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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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NASA Gives the C-R theory an "unintentional" gift for the Holidays, and it is just what we’ve always wanted and needed

Welcome to all curious visitors.

I would like to celebrate the arrival of our 26,000thvisitor a few days ago.  I do wish that I could entice more of the visitors to remain longer, and seriously consider more of the C-R theory’s ideas.

On the same day that our 26,000thvisitor arrived, NASA announced that they had gone over the WMAP data and discovered two huge lobes, above and below our Milky Way galaxy’s central bulge, filled with excess, high energy electrons.  The lobes each extend about 25,000 lightyears above and below our galaxy’s central bulge.  Mainstream science has no real clue that such anomalies existed, and no good idea for a cause.

What is most interesting about this is that, to the best of my knowledge, only the C-R theory has been announcing to the world wide web that it expects EVERY feeding Black-HoleC-Rto be freeing-up and “spitting-out” excess electrons.  Whether these electrons might come from our galaxy’s central supermassive Black-HoleC-R, or the 10,000 “lesser” Black-HolesC-R, or both, or the electrons come from some other, yet-to-be-discovered process, there ARE 50,000 lightyears wide regions of them now known to exist.

That is 25/26 of a lightyear-wide volume of an excess of high-energy electrons (both above and below our galaxy) for EVERY visitor to the C-R theory.  Since nature had to begin preparing for this “near-coincidence” not only 25,000 years ahead-of-time, but also the many years it took light to arrive from that location.  [Just a small joke there, it may be an accidental co-incidence that both occurred for the C-R theory on the same day.]

Needless to say, so I am saying it needlessly, ONLY the C-R theory is exceedingly happy about the announcement of finding these excess electrons right in our own, cosmic back yard.  While I am sure people have been dismissing the C-R theory ideas (or laughing at them more-so than laughing with them) since they have been posted on-line, it is extraordinarily gratifying to have nature “provide” just the exact-type of outrageous anomaly that ONLY the C-R theory wanted, needed, and would rejoice-over.  Now, the “experts” can no longer “dis” the C-R theory ideas that Black-HolesC-Reat the protons and neutrons, and “discard” or shed the lightweight, ionizable electrons, because they “know” that is not the case.  [Not that I expect them to have trouble finding other new reasons to ‘dis’ the theory.]

I realize that conventional science is now scrambling to figure-out how dark matter and dark energy can cause this phenomenon.  Since the C-R theory claims that neither exist, they will be poor candidates, indeed.

What I am hoping is that at least a few of the incoming readers who easily dismissed the C-R theory’s claims before, because science “knows” (conventional) black holes do not selectively separate the charges by mass, then consume the heavier protons and neutrons, will remember the C-R theory when this phenomenon becomes more widely known.

I would like to thank NASA for “unintentionally giving the C-R theory a huge gift”.  In essence, nature has given the C-R theory 25/26ths of a lightyear’s distance of excess electron-filled-space shooting-out from our galaxy’s middle, for every “counted” incoming visitor we have had.  Once again, nature has been extraordinarily kind to the C-R theory.

While the observations do not “prove” that is how Black-Hole’sC-Roperate, having a 50,000 lightyear thick dual-lobed, high-energy, electron-filled region detected so close to the upcoming holidays may start to give the C-R theory a bit of legitimacy.  It will be harder to rule-out the C-R theory ideas at the start..

That I know-of, only the C-R theory wants to find evidence of excess electrons [as ions] emanating-from the presence of EVERY feeding Black-HoleC-R.  Conventional theory starts out pre-dismissing the idea that a (conventional) black hole could possibly consume excess positive charges and keep that knowledge completely insulated, separated, and isolated inside the Schwarzschild radius.

It seems that “nature” has indeed handed the C-R theory an outrageous anomaly of exactly the right type needed to demonstrate that the “charge-separation-by-mass” idea, for an object that is defined by the most extreme act of gravity possible, had never been imagined by ALL of the “experts”.  {Because their books all say that conventional black holes do not work that way.}

I will readily admit that I am not, technically “qualified” to understand the process of conventional black hole operation at all.  But, OOPS, I did use a totally different type of logic to arrive at an almost opposite, although still-logical conclusion.  Somehow, the excess electrons that ONLY the C-R theory expects to be found HAVE BEEN found.

I will concede that there may yet be a plausible alternative mechanism found that has nothing to do with the C-R theory.  But, for the present time, only the C-R theory has been claiming that excess electrons, in abundance, WILL BE found, on-line, since the late 1990’s.  (I came-up with the idea in 1979, but I did not start publicly-advocating it, or do a good job of publicizing it or promoting it back then.)

After the 26,000thvisitor celebration, this next item was to have been my lead.  There was a very interesting article in an earlier issue of Science News, (Oct.  23, 2010, page #10).  They reported on two scientists from Boulder Colorado at the NIST, who elevated one of two atomic clocks by 33 cm., or about 1/3 of a meter.  Science News reported the time gain was equivalent to gaining one 90 billionth of a second in 79 years.  (I found another link that also covers the same subject a bit differently, below.)

The articles reported on scientists from the NIST confirming that two atomic clocks would slightly run out of sync when one clock was elevated by approx.  33 cm (1/3 of a meter, or just a bit over one foot).  The result was very compatible with results expected by the C-R theory.

The C-R theory states that the time gain explains where the energy goes when the mass is lifted-up.


If you learn nothing else from the C-R theory, if you remember nothing else from the C-R theory, this is one of the most important simple experiments, with the most profound result.  What is important is that this small time-gain with elevation is one of the best keys to understanding the C-R theory’s claims that this “time-gain” {synonymous also with energy gain, or even more outrageously, is a “localized” speed-of-light gain} is how and why gravity actually works.

The Nigel Calder web-site describes the time gained from the 33 cm rise as 40 parts per billion billion (40 parts in 1018).  Two things to note about this are: 1 – Just how feeble is earth’s gravity level overall that this is “all” of the time-changing effect that a 33 cm rise in earth’s gravity can affect, and 2 – That if one considers both the increasing blue -shift observed in the direction of “The Great Attractor”, and the increasing red shift in all directions, then: What if these time-changed indications in ALL directions are also due to the same gravitational curvature effect, {but on a much larger scale}, and are not due to a Doppler shift from expansion?

GASP, the C-R theory says that “gravity affects our entire universe, and modifies the internal structure, based-upon LOCATION”.  In simple words, our universe IS NOT isotropic, or the same everywhere.  The basic properties of our universe are REFERENCED by curvature, with the least influence on the time-rate at the center, and the stronger influence, in ALL directions outward from the center, as curvature keeps increasing in all directions.  This influence maximizes at the outer edge, causing a full closure at the Schwarzschild radius.  This lies just beyond the volume where we measure the 2.7K radiation.

Other than the “OOPS, you mean, that is why we were fooled all these 90 some years since Mr.  Edwin Hubble found the increasing red shift?” Georges Lemaitre predicted from Einstein’s equations that only an expanding universe [or a collapsing universe] could be allowed, and scientists everywhere jumped-on that bandwagon.

After attributing the increasing redshift to universal expansion, then; AFTER correcting these red shifts and blue shifts, then drawing their conclusions from the “[ un ?]corrected” data, science decided that our universe was increasing in it’s expansion-rate.

Back then, science forgot to ask, was there any other simple explanation that would also explain the increasing red shift with distance? Since Einstein concluded that there was no preferred reference frame, and everywhere in this universe was the same as everywhere else, he kind-of “ forgot ” that gravity (curvature) affects this entire universe differently.  What this time-rate-change experiment demonstrates is: if gravity changes the time-rate on a small scale (33 cm.), should it not also affect time-rates on vastly larger scales, too?

HINT: Almost 5 of what should-have-been the most unbelievable anomalies disappear entirely if one simply accepts the time-changing aspect of our universe.  The C-R theory also claims that our entire universe is not isotropic, or the same in all directions, but is simply a closed universe, with a mandatory reference frame superimposed over it {which has been mistaken for a universe-wide expansion, with no probable cause or energy source}.

[Not to gloat too triumphantly; but it is not everyday that one can explain-away such a widely-held, but totally improbable event as the Big Bang, by simply re-understanding the actual observations.

If one were to invoke the principle of Occams’ Razor, that the simplest explanation is likely to be the most correct, the C-R theory gains a simplicity of concept.] To be honest, I cannot prove the concept, but I will try to explain it to you, and give home-readers the hints of what to look for, where to look, and how to re-understand what you see.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those 26,000 plus visitors who have already visited, and to the first-timers who continually arrive to check out this new theory.  I would like to offer very new ideas, covered nowhere else on the web, much less on earth (yet).

Here are some of the most basic ideas, where the C-R theory differs from mainstream science.

1. A Black-HoleC-Rselects it’s food BY MASS, savoring the “flavor” of the high mass nucleus, while rejecting the flighty, easily ionized electrons.

2. Those rejected electrons repel incoming matter, and slow-down the Black-HolesC-Ringestion rate.  Every eating Black-HoleC-Rwill have excess electrons outside as long as it keeps feeding.

3. The nucleii eaten by the Black-HoleC-Rare stored up immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius, in a thin, shell-like volume, that the C-R theory calls the Neutral ZoneC-R.  This Neutral ZoneC-Ris the ONLY PORTION of the Black-HoleC-Rwhere the
escape velocity is greater than the speed-of-light.  

This Neutral ZoneC-Rconcept is something-like Martial-law for humans imposed during a riot (for your own safety, and in your best interest).  That it turns-off, confines, isolates, insulates, and inactivates ALL electromagnetic activity, locally, and keeps them from communicating with any others.

4. Effectively, by it’s very nature (and it’s dietary choice) the Neutral ZoneC-Rstores-up “neutralized” positive charges.  HINT: It is NO COINCIDENCE that these charges are the only known force which can overcome gravity when they are totally activated.

5. The Black-HoleC-Rfully exploits the properties of the electrical force, by rejecting and dispersing the negative charges.  This allows them to slowly disperse themselves over time, despite holding the positive charges “captive” until they can also later finagle their freedom (something like a mass jail-break), in a catastrophic release.

HINT: Just check-out the multiple excess positive charges in any supernova remnant, and consider why supernovae continue expanding for thousands of years beyond what conventional science expects.

6. Gravity as we know it technically is not a “true” force, but an after-effect.  {It still ACTS like a force in most cases, but there is a KEY difference which is unique to the C-R theory).  What we see as “gravity” is the result, after the action of curvature changes the storage [energy-holding] capacity of matter.  Warped, curved, bent, stretched matter simply holds less total energy than unwarped matter.  When this energy is added to matter (like when we lift-up a pizza off of a table) the matter becomes more energetic, by the exact amount of the energy input.

When we drop matter, the kinetic energy from acceleration that matter gains has been supplied directly from the quantity of real-time that matter surrenders back again.

7. The Neutral ZoneC-Rdirectly inside a Black-HoleC-R, represents matter at it’s lowest possible gravitational energy state.  Matter further inside, located in the inside Active ZoneC-Ris always worth more energy.  Matter in the Neutral ZoneC-Rcannot acquire additional energy (while it resides there, inactivated).  Therefore, it is trapped.  This “trick” that nature uses, thus totally prevents any possibility of an inward collapse into a singularity, ever.  It also stabilizes the Neutral ZoneC-R.

8. Since everything consumed by the Black-HoleC-Ris still intact (although it is inactivated), information inside the Black-HoleC-RNEVER disappears.

-A new aside here: I have read that in the real world, nature starts to reclaim and process a dead body within 15 minutes (weather permitting).  If this IS the case here on earth, WHAT IS the likelihood that this same nature would have the “patience” to wait some 10100thyears to start processing or recovering the contents of a generic black hole (waiting for Hawking radiation to start to kick-in, in high-gear, but only after the black hole gets very tiny?

What the C-R theory is now contending (and unique to us) is: Nature has ALREADY devised the recovery plan, laid-up the groundwork, and made the preparations to fully recover and restore most (if not all) of the contents of the Black-HoleC-R, before the first atom (actually, just the nucleus) is consumed.

9. With an apparent universe full of Black-HolesC-R, it should be noted that nature is either A: incredibly stupid, to get into nearly inextricable situations in billions of separate locations, or (more likely) B: finds Black-HolesC-Rso incredibly useful, that they are almost as common as stars*.

[*The C-R theory contends that some, if not all stars, are powered by an internal Black-HoleC-R, since it is from 20-80 times as efficient at extracting rest-mass energy from hydrogen than from that “wimpy” fusion reaction {fusion yields only 0.7% of the total energy in hydrogen after it is converted into helium}.]

10. The C-R theory now recognizes that nature NEEDS two different inverse-square forces, electricity and gravity, BECAUSE they act differently across the Schwarzschild radius.  Thus, those “forces” are not reconcilable into one, grand unification.

[Mainstream science contends that BOTH forces are capable of crossing the Schwarzschild radius, which would immediately take-away the advantage to having TWO “different-behaving” forces that the C-R theory needs.  HINT: If this is so, then look to invalidate all of the excess electrical charge-moving activity that the C-R theory claims is going-on “right under our noses” almost everywhere in this universe.

11. The C-R theory now claims that: Nature uses the many Black-HolesC-Ras a “tool” to restore entropy, refresh matter and energy, and keep our universe looking “svelte and energetic”, or only a mere 13.7 billion years old “newbie”, instead of the infinitely-old, decrepit, feeble, faded-out, death-trap that conventional theory expects this universe to look-like, if it is really infinitely old.

HINT: As a Retro-Obvious point, the C-R theory now claims that there are so many Black-HolesC-Rin this universe BECAUSE nature NEEDS them, to accomplish what needs to be done!!!* That I know of, virtually no other theory makes this claim.

* The C-R theory is also almost alone in suspecting that many stars may be powered by Black-HolesC-R, because of their considerably greater efficiency, and the overall “recoverability” of the results.

12. It is no coincidence that matter has over an 1800 to 1 discrepancy in the mass-to-charge ratio between the nucleus (proton) and the electron.  This implies that Nature NEEDS this property, finds it useful, and already uses this difference to accomplish what needs to be done.  What better place to exploit this than with a Black-HoleC-Rwhich already consumes mass BY MASS.

13. Our universe is a Closed Universe, according to the C-R theory.  Most mainline conventional theories started dismissing the possibility of a closed universe as soon as Hubble found the increasing red shift with galaxies as their distance from us increased.  I would like to cover why the closed universe idea is really the least ridiculous alternative, and the best fit to the facts.

Many of these ideas above are already covered more expansively in either version of the C-R theories.  I would like to keep trying to show the real simplicity, the benefits, and the possible agreement with reality to continual stream of new readers.  I would like to offer the C-R theory to all, as “a Simple Alternative to the Big Bang”.  Please note that the C-R theory does away with ALL of the major anomalies encountered by the big bang by a simple change of our viewpoint.  A simple return to old-fashioned common sense doesn’t hurt, either.    (If you can accept it, that is.)

My attempt to overwhelm you with a new understanding of operations continues below,

I would like you to take the brief list of phenomenon for a “spin” (the C-R theory spin).  ALL of the items have in common that they HINT at a pattern of operations going on, on a universe-wide scale and scope, beyond anything science has thought-of.

Please consider these items as a “package-deal”, and try to understand them, bubdled-together, and not as a separate, random curiosity.  This list is more like the “tip-of-the-iceberg”, than all I could scrape-up from everything on the web.

Last October [2009], I blogged about approximately 69 items that the C-R theory had noted over the years.  I had the items loosely organized by vicinity to earth.  I will re-release that list, randomly re-numbering the list in no special order, to suggest the overall randomness of the items.  The list is kind-of like an “overstuffed” top ten list, but I wanted to include many more items to aim at an overall goal.  Here is the list, before I re-organized it, with some new additions and revisions.

DO the Observed Phenomena below Suggest a Pattern (compatible with the C-R theory ideas)? Are they ALL interrelated, in that each one suggests, illustrates and incorporates some new aspects of the overall C-R theory-type operation? Please add in my lead item at the top of this blog to the very TOP of the list.

Readers, can you take a hint? Other than this type of phenomena, going on everywhere around us, is there any more evidence YOU can find, similar to these items, indicating events supporting the C-R theory point-of-view?

1. One of the most interesting items I had found was something I had been looking for a very long time.  (Over 25 years later) I finally found out that what I had been looking for was known-about all along, but not well publicized.  On our sun’s photosphere, virtually ALL of the hydrogen atoms there have 2 electrons each!!!! This “fact” is very outrageous, since, on earth, when we heat-up gas to over 6000°C or almost 10,000°F it would lose it’s electrons and positively ionize.

The only way this phenomenon makes any good sense is: if there is an outrageous excess of negative charges (electrons) in the photosphere.  Hint, about the only theory that both wants or needs this excess of electrons is the C-R theory.

2. Only if something like the C-R theory mechanism is true, there may well be a very slight directional modulation of the sunspot activity levels by the collective orbits of the planets (a.k.a., the Jupiter Effect).  

Such a wimpy (or weak) force like gravity should have no measurable directional-effect on levels of thermonuclear fusion.  Gravity could drag-around [or slosh-around] a hollowed-out gas-liquid-cloud of hydrogen and helium hovering right-outside of the Schwarzschild radius of a small Black-HoleC-Rat the center of our sun.  

Where the gas-liquid-cloud intersected the inner Schwarzschild radius, the substance would strip-off it’s electrons in changing locations as the protons and neutrons disappeared.  It is easy to imagine why the influence-of the collective-sum of the planet’s orbits should “waltz-around” in an eleven year cycle.  (Jupiter’s orbit) This process could easily modulate the rate and directionality of the electrons freed-up.

HINT: If you have ever placed your finger on a vacuum-bulb filled with ionized plasma inside, and dragged your finger to watch the stream change where it interacts, it would be something like that.

NOTE: If this small Black-HoleC-Rreleased energy from hydrogen at 25-50% efficiency, vs.  a 0.7% efficiency for energy released due to nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium, the lifetime of the star could be extended 80-150 times.

3. Excess electrons freed-up after the more-massive protons [and neutral neutrons] were eaten by a Black-HoleC-Rmight join-together with their collective magnetic fields to collimate and flee [while bunching together, something-like a battering-ram] and emerge from the sun’s surface in streams featuring loops, whorls, arches, with evidence of massive magnetic fields out from the solar surface.

4. Auroral activity has been observed on all of the planets in the solar system, (except for Mercury and ex-planet Pluto) and even several of the larger moons in this solar system.

5. Folded Birkeland currents of at least 1,000,000 amps (of 6.02 1023electrical charges per Ampere [every second]) have been measured in earth’s aurora.

6. NASA has measured a cyclic (time-varying) flux-tube current between Jupiter and Io as high as 5,000,000 amps, with a voltage across Io up to 400,000 volts.

7. Every day, thousands of thunderstorms occur on earth, with huge bolts of lightning flashing, on a regular basis.  Something is providing the electrical energy to drive and maintain these storms.

8. As biological organisms, human beings feel noticeably better after thunderstorms, when excess negative ions are most abundant.

9. People get headaches when they are exposed to excess positive ions [like cosmic rays, or supernova events].  This prompts people to retire, go indoors, and go to bed.

10. Bees can sense the built-up electrical charges from flowers that have not been visited recently, telling them the charged-up flower is more likely to have pollen and nectar.

11. Check any old supernova release, and look for excess multiple positive charged ions, even after thousands of years after the event.

12. The solar wind accelerates away (increases it’s velocity) as it leaves the sun’s vicinity.

13. The 11 year sunspot cycles approximates the orbit of Jupiter around the sun.

14. Cosmic rays are simply high-energy positive charges, coming from nearly all directions.  Only the C-R theory has a simple mechanism to naturally regenerate these cosmic rays on a continuing basis.

15. Scientists recently measured at least one cosmic ray that was energized to 300 quintillion electron-volts.

16. Scientists did detect a large burst of extra neutrinos detected simultaneously with the arrival of a supernova burst in 1987.

17. The prolonged afterglow from a supernova release event featured a large amount of excess positive ionizations (featuring ionized elements from +5 to +23)

18. Fe+23, or iron which has lost 23 of it’s outermost electrons is a feature of both supernova remnants and of Seyfert galaxies.  This is nature’s way of announcing that there is a very large of multiple positive ionization going on in this universe.

19. There are enormous amounts of polarized light present in this universe, and other electromagnetic bands like radio waves, microwaves, infrared are also polarized.  HINT: Something is polarizing this light, and electromagnetic fields are the most likely culprits.  Light does not just polarize itself without a reason.

20. There are at least 4 stars (or stellar objects of some type) that have changed their class (or their color-types) on the H-R diagram within our human lifetimes (as opposed to the millions of years it is supposed to take to evolve into a different stellar class).

One of these is FG Sagittae, which has been observed for around 100 years.  It has gone from a B type star to a K21b.  It’s temperature has dropped by 250K per year.  It’s magnitude has gone from 13,7 to 9.1, then to 16, then back to 15.

Another is V4334 SGR {although there are 10 different names it is known by}.  It was first noticed in Feb.  20, 1996 by a comet hunter, Japanese Astronomer Yukio Sakurai.  It is also known as Sakurai’s Object.

There is also V605 AQL (or V605 Aquilae) [the constellation named the Eagle].

Lastly, we have V838 Mon {Monoceros, or unicorn},

All of the above stars have changed their colors, or their stellar class noticeably in less than a human lifetime.  By standard theory, stars are supposed to take millions of years for thermonuclear fusion to progress through the cycles and change.  These “miscreants” have been caught in the act of changing, while astronomers have looked-on.

21. Take a look at the C-R-like properties of known Wolf-Rayet type stars.  They do have very high stellar-wind velocities, and lose very large amounts of their mass, as compared to our sun.  These stars are thought to progress on towards going supernova.  There are about 300 known WR stars in our galaxy, with about 100 known in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and some known in other galaxies.

22. What causes the “jets” of highly concentrated, very directional something seen leaving Black-HolesC-Rat nearly light speed? [at 99.99% of light speed]

HINT: Only the C-R theory EXPECTS every Black-HoleC-Rto reject the electrons.  These would make great candidates [lightweight-enough, ionizable-enough, and electrically-charged enough] to “flee the vicinity” despite the wimpy “pull” of gravity.

23. There are large numbers of interstellar ions found in “outer space”, far more than should have been expected from a mostly-neutral, very cold, high-vacuum.

24. Helium compounds have been found in space.  Abundant ions help to energize those chemical-bonding interactions that even something as inert as helium is tempted to join-in-the chemical-bonding-fun.

25. There are some stars which have far lower levels of hydrogen than should have been expected for stars as old as they are supposed to be.

26. There are other stars which have excessive amounts of hydrogen, and should have been richer in heavier metals.

27. Complex structures have been observed in galaxies which were expected to have been very young, because-of their position in this universe.  They should have displayed a very primitive galaxy structure.  Perhaps these “small, early” galaxies are much older than we expect.

28. There is a complete “lack of modulation” of the 2.7 K background radiation by the large concentrations of mass.  The background is much smoother than scientists expected.  The big bang explosion should have left it’s impression all over the 2.7 K radiation wherever any mass has clumped-together.

29. Cosmic rays are found to be coming almost equally from all regions, and not just from the more local [nearby] concentrations of matter.  Conventional theory realizes that moving electrical charges CONTINUALLY radiate-away their energy.  Any energy left over from the Big Bang should have dissipated long ago.

30. Both the American space shuttles, and the Russian space shuttles had tether-experiments where the tether cable “arced-through” or melted.  I read one account where our space shuttle tether cable generated at least 3500 volts at 1 amp, measured from the metal base in the shuttle.  

NASA blamed the melt-through on the manufacturer, citing a defective cable insulation, due to a small air-bubble (a pin-prick-sized air bubble) hiding in the insulation.  The C-R theory claims that there may just have been “way too much energy available”, especially when crossing over {transitioning between} from the night-to-day side and day-to-night side.

31. Scientists reported that in measuring a supernova aftermath, instead of a huge amount of leftover dust in the aftermath, the local area was found to be almost totally swept-clean, and left dust-free.  HINT: A C-R theory type supernova energy-release might well be expected to clear-out the local area almost totally.

32. Observers seem to agree that all evidence shows that our universe is composed almost totally of regular matter, and not just an even, 50-50 mix of both matter and antimatter.

HINT: If our universe had always existed that way, [full of matter, just like right now], and not simply come into existence from nothing, (ex nihilo) as the Big Bang suggests, then no imbalance of nature need ever occur from creation.  (A simple reorganization and “kick-starting” of the energy-release activities is much easier to explain, from standard logic.)

33. Recently, scientists measured an electron-shadow in a possible Black-HoleC-R3000 lightyears from our sun.  

NOTE that only the C-R theory expects ALL Black-HolesC-Rto release electrons when “eating”.

[Science expects nothing like that to occur from a conventional black hole].  This may be the start of mainstream science noticing an abundance of excess electrons present around a feeding Black-HoleC-R.

www.centauri-dreams.org/?p=4436 Is one possible instance.

34. There are very dense, large stars with abundant complex metals in supposedly very young star clusters or regions.

35. Why is there so much ionized hydrogen in this universe, in all directions? Up to 20% of the outermost hydrogen atoms visible in this universe are all ionized.  What is the source of this ionization? Why doesn’t it all just de-ionize instead?

36. There is a definite new C-R theory take on the Drake equation, assessing the likelihood of intelligent life in this universe, if our universe is infinitely old, vs.  it’s young 13.7 billion years old.  There would be an infinite amount of time with a finite number of
worlds, but still with major travelling distances.

37. Why do galaxies hold together, without simply spinning apart? {Without needing substantially more gravity.} The C-R theory claims that electromagnetic energy may be the “missing link”, instead of dark matter.  HINT: Evaluate the likelihood of known forces causing this phenomenon before looking-for the exotic unknown.

38. The earth may have an excess electrical charge of 400,000 Coulombs, recharged at a rate of between 1,200-1,800 amps.

39. The C-R theory does not need to continually violate conservation of energy.

40. The C-R theory does not need hyperinflation to explain the overall smoothness of the background radiation.

41. The C-R theory needs no cause for the Big Bang (because it never occurred).

42. The C-R theory does not need any explanation for the Omega problem: Why does our universe seem to be “almost filled” with matter and energy after expanding, starting off from nothing, for 13.7 billion years? The C-R theory says our universe is closed, fixed in size, and always has been.  In short, it looks “almost filled” with enough mass to close-off this universe because this universe is exactly closed-off.

43. There is also no problem explaining why our universe looks so similar in all directions.  Since it is closed, it always has been at equilibrium “internally”.

44. There is no coincidence in the millionth’s of a degree differences touted by the WMAP explorer, showing off anisotropy.  Those differences are statistically insignificant and non important, and actually tell us nothing.

45. The C-R theory does not need any source of acceleration (or accelerating acceleration) because our universe is stable, closed and fixed in size.

46. Since curvature is a (geo)metric-like shape or influence, internal spin from a Black-HoleC-Rshould not couple-out.  If you spin a crayon or pencil while pressing on a water-balloon, the shape (curvature) does not change with time, it is stable.

47. Understanding how curvature works CAN explain Why gravity IS present outside a Black-HoleC-R, but heat and light do not couple-out.  (Also, spin and electrical charge do not couple-out either.)

48. Why is there a shortfall in the number of neutrinos expected to be coming from the sun? The C-R theory claim is that fusion is not the primary source of our sun’s energy output.

49. Magnetars are stars with absolutely huge magnetic fields.  Fields as high as 1 trillion Gauss have been calculated.  Our sun’s magnetic field is around 0.6 Gauss.  Experiments on earth can briefly generate up to 1 million Gauss in the lab.

From the C-R theory point-of-view, if quadrillions of protons are suddenly freed-up, this makes a good candidate to generate such huge magnetic fields.  Certainly, this type of release has not been considered by standard theories.

50. There are MASERS in space.  (A microwave version of the same process, similar-to a LASER) This phenomenon needs a very large quantity of excited atoms (abundant ions) to be present to make this possible.

51. Are both white dwarf and brown dwarf stars too small (or low-mass) to sustain, much less initiate fusion?

52. The C-R theory has a totally new explanation for the Great Attractor, or the most- blue shifted volume of this universe.  It is “clocking-faster” than the time-rate we experience here on earth.  That is why it appears blue shifted to us.  The blue shift is not a Doppler-shift from it “attracting” us.

53. There is no backrush detected from matter directly behind the Great Attractor also rushing in towards that spot.  This should indicate that there is no actual infalling of matter towards “The Great Attractor” at all.  That gives the advantage to the C-R theory, which claims a time-rate-based explanation.

If you understand curvature, you will note that “the Great Attractor” is not attracting anything.  Instead, it is “clocking-faster”, or less slowed-down, than matter here on earth.

54. The 2.7 K background radiation is not the red shifted remnant of the Big Bang, but it is continually replenished, as the “average” of all processes going-on in this universe.

55. The 2.7 K should measure as a different temperature from other locations within this universe, while still measuring 2.7 K from earth.

56. The C-R theory view is that the 2.7 K background radiation should not be cooling-off with time ( red shifting), but will continually be replenished.

57. The sun occasionally allows coronal mass ejections (CME’s), a release of billions of tons of highly-energetic, positively-ionized matter.

58. The space shuttle gives off a slight green glow from interactions (impacts at 18,000 mph) with ionized matter bouncing-off of the shuttle’s skin at high speed.

59. Just by looking at it, one can TELL that space is not isotropic, or the same in all directions.  Mainstream science makes the mistake of “correcting” the observed differences first, instead of using the observations to evaluate the “local-conditions” elsewhere.

60. Almost all of the observed red shifts found in this universe are not Doppler shifts, from recession, but are gravitationally caused, real-time-rate differences.

61. Science knows that the real-time rate changes with a changing gravitational level, then forgets this when looking out into a universe with vast time-rate differences observed.  A vast-universe should have a vast gravitational field connected to it, too.

62. “g”, the gravitational constant, does not really exist (as a constant).  Instead, we observe a difference in energy-release proportional to the real-time rate difference.  The C-R theory claims that at the Core-Mantle Boundary (CMB), gravitational energy will be minimum for earth.  “g” is a local, earth-based condition, but is simply not valid elsewhere.

63. The furthest-off objects we see in this universe ARE ageing in real-time rate much slower than we experience here on earth.  (Some of the most-distant will be ageing from 10% to 1% of our rate.)

64. There is neither dark energy or dark matter.  Both are suppositions {or figments of the imagination} based on mistaken ideas of what is seen in this universe.

65. The C-R theory is based on human-friendly reasoning, and a return back to common sense ideas that used-to-be regarded as important.

66. The C-R theory attempts to use “situation-based reasoning”, or understanding what nature is already known to do.  The C-R theory is much more skeptical of formula-based reasoning (especially concerning processes going-on inside Black-HolesC-R).

67. Look for evidence of excess electrons present outside of Black-HolesC-Rthat are feeding.  If even one can be found where the release of excess electrons is not evident, the C-R theory is WRONG!!!

68. Look for excess positive ions, newly freed-up after release events, to be the powering source behind the expansion of supernovae.

69. Look for evidence of any (and every) electrical current or voltage, or magnetically caused event.  Do the levels of polarized light indicate tremendous levels of electricity and magnetism within this universe?

70. No Black-HoleC-Rshould be seen (or found to) to eat another Black-HoleC-R.  Two Black-HolesC-Rmay slow-waltz around a bit, however, before going their separate ways.

71. A Black-HoleC-Ris the embodiment of matter at it’s lowest-possible gravitational energy level.  That internal energy-level cannot be lowered any further by being eaten again by a second Black-HoleC-R.

72. If two Black-HolesC-Rtried to merge, it would be more akin to two ice cubes at absolute zero (temperature-wise) merging.  There would be no “Newtonian value” gravitational energy releases from the two huge masses at a separating-distance, rather it would be more akin to expecting two sleeping people trying to argue, and science is trying to “listen-in” on the fireworks.

HINT: This means that the expected gravitational disruptions of spacetime science anticipates to find from “merging Black-HolesC-R” should not be present, and will not be found, regardless how sensitive the proposed gravity-wave detectors become.

This “Change in Expectations” shows why the C-R theory is one of the few places EXPECTING to find no significant emissions of gravitational energy (or radiated disruptions of spacetime) released by “merging Black-HolesC-R“.  This comes about from imagining the possible merger through a curvature-based framework, and not from “Newtonian dynamics” based on huge masses separated by a measurable distance.

The “energy difference” between the merged and the two starting separate Black-HolesC-Ris more equivalent to measuring the energy released when adding-together two ZEROS.

Think “Two Nothings in – One Nothing out” to imagine the proposed merger.

73. A Black-HoleC-Rwill never emit any Hawking radiation (or any other type of radiation, either).  Nothing at the speed-of-light can ever escape from inside a Black-HoleC-Rwhile it is operating.

74. There will be no mini-Black-HoleC-Revaporations or explosions found.

75. When people return to the moon for extended periods, the C-R theory predicts that gravity WILL BE found to be a maximum at the moon’s surface.  This means that objects cannot “just drop down” into LESSER curvature unless extra energy is ADDED.

It is possible that this unexpected result might be observed within the next 20-30 years.

76. All charged-particle release events should be self-smoothing as the particles expand, and push-away other like-charges.

77. Only the C-R theory expects the 10,000 lesser Black-HolesC-Rnear our galaxy’s center to have a purpose, and expects them not to self-feed upon each other.

78. As evidenced by our universe (as the inside of a giant-sized Black-HoleC-R) many lesser sized Black-HolesC-Rcan exist inside a larger Black-HoleC-R.

I will stop the list here, although I could easily find hundreds more similar items.  Can the home-reader start to appreciate the similarities and commonalities shared by all of the above items?

If you start to suspect a pattern, and a similarity, an interrelatedness, a repetition of themes, I know of no better theory to join them all together, and to help you understand: “What is going-on here?”, than the C-R theory.

If you are still skeptical, you have been effectively trained in the current modes of thinking.  If I can help just a little-bit to budge your perceptions, to open your minds, to expand your thinking, that is my goal.

If I fail, Nature will replace you (and me, too) with a newer generation which may not be so constrained in their starting positions.

Thank you all for considering the C-R theory point-of-view.  If it is wrong, time will tell.  There are 7 billion-some potential critics who can enjoy tearing it apart if weaknesses are found.

Even if the C-R theory is a little bit more correct, it may help the curious ones among us to understand nature a bit better.  If this blog entertained you for the time it took you to read it this far, that is better for the C-R theory than yesterday, when you were not as well informed.

If you are more certain than ever, after reading the above, that the C-R theory is wrong, but you can “recycle” anything fresh that is new to your thought process, feel free to do so.

If you can build-upon these ideas, and improve them or replace them with something that works even better, please do so, but share your results so others can benefit from them, too.

If the C-R theory is completely wrong, then we know yet another new way that nature does not work.  Sometime and somewhere ahead, a human will make yet another bold leap in understanding, and connect items thought to be unrelated.

I apologize for the length of this blog.  I will try to create shorter blogs, more often, in the future.  I felt that if I released, say, 2 items per week for an entire year, the impact would be significantly less than releasing this list at one sitting, and trying to overwhelm you with the similarities, the patterns, the relatedness of all these items found in our universe.

Mainstream science does not suspect or acknowledge the patterns that I think I have detected here.  If I am the only one who sees this, then I am probably in error (or I am lying, and deliberately trying to deceive as many as possible of you).  

If I can find a few like-minded individuals, and inspire you to challenge every item on the above list and the list becomes greatly expanded, then I might gain more confidence that the C-R theory has some merit.  HINT: The NASA announcement at the top of this blog was but one more additional piece of evidence that the C-R theory is on the right track.

If you have topics you would like me to address in future blogs, feel free to write-in.  Use the Contact the Author tab from the main site

Thank you for visiting.  
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