow some “re-arranging” and re-bunching to occur over and over again.

Since our universe IS the inside Active ZoneC-Rinside a large Black-HoleC-R, this means that the energy content, volume (size), density, and the like are fixed, constant, and always remain the same.  (They are perfectly contained inside this volume, with no leakage-out, ever.) Our universe always has looked very much like it looks, right now, and always will look very much like it looks right now, with various activities going on at a reasonable rate.  This universe will never expand beyond it’s present size, will never run-downhill (energy-wise), but will continually recycle in “catastrophic and spectacular energy-release events”.

NOTE: We do see increasing red -shifts in all directions outward, because those regions are literally slower, clockwise, than we are here on earth.  Closer-in to the center, we will see only that region blue -shifted with respect to us, because that region is clocking-faster than us.  Only if we see both-type of areas, simultaneously , at the same time, can we say we are living inside a closed universe.  (And the C-R theory can say so, because that appears to be exactly the case we do see.)

NOTE: Because the Neutral ZoneC-Ris real-time frozen, and can never emit any energy while it is in operation, {acquiring additional mass and energy}, it must be exactly 100% thermodynamically efficient at recycling matter and energy.  That is why the C-R theory is very careful to specify that No Black-HoleC-Rcan possibly leak-out anything (not even one lowly photon in a billion years).  To do otherwise would ruin the system’s perfect design.  Sufficiently disturbing this perfect trap can eventually lead to some small portion re-activating, which decreases the internal density, which carrys over until the entire Neutral ZoneC-Rcan be released.

Technical Note: Since no simulations using supercomputers have tried a C-R theory-type nova, supernova, quasar, or GRB, mainstream science has missed-out on the true explosiveness of the release process, and of the prolonged staying-power of the expansion, driven by an overload of excess positive charges simultaneously released.  The evidence is probably there in the supernova’s spectrum, indicating massive positive ionizations up to at least Fe+23, or iron atoms stripped of at least 23 electrons.  Until all of those excess positive charges are neutralized, the shell will continue to expand, and clear a big hole.  HINT: Look at any of the Hubble pictures for visual evidence of expanding bubbles or shells of gasses and ejecta.

NOTE TOO: That is why it is essential that the design of the Black-HoleC-Rsows the seeds to it’s own demise by storing-up, inside, the only known force that CAN overcome gravity (if physically enabled to do so).  Every Black-HoleC-Rconsumes the nucleus, consisting of the proton and possibly the neutron (if eating anything heavier than hydrogen), and rejects the pesky electrons.

NEW PUN: You will reap what you sow (from a Black-Hole’sC-Rinside), after you rip what you sew(-up) inside.  {By ripping-open the Neutral ZoneC-R}

DEMO: The ex-Neutral ZoneC-Rphenomenon can be likened-to the movie scene with Augustus P.  Creosote, the world’s fattest man, in a restaurant, in the Monty Python film The Meaning of Life .

I would like to comment on the new Science Channel series, Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman.

The second program of the series dealt with black holes (conventional ones).  I know that the C-R theory longs to input some fresh new insight, and make the C-R theory way of thinking more well-known.  Their “experts” continually lament the fact that the equations leave them helpless to understand what goes on inside a conventional black hole.  The C-R theory would like to remedy that situation.

The primary difference, from a practical sense, is that the C-R theory brand-name Black-HoleC-Rcannot possibly collapse into a singularity.  This is because the C-R theory understands the nature of gravity is caused or brought about by the action of curvature upon matter.  Curvature, in effect, causes matter to re-arrange or re-distribute it’s available energy.  It is the coming-out of this displaced energy which provides 100% of the kinetic energy we notice as acceleration from gravity.

Black Hole anatomy

In essence, the curvature changes the energy-carrying capacity of matter.  More curved matter can only contain or control less energy.  Greater curvature = greater energy displacement (or release) of energy from matter.

Because it is this energy-carrying capacity change that “produces” the (after)effect we notice as gravity, it should stand to reason that it is the most bent, most curved, strongly-warped, or highly distorted regions where the greatest effect can be realized.  (Not at the center!!!)

Since the curvature at the center of any mass is always the LOWEST amount at the mass’es center, this rules out, and prevents any possible collapse into a singularity.  It is the very nature of any curved object that the maximum effect of curvature must always be on the outermost edges of the mass, or immediately inside-of the Schwarzschild radius, for every Black-HoleC-R.* (*Unless the internal density is non-linear, just as it happens on our dear earth, with density increasing by more than quadrupling with depth, below the surface.  This is very, very rare in this universe.)

NOTE: The Green and Yellow circles each represent a Schwarzschild radius (outer and inner, respectively), defining and confining the start-of the Neutral ZoneC-Rand the end-of the Neutral ZoneC-Rin-between.  These two Schwarzschild radii are unique to the C-R theory, and are not even imagined by conventional theory.

The argument from the C-R theory point-of-view is that this limitation of curvature, where the most curved (warped, bent) mass is the most affected section, immediately limits and prevents any further collapse inward, in the first place.

Whenever the Black-HoleC-Rdraws-in something past the Schwarzschild radius, once the escape velocity exceeds the speed-of-light, this turns-off, inactivates, and neutralizes any possibility of further interaction, electromagnetically.

Additionally, immediately inside this Neutral ZoneC-Rregion, there is ALWAYS a completely closed-off, fully formed Active ZoneC-R, which becomes something like a “desert island” for property-isolation.  

This Active ZoneC-Rinside is also what establishes the Black-HoleC-Rin the first place.  This inside zone is completely self-contained and self-sealed, can never be added-to, or taken-away-from.  It acts like a giant “placeholder” (i.e., just like a zero holds a decimal number’s range in any position where it sits, like 10, 2001, 90125.589, or 0).  

Because this inside region is always real-time active, and, therefore, always more energetic than the Neutral ZoneC-R, matter residing in the Neutral ZoneC-Rcannot simply “collapse inward” without acquiring additional energy first.  {Just like a bankrupt pauper or beggar cannot gain entry [or an invitation] into an exclusive millionaire’s only club, and he would be made to feel just as “un-welcome” inside.}

After fixing the singularity problem, the C-R theory would also like to further explain the idea of “How curvature CREATES gravity”.  Inherent to that idea is that all matter {mass} contains it’s own internal-energy levels, and keeps-account-of how much energy it has.  When curvature “adjusts” matters energy-holding capacity, it forces curved matter to release some energy.  This freed amount released is EXACTLY what we detect as the kinetic energy the same mass acquires (to produce the acceleration we measure).  NOTE: This new idea is a great simplification.  This explains where is the source of gravity’s energy coming-from.  NOTE: This is WHY curvature must exist first, then act-upon matter to cause some small amount of the energy from that same matter to be released.

VERY IMPORTANT: If matter is already at it’s lowest energy state, inside the Black-Hole C-R, NO ADDITIONAL energy CAN EVER BE RELEASED.  This sensibly limits the effect of gravity , and is what helps prevent the possibility of a singularity.  A C-R theory gravity joke goes: Gravity is kind-of like SENIORITY, i.e., No time = No Pull

The C-R theory does not need to explain how a conventional black hole “knows” exactly how much energy to emit from it’s internal singularity to produce the effects seen.  We do not need to try to understand how this energy (to create the effect of gravity) passes through the event horizon, when heat and light absolutely cannot do so at all.

Because curvature is more-like a (geometric, or metric) shape-bending, or twisting-distortion-shaping of spacetime, which simply exists (as-is), this process does not have to radiate-out-of or pass through the Schwarzschild radius (or the event horizon).  The C-R theory does not have to postulate some magic source of that phantom energy arising magically from some nether world, or supplied from some external dimensions.

All we need is for each mass to carry-around it’s own internal supply of energy, and to draw-from a very small amount of that confined energy when called upon by curvature to do so.  Note that we never get something for nothing, and that every last photon of energy’s worth is strictly accounted-for, and paid-for in full, by the very mass being acted-upon.

An additional tremendous benefit to this type of understanding is the built-in safety factor that the collapse into a singularity is totally prevented because the starting design completely prevents collapses from occurring.  One only gets this benefit from using curvature as the CAUSE of gravity.  Once curvature has done it’s “dirty-work” and removed ALL available energy from matter (trapped inside the Schwarzschild radius), no further lowering of energy is possible, because there is NONE TO GIVE.

I cannot overexpress this practicality and usefulness {and newness}.  I cannot overdo my enthusiasm for that NEW type-of understanding of “How gravity works”.  NOTE: A simple Newtonian-based understanding of gravity cannot be so successful.  It is DOOMED-to-FAIL by it’s very nature.  The surprise is, that this formula-based understanding will be found to be non-applicable in certain situations.  Those situations HAVE NOT YET been tested from here, above earth’s surface.

Do not be alarmed if this very new thinking, realizing how curvature acts to cause gravity, does not sink-in right away.  That is normal.  I do not expect anyone to give-up a lifetime’s worth of old understanding right away, without some kind of internal struggle.  What I am asking is that you home-readers consider this new method, ask if it meets the minimum scientific standards of logic and accountability.  Then ask if it is plausible.  Next, ask if this new method finally makes more sense than the old (Newtonian) way.

The real final test is, Does it make more sense to YOU? Can you understand it? Do you now understand THE SOURCE for kinetic energy? Can you see why building-in a strict limit , restricting energy output from a mass to 100% of the available energy, makes much more long-term sense.  (That doesn’t make it right , but it surely simplifies understanding what happens in extreme cases like Black-HolesC-R?)

Again, thanks for considering the C-R theory, and expect to reject it at first, before the extreme simplicity overwhelms your doubts.  It is either right, or it is wrong (or some combination of both).  It IS NOT the same, and does not have the same expectations as does Newtonian-type gravity.

In most cases we are familiar-with, and where gravity has been extensively tested, the two systems will behave almost the same.  It is in the extremes, and below earth’s surface, where the real differences will stand-out.  I hope to address more ideas on this topic in the near future.

Thank you for visiting this blog.
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