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Phenomenal Finds

By the time this blog is posted, we may have had our 35,000th recorded visitor to this web site.  Thank you to all who visit, and especially to those who regularly return, to understand this theory better.  

FOUND: The Reynold’s Layer, in our Milky-Way galaxy, and some nearby galaxies, too.

I was reading an interesting article about what is currently known-about our Milky-Way galaxy, in the September, 2011 issue of Astronomy magazine.  In this article, by 3 authors, I found a mention, starting on page 30, that an astronomer, Ronald Reynolds, already knew about a 6,000 lightyear thick layer of ionized hydrogen gas that exists in our galaxy’s arms.  Ronald Reynolds detected this layer back in 1993, and since then, other nearby galaxies have also been measured as having very similar, ionized-gas-rich areas.

The optical, ultraviolet emissions from the gas, in the Reynolds layer, places it around the 8,000 K temperature range, [other articles state from 4,000 to 10,000 K], which is quite a bit warmer than the cold-dark vacuum that had been expected in a galaxy’s arms, in our earlier cosmology.  Further above this layer, much hotter ionized gasses, although more tenuous in their density and pressure, but in the million degree plus temperature range, are measured out from the galactic plane.

What is even better, [for the C-R theory], when searching-out more information about that phenomenon, I ran into yet another article with an even nicer “gift” for the C-R theory.  It seems that, when measuring the arrival time of pulses from distant pulsars, the high energy photons arrived here, on earth, before the lower energy photons from the same source.  According to that article, the cause of that “pulse dispersion” was mentioned to be, that to cause that effect, those pulses must have travelled through AN ELECTRON RICH media .  (The emphasis added was mine, but the quote came from)

see [ www.wtnnews.com/articles/577/ Check the end of the 7th paragraph]

That I know-of, no standard theory celebrates things like that, [every other theory might regaud excess electrons as a nuisance, or a difficulty], and only one theory that I am aware of, [ the C-R theory], wants, needs and “celebrates” ALL claims of excess “free” electrons filling the space between the galaxies.  I included the link to that article above, and have interested home-readers note the last part of the paragraph beginning..  “The photons or light particles that Reynolds was looking for…” A GOOD WEEK of GENEROUS GIFT GIVING [all for the C-R theory’s enjoyment] Considering the article about the ionized gasses in the Reynold’s layer, and the article about pulsar pulse-dispersion indicating that those pulses had travelled through “an electron-rich media”, that was a pretty-good week of finding nature’s “gifts” to support the C-R theory ideas.  Note that both of these phenomena are not wanted by any standard theories, but both of these phenomena can-be embraced, cherished, and treasured by the C-R theory, as supporting evidence.

Both phenomena were known-about long ago, in limited circles, but are “new and fresh” to the C-R theory’s author.  I consider two such “serendipitous” findings of old evidence for excess electrons, in the same week, worthy of mentioning as the lead section in this blog.

If they are thrown-in with aurorae and thunderstorms (with lightning) on every planet, and the new item, below, about Saturn and Enceladus, these are the types of electrically-related items which I cannot personally manufacture or conjure-up, but which keep “crawling-out-of-the-woodwork” {an expression of items found by accident, that were not looked-for deliberately}.  I suspect that these will not be the last related-items found, but represent “the tip of the iceberg” {the small but visible part of much-larger trove of hidden items, “submerged below the visible horizon”}, when scientists consider the known evidence, as they determine: how this universe works.

[Electrical?] Current Events

or, Cooking your Moons with Electricity?

Pun {if sung}: Ohm, Ohm on the (electric) range

In going over some of my older magazines for this year, I came across a very interesting short article in the August 2011 issue of Astronomy magazine, on page # 17, that scientists have found yet another case of an electrical current between a large planet and it’s {ice}-volcano-spewing moon.  NASA’s Cassini spacecraft detected an electrical current between Saturn and Enceladus, by measuring an extra ultraviolet (light) peak in Saturn’s aurora, found near Saturn’s north pole, spreading-around, and covering an area as large as 1200 km.  x 400 km.  (or 750 miles x 250 miles).  The spot [added over the top of the normal aurora’s circle-ring of current] with the extra glow always faces towards Enceladus, as it orbits around Saturn.  The short article (in Astronomy) mentioned this information came from Nature magazine’s article in their April 21 issue by lead author Wayne Pryor of Central Arizona College in Coolidge.

The scientists had known about the huge [flux-tube] current, varying cyclicly, flowing between Jupiter and Io, which can measure as high as 5,000,000 amps, as Io orbits nearer to Jupiter.  (and up to 400,000 volts have been measured across the face of Io) They looked for something similar, elsewhere, but did not notice anything until they detected this additional ultraviolet light-highlight phenomenon in Saturn’s auroral ring in it’s north pole.  I consider this very good news for the C-R theory, adding yet another very large, “known-about” electrical current, discovered within our solar system.  (I did not see any mention estimating how large this current was, amperage-wise.)

I have read elsewhere that in our earth’s aurora, it can have folded Birkeland currents, measured at up to 1,000,000 amps, but that article never specified if that was for each aurora (north pole and south pole) or both, simultaneously.  The important thing is that those millions of amps detected, in all of these diverse places, start to add up, and should make it increasingly difficult to deny that something electrical is going on, quite close-to-home, in our solar system.

That I know-of, all planets (except for Pluto, which has been demoted recently) in our solar system have been detected with an active aurora, at times.  Even a few of the larger moons have been found to display an occasional aurora, too.  (As a guess, I will predict that Pluto will be found to have an aurora, too, once our planetary probe reaches it, later in this decade.  I think it was far-away enough that we did not have sufficient resolution, from earth, to see it if it occurred.)

The current issue of Astronomy magazine for September, 2011, has a very interesting article on what is known about our Milky Way galaxy, starting on page 26.  On page 30, the article mentions the “Reynold’s Layer”, a thick layer of ionized gas, discovered in 1993 by Ronald Reynolds, measuring about 8,000 K.  Further outside this layer is a thin, hot layer of gas measuring over one million degrees Celsius, with energy probably coming from a wind emerging out-of our galaxy’s hot center.

There is also a mention of our galaxy’s halo containing some electrically-neutral gas that might be involved in high velocity gas clouds, known-about, but not yet properly explained.  All these mentions are the type of phenomena that the C-R theory is looking-for, and trying to connect-the-dots-with.

Articles I found elsewhere also seem to indicate a dynamic (gas) wind away from the galaxy’s center, as well as vertical “chimneys” (or holes, cleared-out, hollow-bubbles, in the galaxy’s arm’s hydrogen gas), pockets spewing fountains of gas up (from the galactic plane), away from the center, and into the thinner upper layers.  {There might also be a rain of cooler, condensed gasses, returning back, down into the galaxy, in yet another return-flow-pattern.}

Maybe after I can try to point-out a few hundred items similar-to this type-of information, other’s will realize that there is something electrical going-on in our galaxy, and known-about, that mainstream science is not looking-for, or expecting to be there.

HINT, when “science” tries looking for something: Find What Already Is There, and do NOT go Looking-for Dark Matter [that Isn’t There]

Then, instead-of “not finding dark energy and dark matter”, astronomers can start acknowledging the already known-about electrical currents and magnetic fields.  The galaxy-wide electromagnetic interactions, coupled-through these items might-well explain why our galaxy’s arms seem to hold-together just fine, and be driven-around, magnetically, (similar to a fan motor), without sufficient force-contributions from normal gravity, alone.  Just estimate-in the contributions possible from the KNOWN amounts of ionized gasses, magnetic fields, or extrapolate in what amounts the fields would need to be, in order to hold our galaxy’s arms together, rotate them around the center, without shearing the arms, or tearing them apart, and also keep the stars inside the arms confined, grouped and constrained magnetically.

Please remember that electricity is some 1040 times stronger than gravity, on a local scale, so we don’t need nearly as many electrical charges to substitute their drive, to influence or to replace the missing gravity.

Just a coincidence, or something more?

Earlier, on August 23, we experienced a “small” earthquake here in Washington DC.  For safety reasons, we were told to evacuate from our building, even though no damage was done to our building.  The streets were jammed with people evacuated from other nearby buildings, and most of the people were sent home early.  While that, in itself is not “remarkable”, what makes that more interesting is that I had a very vivid and memorable dream, just the day before, in the morning, before I got out of bed, prominently featuring the physical shaking of an earthquake.  It is extremely rare for me to have any-type of vivid and extraordinary dream, much less one of any kind occurring right before I awake.  I distinctly “remember” feeling the low-frequency shaking, and recognizing it as being from an earthquake, as a part of that dream.  I thought no more about it, after I woke up, other than, I normally almost-never remember specific items or details from my dreams, and by the time I arise, the details from any-of my dreams are long-faded away and forgotten-about, or hazy at best.

In mentioning that dream to my webmaster, he did say that, if I dreamed vividly about “any specific lottery-winning numbers”, to please let him know, right away.  [only half-jokingly, though] If there is a next-time for a vivid-dream, I may be more alert to possible implications.  I cannot dismiss it as sheer coincidence, but it is certainly not a regular occurrence, that was “lucky enough” to be “statistically” prescient.  After all, a stopped clock is still perfectly correct twice every day.

That item above was not about the theory of the universe, but was fresh from the morning [as I was writing this paragraph].  I do not know if I somehow “got tapped-in to a celestial data stream”, but the nearness of both, within 30 hours of each other, seems unlikely to be just a random coincidence.  Now on to more relevant topics.  (This next part was originally the lead section of this blog, but I relegated it to second place, and now third place, in lieu of the new items I found which can probably explain how our galaxy works, without invoking any “help” from dark matter and dark energy.)

Living Inside a Comedy-Recycling theory “brand name” Closed UniverseC-R

(and NOT a generic Closed Universe, as expected, conceived, and defined by our competition)

The basic properties of a Closed UniverseC-R:

A Closed UniverseC-R contains EXACTLY enough matter, at the right total density, to close-off spacetime at the outer edges (the outer Schwarzschild radius).

NOTE: If the inner volume possessed any additional mass, it would have closed-off this inner universe a little-bit sooner.  As it did not close off any earlier, it waited until it’s mass was totally sufficient, then closed-off.  Once it is closed-off, it becomes a complete package, and a self-sufficient system.

NOTE: It is not a coincidence that a Closed UniverseC-R contains exactly enough matter at exactly the right density to close it off.  IT IS a requirement !!! Once this universe closes off, it remains sealed forever (unless it is tampered-with, from the inside, by beings who do not-yet know any better).

NOTE: Once this universe is “sealed”, or complete, this creates a condition immediately outside, [where the escape velocity is equal to or greater than the speed of light], which prevents entry from the outside.  This same total-bending also prevents any emissions from exiting from within, but continually re-directs and deflects potential emissions back inward.  HINT: Think of the ultimate goo, or sticky-trap.  {See the Neutral ZoneC-R, for further information on this region, and the third from next paragraph}

Just like here on earth, as gravitational curvature increases, (bending or warping spacetime, and ever-so-slightly increasing the pathlength light must travel), the real-time clocking rate slows down appropriately.  [That IS WHY time slows-down, when the strength of gravity increases.  Light must travel that EXTRA amount that was added-into the total path so the trip lasts longer.]

There is a MINIMUM slowdown, [or the MAXIMUM time-running-rate], which only occurs at the very center.  Then, with time decreasing progressively, until the outer edges are reached, that is where full curvature is attained.  At full curvature, the escape velocity equals the speed of light.  (Everywhere, at the outer edges, in all directions, the real time rate is ZERO, as “measured” by light)

Nature’s “Storage Closet?”, or: Light Gone Loopy

or: Light (says) : Now, I’m Ticked- OFF

Any additional mass eaten, will be stored just outside this inner region, where the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light.  Since photons of light cannot “travel” in this condition, (as they cannot travel at a speed above “c”), they are { unhappily } forced to “resonate in place” until the region’s escape velocity is decreased.  This effectively time-traps both light and matter, isolating and insulating them both, from ANY speed-of-light communication, interaction, knowledge, radiation, absorbtion, or emission, whatsoever.

HINT: Imagine a metronome in a parked position, where it cannot tick.

NOTE: The Second LAW of Thermodynamics CANNOT apply to this VOLUME of spacetime, as NO energy can escape or leak-away.  {BANK on it!!}


Matter and energy, so trapped, act as if they were electrically neutral, (even if they are electrically charged), and behave like they are oblivious to any other outside influences.

NOTE: This does make for an ideal storage-closet type of packing method.  Set it up, pack it in, and forget about it, for the time-being.  This is why the C-R theory has called this region: The Neutral ZoneC-R.  This brand-new feature is an exclusive innovation, unique to the C-R theory brand-name Black-HolesC-R.  Note that this condition can only be created after curvature causes the escape velocity to exceed the speed of light.

Hence, nature must “pay-for” the entrance-ticket, “energy-mass-price”, by gathering a dense-enough mass to create a Black-HoleC-R.  There can be no singularity at the inside center, but the reward is to achieve an extremely useful new tool.  This NEW concept ONLY makes sense from a curvature-based gravity, and does not work, at all, if you are using a Newtonian (graviton-emission based force) type-of gravity.

NOTE: Speed-of-light limited gravitons CANNOT pass through, or be emitted from a Neutral ZoneC-R.  Neither can any “knowledge-of”: the inside electrical charge, the spin of the mass, or any electromagnetic energy pass through, as no “particles”, necessary for communication, can traverse-across this barrier, either.

Second note: Curvature does pre-exist, and is maintained through the Neutral ZoneC-R , but emits no speed-of-light based energy to do so.  Curvature is a metric-like property of spacetime itself, something more-akin to the slope of a mountain, which is caused by the varying-arrangement of the mass of the mountain, but does not change {rapidly or detectably} over real-time.  A mountain needs to emit no energy to maintain it’s slope, until the arrangement of the mass of the mountain changes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For the record, I have NO IDEA WHY curvature does so, or what it’s “absolute” causative mechanism is, on a quantum-level.  I am understanding that this IS how it works, though, and that seems to produce a consistent result, and a real, useful difference in performance (of gravity).

ONLY by changing “How you think about a problem”, can YOU change “How YOU understand that problem, in a NEW way”.

ONCE YOU can understand this difference, it easily becomes possible to sense the profound usefulness of a brand-name Black-HoleC-R, vs.  a “generic-imposter” black hole.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: or,: Recycling a good answer, again.

NOTE: I did not receive this new insight by studying the available “Newtonian” gravitational equations.  Instead, I kind-of assumed that nature would prevent any possibility of a singularity*, and then, the “curvature-based gravity” concept showed ME how it was done.  NOW, I KNOW how gravity exists outside of a Black-HoleC-R, because gravity actually is ONLY caused LOCALLY, and is NOT POWERED from a distant source, [coupling-through or across the Schwarzschild radius, as in, coming from inside a conventional black hole].

*I recycled my understanding of “The Ultraviolet Catastrophe”, where nature originally avoided a singularity expected by scientists in the early 1900’s.  Then, I figured nature also had a good way to prevent a singularity INSIDE a (generic) black hole, if I could recycle that lesson.  The “reward”, for pursuing that path was ultimately, the Comedy-Recycling Theory.  {Plus, the Black-HoleC-R also recycles matter and energy, so recycling played at least a double role in my understanding.}

SEE OUR brand-name, or, C-R brand name:

–{or: TAILS of WOE or: tales of Whoa}

AUTHOR’S ADMISSION: I do not ENJOY typing and invoking the superscript fonts for theC-R tailed superscripts at the end of Black-Holes and Neutral Zones, but elected to do so, to show YOU, the home-readers, the uniqueness of the concept, and to differentiate the “brand-named” objects from their “inferior” counterparts.  That may make it more difficult to have the new C-R concept catch-on elsewhere, especially IN PRINT, as other writers are much less likely to carefully and deliberately type-in the appropriate “brand-name” {trademark-like} extra superscript tails.

I probably could have re-named those “tailed” items to something more original, but the “generic-named” concepts were already known and loved-enough to make the “C-R” re-branding concept the lesser of two evils.

Note: This “electrically-neutralized” packing method is an extra bonus, thrown in for free, from the Comedy-Recycling theory method of understanding this universe.  What is very interesting is how these very properties come together, and are used by nature, to do something both surprising, and very effective, and totally unforeseen by mainstream science.

de Sky’s the Limit, or “Disguise the Limit”; we cannot tell the difference.

SAD NOTE: The “ electrical-nature” of the Black-HoleC-R has been so well disguised by nature, that mainstream science has totally-missed noticing this concept, and still maintains that our universe, and almost all operations inside it, are electrically neutral.  Despite numerous clues to the contrary*, the charge-disguise has actually been “too-effective”.

*[See the items I moved into the beginning of this blog, now at the top, and some earlier blogs, too]

Another property of a closed universe is that matter anywhere inside IS NOT automatically the energy-equivalent to matter elsewhere inside this type of universe, unless both masses are situated at identical radii away from the center.  Otherwise, the matter is worth less energy, (or is more slowed-down), if it is further-out to the outer edges.  It is worth more energy, (less curved, or path-elongated), if it resides closer-in to the center, where it can: “clock-faster” or appear blueshifted, to other matter.

NOTE: Such a “positional-energy-worth” vector-modulation effectively contains outlying matter, and keeps the outermost matter from collapsing inward, because it MUST acquire more energy to be allowed to move inward.  Unless outlying matter can acquire that amount of energy needed, (which is expensive, time-wise), it may not proceed inward.

[I apologize for understanding the process this way, but that IS how I now think it works.]

However, due to electrical charge imbalances, there is some flow-mixing of the matter, but this current-streaming mixing is limited in it’s scope.  The limited circulation provides some “refreshing” of matter and energy, and does cause some noticeable overall flow currents.

Some of these flow currents magnetically pinch, and shove the magnetic-matter around in galaxy arms, causing the characteristicly twisted spiral shape, and holding the galaxy’s arms together.  Science has mistaken this “hidden” effect for the influence of the “phantom” dark matter, for which there is no real evidence.

Science is looking for a non-existent, [or phantom], force, to replace a perfectly known-about, electromagnetic-field-force, which is more than adequate to cause ALL of the galaxy-holding-together actions, needed to explain what is actually seen.  The real causative mechanism is much more mundane than “dark matter”, and far less exotic than is dreamed-of by most cosmologists.

What a lucky break for the C-R theory that in addition to all of the other items it straightens-out, the theory also provides a very simple causative mechanism for sufficient electrical currents to be generated across all-of-the galaxies, universe-wide.  The result is a far simpler-to-understand, and to model, for: how this universe works.  There is an easy agreement with more of the known observations, without needing major, (and improbable) anomalies, to explain them away.

Because our universe has always existed, and always will continue to do so, it easily explains the lack of a “mass-modulation effect”, on the background 2.7 K radiation.  This means that the gravity effect from those clumped masses seen, does not subtract from the background temperature in those regions, and superimpose an image-density-imprint on it.  This also explains why every direction inside our universe appears to be so similar, temperature wise, because ALL-of it, in all directions, actually is at thermal equilibrium with everywhere else, and it always has been.

Additionally, the 2.7 K background radiation is not connected in any way to a big bang’s aftermath, but is more-like the roar of a waterfall, but coming uniformly from all directions.  It is more-like the averaged-out, reflected, [or redirected-around], sum-of the “noise” of day to day operations in this universe.  As such, the 2.7 K will never redshift (or cool-down) over time, but will remain the same.

If one could freely wander-about inside this universe, your “local” background temperature, you would measure, would warm-up, as you moved out, towards the outer edges, or cool off, if you could gain enough energy to be allowed in, towards the Great Attractor, as the traveller varied his/her position as they wandered.

This will become readily apparent within the next few billion years, as humanity develops the technology to travel-about and report back their findings, but it might not be as apparent, to us, now, in a realtime, earthbound, single observation-location.

NOTE: A billion lightyear change in your observation-location-position should easily confirm this, but that is not likely to be accomplished within the foreseeable future.


Since our universe is not expanding at an expanding rate, no driving (dark) energy source is needed, and conservation of energy will once-again be respected as a valued principle, instead of being continually violated, and thrown-under the bus, so to speak.

Since the Big Bang is no longer needed, neither is the ridiculous hyperinflation also needed to explain the overall smoothness of the contents of this universe.

It should be considered “ironic” that as far back as scientists think they have discovered objects from the early stages of this universe, at least some of the “baby pictures” all seem to reveal full-grown adults, far more mature than the short time alotted-by the Big Bang theory can accommodate.

{A Scientific Hint:} IF YOU WANT TO GET A “CORRECT” IDEA, DO NOT FIRST CORRECT {or re-write} YOUR OBSERVED DATA (by actually corrupting it), TO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT!!!

or: (re)- WRITING a WRONG: While the increasing redshift of objects seen does indicate an increasing distance-away, almost ALL of the distant objects seen are actually “observed” at their true “real-time-rate”.  When scientists “fix” their data to correct the time-frame for the “ assumed” Doppler-shift, they are actually corrupting, [spoiling], their true data, [which is gravitationally redshifted], and introducing-in, {writing} the very-wrong items that make them think this universe is expanding at an expanding rate.

Any decent professor should tell their youngest students NEVER to correct their observed data BEFORE they draw their conclusions from it.  {Shame, Shame, Shame} To fool the whole world by doing just that has bolluxed-up the entire world’s thinking, and ruined their understanding about the true nature of this universe since 1929-1930.

Maybe the simplest way to understand this universe is TO CHANGE the theory they use to understand it with.  Fortunately, you have come to the only site on the entire web, where such an easy fix is possible.  {I do wish there were far more of them.}

The universe described by the C-R theory is far easier to understand, from a human-based viewpoint, than any of the competition can match.  First of all, almost all observations are straightforward, simple, and need no time-correction or interpretation to evaluate.

Our universe is a fixed size, not expanding, and definitely, not expanding at an expanding rate.  It is perfectly stable, yet dynamically interactive-enough to allow some mixing of the internal contents to keep things fresh and interesting.

Inside a closed universe, there is a 100% probability of finding EXACTLY enough matter, at exactly the right density, to close-off that universe, otherwise,it would not be closed-off.  NOTE: If our closed universe was physically larger, it would have had more matter at a lesser density.  If our closed universe had been smaller, it would have had less matter at a higher density.

Since we see an increasing amount of redshift in all directions, something must be causing that.  In our universe’s case, it is the gravitational curvature, (or increasing bending of the time-frame of spacetime), which “stretches-out” spacetime.  This requires light “there” to travel a longer, (or stretched-out), distance, to cover the same real distance, which, in effect, slows down time.  [HINT: Think of blowing-up a balloon, and taking longer to travel the same distance on the balloon’s surface area as it’s surface expands.  It is the SAME balloon, but the trip across it’s surface takes longer when it is inflated.) As light travels in more-curved space, it appears to slow-down.

We get exactly the same effect here, on earth, when an atomic clock is lowered into a more intense gravitational field, but on a far-wimpier, minuscule scale.  Whereas we lose time by about 1 part in 10-16 th, here on earth, for every meter’s difference in elevation (down), when we go nearer the outermost edges of this universe, the time-loss effect is measured in a percentage of real time-slowdown nearer to 80-90% in distant galaxies and quasars.  HINT: By this mode of thinking, the 2.7 K background radiation is the reflected, averaged-out, slowed-down remnant of light (bent back around, sent to us again, rather than emitted-out from this universe, 13.7 billion years ago).

The 2.7 K is NOT in any-way related-to the cooled-down Big Bang leftovers, because the Big Bang never occurred.  Therefore, no remnant of the explosion is needed.  The 2.7K thus does not prove the Big Bang at all.

The easiest way to check to see that this is so is to also look, simultaneously, for one, and only one inner region, where matter appears to be blueshifted to us, because matter (and energy) there is running faster than here, on earth.

By some (non-amazing) “coincidence”, we do see just that, too.  In every study I am aware-of, enough mass has never been found at “The Great Attractor”, to suck our mass, from here on earth, to cause it to rush-in towards that region, from that great of a distance-away.  A far simpler answer is that both the redshifts, and the blue shift are BOTH caused by non-linear time-rates, and simple positional differences at various locations.

(Incidentally, matter on the other side of the Great Attractor is also not seen to be rushing inward at a similar rate as from earth, as might be expected, if “The Great Attractor” was actually ATTRACTING anything.) In reality, “The Great Attractor” would be the least attractive, most standoffish, or KEEP-AWAY location in our universe.

My argument is: If increasing nearness to the earth’s mass slows-down time, here on earth, is it not reasonable that, for a [gravitationally] totally closed universe, time rates should also vary, internally, BY LOCATION ? Is it not unreasonable for science to claim that mass here, on earth, does so, but the entire collective mass of our universe DOES NOT?

I would humbly maintain that it is far easier to FIX our understanding of this universe , than to accept ALL of the ridiculous anomalies associated with the Big Bang, collectively.  I cannot help but gloat smilingly when I think of how easy it is to do away with all of the unreasonableness of the Big Bang’s necessary corrections to make it work-out.

The principle of Occams’ razor states that, the theory with the simplest explanation, and the most reasonable, and fewest assumptions, is most likely to be correct.  I welcome any home-reader to stack up the simple points, and the unreasonable points, between the C-R theory, and the Big Bang, and judge for yourself where the most unreasonable points lie.  Let us place a possible guide below, and ask you to use your intuition about which alternatives sound most sensible, and implausible, by YOUR standards of reasoning.

{Place chart here, after I’ve created it}

Many thanks for visiting.  I hope you can understand my concerns, and start to understand the C-R theory, and see why it really makes the most sense out of the observations, without needing as many necessary corrections.  These ideas are too new, and too far from what conventional theory understands.  I do not expect anyone to warm-up to these ideas upon your first encounter.  Expect to need multiple re-visits, and extended re-thinking time, before you can accept these simple new changes.

I encourage any first time visitors to slowly re-consider what you now believe, and I welcome your skepticism.  Feel free to personally research any of the points I bring-up, and use the many illustrations and drawings from the Observations and Illustrations tab, on the home page, to fill-in your understanding.

Please use your innate, common sense, and ask yourself if the C-R theory point-of-view is not simpler to understand, if you can accept the arguments.  Please test these ideas whenever possible, against every new discovery, and/or, re-read modern articles, and note every mention of electrical current, magnetic fields, roving gas-clouds, polarized light, high-energy cosmic rays, and weigh their presence as compared to the non-discovery of any sources of either dark energy and dark matter.

If it is nonsense that a small, bowling ball-like object, would be constantly expanding, accelerating it’s acceleration outward, and increasing it’s mass daily, without the slightest trace of an energy source, should it not be “increasingly improbable” nonsense when those very same properties are applied to our much larger, everyday universe, and accepted with a straight faced sincerity?

If science is not consistent in it’s applications, is it worthwhile? HINT: If you accept the C-R theory, it still is.  Perhaps if science did not so obviously mis-judge the age, origin, and time-varying-nature of our universe, it could be restored to a more “fully-respected” mode by the general public.

PREVIEW: I hope to tackle some of the nonsense of the Multi-verse in the next blog, unless something more-interesting comes up before then.

Jerry Reynard, September 5th, 2011, with minor fixes and revisions completed on August 31, 2012