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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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A Response to a Reader’s Questions

Welcome to those new readers who are checking this out for the first time.  Welcome back to the rest of you, my regular readers.

I would like to answer some questions suggested by readers, and I will try to tackle some areas where the C-R theory may be misunderstood.

I had a reader, Jens, from Sweden ask me, if matter inside our universe is contained inside, then, why is it not totally ionized, as I claim matter that gets consumed by the Black-HoleC-R [into the Neutral ZoneC-R] is?

The answer is that I imagine that all of the matter inside our “observable” universe was here first, beforehand, and then, after concentrating, was sufficient to close-off this universe.  (So), Technically, the matter inside the active part of our universe has never been subjected-to being eaten and entering-through the Schwarzschild radius.

After sufficient matter accumulated, this created the inside Active ZoneC-R.

NOTE: This was probably much earlier than 14 billion years ago, by the C-R theory reasoning.  {I could not prove it, however.}

Separate AND Unequal: The Active ZoneC-R and the Neutral ZoneC-R

Once this established what I termed an Active ZoneC-R, ONLY this closed-universe creates the conditions EXTREME-enough to establish (and maintain) the Neutral ZoneC-R.  Because these two separate zones have DIFFERENT properties, with the Active ZoneC-R being real-time active, and the Neutral ZoneC-R held in a non-interactive manner, the internal (and active) matter does not mix with, and is not ever combined with matter that afterward passes through into the Neutral ZoneC-R.  Something like oil and water, the two different zones are separate, and are kept apart.  They (normally) do not mix-together.

The properties of the two zones are so different, that nature “keeps them apart”, isolated from each other.  Additionally, all matter eaten by a Black-HoleC-R, (possible only after it has become a Black-HoleC-R), is stored in an extremely “distorted or contorted” condition.  REMEMBER: Matter within the Neutral ZoneC-R is stored-up so tightly, and so extreme, that no “speed-of-light-type” interactions can occur, {because the escape velocity there IS greater-than-the-speed-of-light}.  This means that absolutely no interactions can take place, and no exchanges of information or knowledge (of the electrical charge) can occur.

Also, all of the matter further inside of a Black-HoleC-R(kind-of the “core-matter”, if you will) IS permitted to participate in all speed-of-light-type interactions.  This is one of the fundamental differences in a C-R theory brand-name Black-HoleC-R vs.  all generic black holes (all of which are IMAGINARY, by the C-R theory, not real).

A quick summary: The Black-HoleC-R has an Active ZoneC-R at it’s center, and curvature at the exact center is always MINIMUM {because it is MAXIMUM at the outside edges, at the Schwarzschild radius}, whereas the black hole has only a (near infinitely-dense) singularity at it’s center, and virtually nothing else anywhere inside it’s volume.

Another way to visualize the two zones: The Active ZoneC-R(inside) represents freedom, available choices, active participation, paradise, and stability.  The Neutral ZoneC-R represents: Jail, secure confinement, deprivation, crowding, no choices (conditions imposed upon you), extreme loss of freedom, NO possibility of causing your own escape (from the inside only), no communication, no news, no timetable.

Only AFTER the Black-HoleC-R forms does the Neutral ZoneC-R become established, and start operating.  NOTE: Under normal conditions, none of the operation of the Neutral ZoneC-R will affect anything further inside the Black-HoleC-R in any manner.

A revision in my original thinking, based-upon real-world observations.

I have somewhat revised my thinking about the Neutral ZoneC-R in the following manner.  After the Black-HoleC-R has been operating for quite a while, and accumulated a good amount of matter, as determined by the total proportion of stored-up, inactivated mass, to the total mass of the Black-HoleC-R, and the portion of that mass starting-off (and always present afterward) residing inside in the Active ZoneC-R, the complete liberation of the contents from the Neutral ZoneC-R may be so violent as to disrupt the (starting) Black-HoleC-R, and re-establish (or un-close-off) the object at the center (in the formerly closed-off Active ZoneC-R).  This would then leave behind a visible object, such as a neutron star, or a magnetar.

This is a revision from my original thinking, that once the Black-HoleC-R was established it would continue-on forever.  I do not believe this occurs everytime, but there are now indications of some supernovae leaving behind magnetars or neutron stars in some occurrences.  I am more willing to admit now that I would “rather” allow this to occur than to forego the possibility that there ever was a Black-HoleC-R involved somewhere in the supernova process.

It is also possible that some supernovas do occur whthout ever forming a Black-HoleC-R, with all of the Neutral ZoneC-R and Active ZoneC-R creation occurring.  I can accept that some of the supernova “starting masses’ were never sufficiently dense-enough to create the Black-HoleC-R.

I would like to retain the flexibility to admit that my earlier views (uneducated guesses?) have been informed by conditions now known-about that I did not know-about back then.  My ideas are not totally “set-in-concrete” and unwilling to change, but that I do take into account all that I read, and I try to revise my ideas to adapt ALL of the known facts, or at least what I can glean from what I read from various sources.

I am also trying to allow that nature may not be quite as “exacting and absolute” as I had originally imagined, but may be more flexible and adaptable to a variety of extreme conditions, but with a practical-bent towards obtaining a useful goal {to recycle both matter and energy, and restore entropy}.  If I am wrong, I would like to know that sooner rather than later.  I still believe that the overall usefulness of the C-R theory is that nature has chosen something very-close to it (if not right-on-the-nose) to recycle matter and energy.  I invite all my readers to challenge the C-R theory ideas, though, and please inform me if you think there are known observations that may indicate some-other-type of operation going on.

Simple Rules of Operation:

I would like to go over some simple rules of operation, according to the C-R theory.

A Black-HoleC-R eats matter [it’s dinner] BY MASS,

meaning that it devours the proton and neutron, but rarely-if-ever eats an electron.

All mass eaten by a Black-HoleC-R is stored-up in a “Neutral ZoneC-R“, a volume immediately-inside the Black-HoleC-R where the escape velocity (gravitational curvature) is above the speed of light.

The conditions in the Neutral ZoneC-R are the most extreme in the universe.  Only in the Neutral ZoneC-R are conditions so “bent, distorted, warped, twisted, or misshaped” that ALL interactions at light-speed are prevented.

NOTE: Gravity is “Caused-by” curvature acting-upon matter, and preventing it from interacting at light-speed.  This influence reduces the “energy-carrying-capacity” of matter in such a manner that some (most all) energy is squeezed-out from matter.  This energy which is liberated, is the source of the acceleration that matter experiences.

This energy is not also unlimited, but the release is restricted to ALL of the available energy possible.  NOTE: In the Neutral ZoneC-R, where those conditions are extreme, matter is at it’s MINIMUM-possible real-time energy configuration.

Once matter enters this MINIMUM-possible energy-state, no additional energy can ever be freed-up by gravity.  [Otherwise, it would NOT be a minimum-energy state, would it?]

Honor and Off(er?) or (An) Off(er) You Can’t Refuse

The matter in the Neutral ZoneC-R still possesses some rest-mass energy, but none of this “residue” can be extracted if curvature “exceeds the escape-velocity of the speed-of-light”.  (Matter cannot be turned-off, interactionally, any more than 100% off.)

{It cannot go off er than OFF}

Matter residing in the Neutral ZoneC-R is NOT FREE to proceed further inward, to just wander or drop back into an Active ZoneC-R, [where the escape velocity is again, less than the speed of light] and all real-time interactions are permitted.  NOTE: This absolute condition is what prevents a C-R theory “brand-name” Black-HoleC-R from collapsing into a singularity.  Nature insists upon this safety-catch mechanism.  The two zones are permanently separate, and can never intermingle or mix (while the Neutral ZoneC-R remains intact).

Has Nature “April-Fooled” Earth’s Scientists (since 1929)?

Let me also use this opportunity to expound a bit on why I think that nature has “April-Fooled” earth’s scientists.  I will not claim it is deliberate, but it is definite.

After a few years ago, when scientists found distant type 1a supernovae dimmer and more red shifted than they would have expected, the scientists inferred that our universe is accelerating it’s expansion in all directions.  What earth’s scientists did not consider is: maybe distant space IS NOT the same as local space, nearer to earth.

The C-R theory claims that conditions inside our universe suggest a totally closed universe, which is very unlikely to be expanding at all.  Where the confusion runs rampant, our universe is more curved (bent, distorted, warped, slowed-down) as one nears the outer edges, or the portion of space that is more red shifted, in every direction from earth.

Is it not more unlikely that our entire universe is expanding at an accelerated rate [without ANY observable energy source], than that our “local” scientists are totally mistaken that “somewhere else’ in this universe possesses identical time-rate conditions as we do, here on earth?

The dead giveaway that the red shift in our universe is gravitationally caused, and not caused by expansion is the region called “The Great Attractor”.

“The Great Attractor” is the main blue -shifted portion of this universe.  There is no indication that this region possesses sufficient mass to attract earth and vicinity at the rate attributed to it.  There is also no “backrush” or an indication that regions behind the Great Attractor are also being attracted-in to that location.

I would claim here that it is much less unreasonable that this region is simply running faster (in reality, is a less-slowed-down volume) than anywhere else.

NOTE: If the Great Attractor was simply a local phenomenon, there should be many Great Attractors, scattered uniformly across this universe.  Instead, we have one, and only one.

I would claim, from my old geometry days, that any generic sphere has one, and only one center.  If that center represents a 0, and every “outer-edge” of that sphere is at a radius of 1 (in whatever units we choose to measure that sphere in, and then convert it to a unity measurement, defining it as one unit).

If the time-flow-rate slows down as curvature increases, and it must do so in a “closed universe”, it should follow that everywhere, not AT the center, the time-rate runs slower than at the center.  This IS exactly what we do see, in the case of the Great Attractor, even if science has not yet attributed the red shifts in this universe to be caused by that mechanism.

NOTE: This enormously simplifies the energy-accounting schemes, if our universe DOES NOT require a continuous source of excess dark-energy freely giving-itself-away.  This also stabilizes our universe, structure-wise, for all time.  Since matter at the outer edges is MORE CURVED, therefore, less energetic, matter from there cannot simply “collapse inward”, and gain real-time clocking energy.

That one simple point, completely-missed in the modern ideas about our universe, neatly accounts for both the observed increasing red -shift in all directions, and the local, regional blue -shift seen at the Great Attractor.  That is how gravity works, by changing (modulating) the carrying capacity of matter.  The effect is indirect, and DOES NOT expend any continuous energy to maintain this level.

To illustrate this point, imagine an orange squeezed by a vice or a clamp.  Notice that as the vice or clamp compresses the orange, forcing the juice out, the remaining portion of the orange features a diminished capacity to store and hold juice afterwards.  Even once the clamp or vice is done changing the orange, the vice holds it’s geometric shape, and does not relax it’s clamping.  This “change to capacity” is therefore not in need of a continuous supply of energy, but the vice merely causes the orange to liberate some of it’s stored-up juice, then ceases to cause additional changes.

What is also noticeable about this example is that once the orange releases 100% of it’s stored-up juice, no more can ever be freed-up.  Only 100% of the initial juice-capacity (or less, if it started out not-quite-full) can be squeezed-out.  That is also the case with gravity (really curvature) squeezing (curving) matter.

Gravity is a (geo)metric-like effect, or shape (capacity) changing process.  Notice, that the clamp or the vice does not provide any of the juice (energy) itself.  All of the juice (energy) can only be freed-up from the orange.  The C-R theory maintains that, in the case of gravity, that analogy is also accurate.

Unique to the C-R theory, that I know-of, once ALL of the energy is freed from matter, no additional curvature increase (i.e., greater than the speed-of-light escape velocity) can free up additional energy.

A second unique thing to notice is that, while matter is in this compressed state, it cannot absorb ANY energy.  Curvature also accomplishes a task just like the clamp or the vice did for the orange.

All electromagnetic interactions, heat, light, electrical-charge knowledge, are forbidden once curvature places the escape-velocity above the speed-of-light.

NOTICE: Since the electrical particles are symmetrical, charge-wise, the negative charges (the electrons) do the “accounting” energy-wise, since they ARE freed-up outside the Black-HoleC-R.

Even though the positive charges are “held-in-abeyance, shut-off, turned-off, inactivated, prevented from interacting” while they are held in this highly distorted type-of geometry (or spacetime-metric condition), they do not disappear, or go away.

This unique “trick” that curvature plays on trapped matter (and energetic photons, too) is only “temporary”, and cannot last forever.  [There is no timer “clocking” on the duration, but the storage condition is unstable {by design}, and will ultimately release some of the contents, and possibly, all of the Neutral Zone’sC-R contents.]

Our universe uses this “gift from gravity” to restore entropy, to fully recover everything ever eaten by the Black-HoleC-R, and free-up the contents from the Black-HoleC-R.  Because the C-R theory type Black-HoleC-R cannot ever emit any “speed-of-light-based radiation” while the Neutral ZoneC-R exists, this forces the Black-Hole’sC-R recovery process to be thermodynamically 100% efficient.

I consider the “temporary” loss of freedom by the matter and energy stuck inside the Black-HoleC-R to be a very small price to pay for the maintaining of our universe’s overall state of dynamic energy levels, forever.

That I know-of, only the C-R theory has both a practical (new and unknown) method for the Black-HoleC-R to operate, and a perfect energy recovery process to explain the overall usefulness of Black-HolesC-R in this universe.

If one tries to count the estimated quantity of known Black-HolesC-R, and multiplies that times the vast contents of our entire universe, it should be obvious that our universe is extraordinarily fond of Black-HolesC-R.  This implies their usefulness, and their purpose in the scheme of things.

I have been publicly stating, for many years, that the signature event, or process, to determine if ALL feeding black holes are really C-R theory brand-name Black-HolesC-R is that every feeding Black-HoleC-R WILL spit-out, or reject (without consuming) virtually all of the electrons.  Nature has so designed the Black-HoleC-R that almost NO electrons can enter-in past the Schwarzschild radius.  [It is possible that when eating heavier atoms, such as lead and uranium, the Black-HoleC-R does not completely strip-off ALL of the innermost electrons.]

ONLY the C-R theory maintains that, part of the nature of mass, and the enormous difference in mass between the protons and the electrons for identical but opposite electrical charges was [and still is] intentional.  Mainstream science has no clue, no inkling of the significance of that property, and how critical it is to the proper operation of this universe.

If this massive cloud of freed-up electrons is not found [or found NOT to be the case] outside every feeding Black-HoleC-R, then the C-R theory IS wrong!!!

A “DARK” Fairy-Tale [Which the C-R theory is Happily Ending, Everafter] :

Only the C-R theory maintains that dark energy and dark matter are totally fictional, and are only figments of the imagination.  All of the properties attributed to dark matter, such as holding together the arms of spiral galaxies, are instead caused by the massive quantities of free-electrical charges [electrical imbalances] and the magnetic fields they generate.  Galaxy arms are held together, not by gravity from dark matter, but by magnetic fields {which polarize almost ALL of the electromagnetic radiation we see in every band, in every octave, at every wavelength}.

Consider the CHARGES

If scientists would simply LOOK at the known stray-electrical charge phenomenon apparent merely within our own, local solar system, and infer that level of activity galaxy-wide, the “missing” dark-matter problem would go away.  If one further added-in the contributions to the overall electrical activity which has been discovered by the numerous satellite-probes which have been sending back data for years, one would be hard-put to deny that something electrical in nature was going-on in “electrically-neutral” outer space.

While I do not believe that this universe has been actively and mischeviously attempting to deceive earth’s scientists, I would say that they have already been April-Fooled for “365 and 1/4 days each year, with extra days thrown-in for leap years, too”.  Someday, they will KNOW that they were fooled quite effectively; but today, the C-R theory is making that claim.

Suggesting where the errors LIE, to the LAY persons:

Should the home reader wait until everyone acknowledges that they were royally deceived [which could be decades into the future], or read the C-R theory today, and investigates it to their own satisfaction? I am trying to show where the potential errors in “group-thought” {where everyone in a group agrees with everyone else, almost without dissent} lie.

I would like to thank those regular visitors who check-in often, and who are seriously looking for good (better) answers.  I can guarantee that the C-R theory’s answers are different than the standard thoughts from “the establishment”.  While I am a bit disappointed that the C-R theory has not yet caught-on as I had hoped, I do see occasional glimmers of insight.  It is certain that science has been surprised by what they have found, and things in this universe are not as cut-and-dried simplistic as their theories would wish.

I am not going to yell at you, and try to force my ideas down your throat.  Instead, I will try to gently point-out where the simple errors may lie, and suggest a potentially simpler mechanism.

I have heard it said that we may just need to wait until the current generation of scientists dies-off, and is replaced with a newer generation who have not yet learned: It cannot be done THAT way.  By giving this theory away for free, you cannot accuse me of trying to get rich by selling you these ideas at the highest price possible.  The C-R theory either IS right, or it is wrong, — (or partially BOTH).

I do try to assess how the home readers are either misreading (or simply NOT reading) what I have written.  I continually attempt to restate it, to re-package it, to show-off it’s advantages, and show how it simplifies understanding.

A Simple, but Perplexing Question:

WHY does Gravity Escape [Emanate] From a Black-HoleC-R,

when Heat, Light, and Electromagnetic Waves do NOT?

or: If Gravitons can only Travel at the Speed-of-Light, Can They Ever Escape From a (generic) black hole?

If one truly questions: How does gravity emanate from a Black-HoleC-R?

If gravity uses “speed-of-light-based” gravitons, or speed-of-light-limited gravitational radiation, then why should gravity escape with ease, when light cannot escape at all?

A Double Standard Answer

[this new pun above was added-in Mar.  2015]

If you are not TROUBLED by the “standard answer”, and do not sense the possible paradox, or double standard for gravity and light [and any other electromagnetic radiation], then the C-R theory IS NOT for you.

If on the other hand, you are perturbed that something seems amiss in our understanding of gravity, I have tried to construct the C-R theory to answer your question in a totally new (to almost everyone) answer, using exciting NEW insights, and a different approach to understandability.  I believe that nature has already answered the problem, and I am trying to share that new realization with everyone who will read it.

I want to show you where to look, what to look for, practical tests you can try at home, and clear differences from standard expectations.  The price is FREE, so you cannot do much better than that for now.

Even if you reject these ideas for now, I want to at least show you a totally new way to think-about, and to approach the Black-HoleC-R phenomenon.

One way, or another, these ideas will be (and already have been) laughed-at.  I do know that a few people have started-to grasp these ideas, and most just fail to see (or accept) the potential.  By offering it to everyone, I am trying to present these ideas to the widest possible audience (short of paying people to read-about it, and to learn the concepts well enough to answer some quizzes).

My goal is to prepare some newer, more active graphics later this year, and try to do more colorful diagrams to convey some of these new concepts.

I do ask home-readers to contact me if they do not understand what I wrote, or where they have questions.  If I can answer them, I will do so.

Now that these new ideas are slightly established on the web, (but not yet widely referred-to or known-about), I will try to concentrate on showing where the C-R theory, in action, can be a useful tool to help you see what is going-on, and to anticipate new discoveries.

I hope to be able to do more quantitative results, and show existing web-sites where phenomena featuring these ideas manifest themselves in the data that are presented.  Nature HAS been kind-enough to give us the answers, in plain sight, if you KNOW where to look, and know what to look-for.

One of the most promising areas is looking at the large number of active, multiple-positive ionizations, present in very old supernova remnants.  I would be curious to know if there are any old supernova remnants where these multiple-positive ionizations CLEARLY do not show-up? I know of ones where they do, but I am not aware of any that do not.

The C-R theory contends that the release of matter from the Neutral ZoneC-R, the “liberation” of confined protons and neutrons, IS what POWERS the supernova explosions in the first place.  This explains WHY these expanding explosions continue-on for thousands of years, without fading-out or “cooling-off”, even after thousands of years of continuous expansion.

Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to consider these ideas.  I hope that I can present this information in such an entertaining way, that more of you can adopt these new ideas, and incorporate them into your personal thinking.  By realizing HOW nature has accomplished this PARADOX of gravity, allowing it’s influence to emanate undiminished across the Schwarzschild radius, while barring ALL electromagnetic knowledge and activity, then, one can start to APPRECIATE the solution.

Until one realizes that this new perception IS HOW gravity operates, you WILL fail to anticipate the real benefits achieved using this particular method: Curvature adjusts the energy-carrying capacity of matter, which allows matter to gain or lose energy in DIRECT PROPORTION to the strength of that curvature.  This trick for control is effective, UNIVERSE-wide.  Matter is affected by this “shape-modulated-control of capacity-changing”, and this action is what then produces gravity (indirectly).

That is how the influence of “gravity” CAN escape from the Black-HoleC-R, without radiating-out ANYTHING at “above the speed-of-light”.  Even though “gravity” acts like a force, by our perception, technically, it is indirectly caused.  By confining this action to a (geo)metric-like gravitational curvature, and not “directly” causing gravity, say with emitted gravitons, the “speed-of-light” bound limitation is avoided, and the singularity is prevented.

Last edited March, 2015