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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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Is there a connection between some or ALL of these known phenomena and the C-R theory?

IS there any connection between the C-R theory type processes and Some or All of these Known Phenomenon listed below?

(Do any or all of these items hint that at least some parts of the C-R theory are Right?" can the C-R theory make a real contribution to understanding the operation of our real world, just as it is seen?

I would like to list some of the recognized items that are known-about, which may help to demonstrate a possible connection or link to the C-R theory.  It is conceivable that some of these are not connected in any way, but that is why I want to list many to give you, the home reader, some ideas of where the C-R theory may help-out our common understanding, in recognizing some common threads not seen as relevant (or interlinked) by mainstream science.  I intentionally left the list LARGE , both to be noticed, and to be overwhelming in it’s claims for C-R theory’s relevance.  I took out other items, like speculations and some predictions, and saved them for the next part (continuation) of this blog.  Part II can contribute even more items I’ve noticed (but not known phenomena) to the C-R theory’s claims.

I have divided the below-listed items into sections, grouped by: Earth, Sun (and vicinity), Space, Black-HolesC-R, supernova, and an end section, followed by some comments.  More will follow next week, including more ideas to tie-in the items listed below, and list why they are relevant to the C-R theory.

Statement : A brief, basic scenario for the C-R theory’s suggested pathway: –

A Black-HoleC-R at the center of our sun eats protons, and frees-up electrons outside the Black-HoleC-R, to make the sun’s energy, instead of fusion.

This process is much more efficient (possibly 80-150 times the energy released the same amount of matter) and also allows many of the below items to be understood differently.  (That doesn’t prove it, but gives a demonstration of the practicality of the process, and does simplify our understanding of what is going-on.

(–and our sun is probably not alone, star-wise, but will be joined by countless quadrillions or more stars)

This basic CAUSE mechanism changes the C-R theory’s expectations, and superimposes a “cause-effect” framework over many of the below items in the next few sections.

Earth (and vicinity) Related


One of the most interesting items I found about 5 years ago was something I’d looked-for for a long time, (over 25 years) and finally found out that it was “known-about” all along, but not well publicized.  On our sun’s photosphere, virtually ALL of the hydrogen atoms there have 2 electrons!!! This is fairly outrageous, since, on earth, when we heat-up a gas to 6,000 degrees C (or almost 10,000° F) the gas usually LOSES it’s electron(s), and ionizes positively. (Just like a neon sign)

The only way this might make good sense of this situation is if there is a large, local source of excess negative charges ( electrons ) in abundance.  That situation is what the C-R theory claims might-well be the case. {see earlier blogs for the reasons why}


If E-1 above is the case: There may well be a very slight modulation of the sunspot activity by the collective orbits of the planets (“The Jupiter Effect”).  Such a wimpy force as gravity should have absolutely no effect upon the rate of thermonuclear fusion, if that is causing our sun’s power output.  If a small Black-HoleC-R provided our sun’s power (extracting E=mc2 type energy from hydrogen at 25-50% efficiency, vs. 0.7% for fusion), the surrounding “cloud” of hydrogen and helium could be affected by contributions from some planets, with their sleight gravitational-sloshing-around.  NOTE: The authors of the book The Jupiter Effect did repudiate the link, in a follow-up book, because no possible causative mechanism was known.


By the C-R theory, at the center of the sun, excess electrons are freed-up after the protons (and some proton-neutron combinations) were “devoured” by the Black-HoleC-R.  This might well allow those electrons to jointly collimate (or bunch together) to flee the vicinity quickly, and they would collectively emerge through the sun’s surface in flowing-spurting “streams”.  The emerging electrons create those loops, whorls, arches, and enormous magnetic fields we see as sunspots.*(find values if possible) Such phenomenon are already well-known, but now, the C-R theory suggests the internal causal mechanism for why it behaves this way?


Birkeland currents (folded currents) of at least 1,000,000 Amps (at 6.02 x 1023 electrons per amp each second) have been measured in an aurora on earth.  UNWRITTEN: Implies doubled amounts of currents, if auroras are active in both hemispheres simultaneously.


NASA has measured instances of a current of 5,000,000 Amps between Jupiter and Io, and a voltage of 400,000 volts across Io.  That’s a pretty good trick for an “electrically neutral universe, huh?” Those last 2 items are just what we know-of from within our solar system.   www.nasm.si.edu/ceps/etp/jupiter/jupmag.html

How many more events like these occur in other star’s systems, too?

HINT: Multiply out the full number of electrical charges, and list that number, even more impressive (per each second). Up to 5,000,000 x 6.02 x 1023 electrons every second.


Earth’s thunder-storms generate tremendous lightning currents (indicating some type of electrical activity on a regular, continual basis). **(Jerry- get statistics, quantities, numbers, averages, and add these in) Find #’s on a daily, hourly basis.  Find the average number of thunderstorms going on continuously.


Simply walk across a dry carpet indoors on a winter’s day, and build-up a static charge of 3,500 volts, when you encounter a doorknob.  Why does this happen so easily? Maybe electrical charges are much more abundant than allowed-for in standard scenario?


Biological organisms (especially people) feel good in the presence of excess negative ions (like, right after a summer rainstorm when the air smells so fresh).  This IMPLIES this sense has been around a very long time if human beings have a built-in coping mechanism to deal with it or to enjoy it.


Upper atmosphere sprites, imps, are relatively new unknown charge events.  These items were all found occurring above thunderstorms, and only uncovered recently, not fully known-about.  (They are all very compatible with a C-R type process) Are there new insights or new items to consider? No cause mechanism known or expected by conventional theories.


Earth having 400,000 excess Coulombs, recharged at 1,200-1,800 amps continuously. (As measured by von Helmholz around 1803) Has this charge been there all along? Why is it not noted more often? NOTE: Check ham radio sites too, for ionization ideas.  They may note similar phenomenon more often than anyone else.


People get headaches when they are exposed to excess positive ions (think of a violent, nearby supernova release).  They might well go indoors and go to bed, or not stay outdoors as long.  This might be a possible protective mechanism from excessive exposure to harmful supernova bursts, causing one to go in, and go to bed (safe in their “cave”), and stay out of the deadly cosmic-ray shower outside.


Bees can sense the excess electrical charges on flowers.  Flowers which have been recently visited by other bees are not as excessively charged as unvisited flowers.  Some flowers build-up a charge over time.  This also implies that this has been around for millions of years, if bees are adapted to it.

* Found a related article, that some plant’s leaves can reach 120 volts electrical potential (4 types of plants were specified)


Is there any more significance to the known discontinuity at the earth’s Core Mantle Boundary? There could be a gravitational discontinuity there, too.  There is also a difference there between the S & P type of wave couple-through? (Find name of discontinuity {Check: The discontinuity is named for Beno Gutenberg!}) Only C-R suggests a gravitational difference originating there, too.  See __ in the C-R theory.


Time runs faster at Earth’s center than on the surface.  Can I prove it, demonstrate it, show someone else noticing it? Is there any practical way to test it, without going there? Ping it? Would a radar or sonar pulse directed there reveal-detect anything from the surface, here? Is there an article by others suggesting the amount?

NOTE: Most theories suppose time runs slower at earth’s center, from Newtonian understanding.  A clear difference.  C-R understands the situation, is not referencing other-people’s expectations.  The C-R theory says maximum bending (as curvature) will be the maximum gravity spot, or the Core Mantle Boundary.  Curvature will be minimum at the earth’s center, therefore, the curvature there (and time slowdown too) will be minimum.  The curvature MUST be less than on earth’s surface.


Extra corrosion in Alaska pipeline from Auroral currents (way beyond the engineers initial expectations) Especially concentrated in the polar regions.  Not originally anticipated when pipeline was built.


Aurora Borealis (and Australis) colors represent ionized gasses (nitrogen, oxygen,…)


Comet’s tail (rapid change is visible in real time) Can be seen from the earth as evidence of extremely rapid changes in electrical (ionic) activity from the solar wind and magnetic fields.  This changes the position of the tail, and the modulation, a very quick response, changes visibly as the tail shifts, flinchs, whips-around, and changes it’s position almost instantly.


The space shuttle has been found to be glowing green (from ionized oxygen atoms-ions) Something is ionizing those atoms.  It is not just the energy contribution from the orbital impact speed making the visible glow.


Space shuttle tether melt-thru.  (NOTE: A space-tether melting also happened on the Russian shuttle’s tether experiment, too) {Overload of 3500 volts @ at least 1 amp at the shuttle’s metal base} NASA blamed “a defect in manufacturing of the cable’s insulation” (a pin-prick sized air-bubble or hole) {They never considered that there was “just way too much electrical energy available for any tether to handle.”} [The C-R theory suspects that there might be an especially large current surge when crossing from the day to night side and back again while orbiting the planet.


The C-R theory claims that the “time-rate” changes with the strength (or intensity) of the gravitational field (bending).  Already “known” but not believed or accepted.  Only the C-R theory truly appreciates the significance, and incorporates the idea into the “How” of how gravity works.

NOTE: C-R may be unique in understanding-predicting the least (or slowest) time-rate occurs at CMB on earth, where the bending, warping, or squeezing from curvature is MAXIMUM.

Moon Related


Maximum Gravity (as in curvature) is already at the moon’s surface, and the curvature will decrease with depth towards the moon’s center.  Will it be noticed, by experimental result, within the next 20 years, during any prolonged human visit to the moon? (and by astronauts from what country(s)?) NOTE: The Apollo astronauts had great trouble with the moon-dust getting into seals, gaskets, and other dust-sensitive areas.  Now, I understand that the gravity on the moon is already MAXIMUM at the surface.  That means that the moon-dust will not easily be pulled-off by gravity.  Just the van der waals forces (like the static electricity that holds-up a sweater-rubbed balloon, to allow it to cling to a wall) would dominate.

Sun Related


The solar wind accelerates away after it leaves the sun’s vicinity.  That could imply or suggest that there is an excess of electrical charges (electrons), self-repelling.  (If extra-electrons are not specifically looked for, it would be like taking a population census while playing keep-away tag when you’re it, but you don’t know that you are it, but the population being surveyed does.  Your count may be under-represented and have a hidden bias.)


The 11 year solar-sunspot cycles, are similar to the period of Jupiter’s orbit around the sun.  They may indeed be connected.  See item E-2


Auroral activities (like auroral rings) have been observed on earth, Venus*(*on the night-side only), Saturn^ (^, two different types of aurorae have been found on Saturn; An ultraviolet aurora, and also an infrared aurora, at two distinct locations.  They are believed to be caused by two different mechanisms.), Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter.  Just recently, a weak aurora has also been found on Mars, too. {Titan and Triton too?} Most solar-system atmospheres have auroras. (I have not seen anything on Mercury, but the C-R theory would not be surprised if Mercury had some-type of aurora, too.)


Scarcity (or shortfall) of neutrinos measured as coming from our sun.  At least 2/3 shortfall to expectations, but some manipulations of “reality” are used to justify it.  Current theory suggests the neutrinos undergo a “neutrino-oscillation”, switching or converting between the neutrino-types that we can detect, and those we can’t detect.   Wouldn’t it just be easier to guess that all of the expected neutrinos just weren’t there, in the first place?


Does the abundant electrical charge the C-R theory suspects is coming from the sun contribute-to, enhance, maintain, or help stabilize Saturn’s ring structure? Are there any unanticipated items to look for or suspect? Would that extra-charge help-to stabilize and maintain the ring structure, separate individual pieces, and space-them-out.  Wrangle-them, but not clump them, so to speak.  Is there any “hidden” evidence in the known spectrum data, but not yet looked-for? Are there any radio spectrum measurements (known or unknown but available?) Check the literature.  Radio-ionization (music or sounds?)

Solar-sys-1.  Sulphur volcanoes on Io, water-steam volcanoes on Enceladus, two nitrogen spouting volcanoes on Triton, and volcanic features found on Triton, (Neptune’s moon)?

Some volcanic features have been found on almost all solid surfaces within the solar system.  This implies that something may be heating even smaller bodies, and giving them energy to melt.


Predict charge release magnitude for our sun. (need a calculation and a number-range) not an observation, per se, but could be matched to item #__ Show a ballpark figure, see if number is reasonable? Could include up to 30 x 30 earth-diameters of volume-sweep from earth’s wide magnetic field clearing-out the electrons from nearby space..


A thunderstorm on Saturn has been observed to continue for at least 7 ½ months, with the storm covering at least 3,000 km in diameter.  Some radio waves were 10,000 times stronger than similar-type radio waves emitted from earth’s thunderstorms.

Space Related


Enormous amounts of polarized light (and other electromagnetic radiation, covering all bands from radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays) have been found just about everywhere.  This indicates the presence of enormous electrical or magnetic fields. (everywhere in every direction) SOMETHING must be polarizing the light, and guess WHAT does? Answer: Very high electrical currents, and/or high levels of magnetic fields. {They can’t do it if they’re not there.}


There are four known stellar objects, stars changing their class (on the H-R {Herzsprung-Russell) diagram) in intervals shorter than human lifetimes.  These events are supposed to take millions of years according to standard thinking about fusion, but 4 stars have changed several characteristics noticeably within human lifetimes.

V4334 SGR (in Sagittarius), also known as Sakurai’s Object. (First observed Feb. 20, 1996)

V605 Aquilae, first observed in 1919

V 838 Mon (Monoceros)

FG Sagittae has been observed over 100 years, and changed it’s color from B type to K2lb.  It’s temperature has dropped every year by 250 K.  It’s magnitude changed from 13.7 to 9.1, later down to 16, and back-up to 15 by Oct. 1998.

I would like to thank the Electrical Universe web-site {link, too} for noticing the observations.  If these 4 stars can change their parameters this quickly, could our ideas about what type-of energy drives them be at least partially wrong?


Interstellar chemicals and radicals.  If high-energy currents are present, that changes the possibilities in space for such interactions.  Not just “your mother’s” old, cold, dark, dull, boring, outer space anymore.  Complex organic chemicals and molecules are found in abundance.


Interstellar ions.  Same idea as above, but ionized radicals, too.  Probably not freed by the energy from the 2.7K background radiation, but do capture energy from cosmic rays zipping everywhere.

(Can I find a list of known interstellar ions?)


Helium compounds in space.  Something has to provide the energy or incentive for helium, a normally-inert element on earth, to combine and hook-up with interstellar radicals, or to form chemical compounds.  Helium compounds are more likely if there is a high level of abundant energy occasionally available from cosmic rays. (probably not from the 2.7K background energy)


Low hydrogen stars (Much less hydrogen in their spectrum than science expects to see).   These stars are thought to be “too young” to be depleted of hydrogen this early in their lifetimes, by standard theory.  Maybe the standard H-R diagram isn’t as correct as it is supposed to be?


Excessive hydrogen stars (These stars have much more hydrogen (and less heavy metals) than they should have, considering how old they are supposed to be.) Maybe the H-R diagram is wrong?


Complex structures of “young” galaxies and nebulas.  Some “young” galaxies, supposedly under 1 billion years old, had fully developed, complex “structure” billions of years ago.  (But that would not be a problem for an infinitely old universe, would it?)


Lack of modulation of the temperature of the 2.7K “background” radiation by the large concentrations of mass detected. (This mass concentration should have modulated the background, or “pulled-on” the radiation inward, to modulate the signal and change or affect it’s temperature.) This would not be a problem if the 2.7 K is more of an innocent bystander, just minding it’s own business, and not left-over radiation from the beginning of the Big Bang.  Since the 2.7K is continually being replenished and re-created, it is never pulled-in-on by the vast accumulations of mass detected in our universe, and it is never modulated by large masses accumulated closer-in, towards the center.  The C-R theory also maintains that the radiation naturally smooths-out itself, as it is driven by positive-positive ion self repulsion.


Our universe is mostly matter.  (It should not have been created that way, from nothing, then balanced-out that soon) If our universe was ALWAYS that way, then there is less of an intellectual challenge.  Notice, this is not a problem if our universe has ALWAYS been that way, but it’s a much bigger problem if all matter emerged from nothing.  If it was created equally, but survived unequally with almost all antimatter disappearing, that suggests real difficulties.  This is still achieved after the initial spontaneous creation of particles and anti-particles from nothing.


Very dense, large stars, with abundant complex metals have been found in supposedly very young star clusters or regions.  Again, not a problem for an infinitely old universe, but big trouble for something happening “overnight”, in the cosmic timescale.  (Find regions, names, designations)


Why is there so much ionized hydrogen (nearer the outer edges of the visible universe)? Up to 20% of the universe’s hydrogen we know-of is ionized.  The C-R theory has a pretty reliable source mechanism, always ongoing, always operating.  Near the outer edges, too?


Masers in space. (A microwave analog to the optical Laser) (needs many “primed or excited ions” throughout whole regions of space to allow microwave amplification to take place) Directional beams of microwaves, I believe were detected from OH radicals. (hydroxyl ions) Speculation on Masers allowing creation of directional beams of microwave energy with amplification.  Needs a large available population of energetically excited atoms in order to work.  Two or three different frequencies (or resonance-modes). (1720 Mhz was one of the frequencies.)

This phenomenon needs energized ions, and cannot amplify anything with all ions sitting in their ground-energy state.  This suggests abundant energy, and activated ions.

Are other masers (driven by other excited ions) also known-about?


The Great Attractor (the most blueshifted place or spot in the universe) Extensively dealt with in an earlier blog, very significant to the C-R theory.


No backrush has been detected coming from behind the Great Attractor, indicating NO actual infalling.


Space is NOT isotropic, or the same in all directions.  (Just looking-around in our universe, at the night sky tells us so.) Objects way-out-there are definitely NOT the same as similar objects closer-in, nearby to earth, time-wise.  Just looking at space objectively shows exactly that.  The further-out you go, the less like earth objects are, time-wise, and the slower they “clock”, or the more they appear redshifted.


Almost ALL of the observed red-shift in distant objects is not a Doppler shift, but a gravitationally caused shift.  (The Great Attractor gives us that answer.) This implies our universe is not expanding at all, and not expanding at an increasing rate, either.


Look for any electrical, high-current, or magnetically caused event.  This demonstrates a much higher electrical imbalance or current-flow than standard theories expect.  (Enormous regions displaying polarized light, in every direction, also indicates so.)

Black-HoleC-R Related


Many Black-HolesC-R can exist within one (inside-of-a) Black-HoleC-R.  No real upper limit (except the ultimate density) to the number possible.  A C-R theory exclusive idea.


What causes the “jets” of highly concentrated, very directional, near-light-speed velocities, jetting away from Black-HolesC-R ? HINT: Think of collimated, bunched electrons, all exiting near the speed-of-light.  Collectively, their combined magnetic fields bunch them to punch-them out away from the Black-HoleC-R.

NOTE: Arnold Gulko’s article in Infinite Energy Magazine, issue __, noted and asked: what causes jets to flee at nearly speed-of-light after being pulled in by seemingly overwhelming force? (Freed electrons would nicely do the trick) The C-R theory has a very simple answer.  See section __


Why 10,000 lesser Black-HolesC-R have been found orbiting our galaxy’s central Black-HoleC-R ? Almost no-one else is remarking on this.  It should be seen as a big anomaly that these 10,000 are still orbiting around and have not all been eaten-up over time, by the central supermassive Black-HoleC-R.  (Why have no other theories pounced upon this observation?) The C-R theory thinks it knows why.


No mini-Black-HoleC-R evaporation (or explosion when disappearing) Not viable in the C-R theory scenario.  If evidence of such a mini-Black-HoleC-R explosion is found, then the C-R theory is wrong.  C-R theory uses only 2-part Black-HolesC-R exclusively.  This isolates the energy-input part from the central, inner part, which provides complete stability.  See section __ in the C-R theory.

{Sub-item: We face absolutely NO danger from the LHC over in Europe creating mini-Black-HolesC-R.)


Recently, there was an electron-shadow measured recently from a Black-HoleC-R approximately 3 billion years old.  This may indicate some “connection” between a Black-HoleC-R and excess electrons available in the vicinity.  See article in October 2009 Astronomy magazine, short article, page ___

Nova, Supernova and Increasing Scale Related


Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) from our sun. (is it positive ionization, release of concentrated protons?) the smallest “chunk” of the nova, supernova, … chain of events. (a precursor to a full nova?) (not listed as a “full” argument)


There are multiple positively-ionized atoms present in supernova remnants. Here is a link to a soft-X-ray source including ions 5+ and higher only.  Notice, this supernova is at least 3,000 years old, and STILL includes this extensive list of multiple-positive ions, from the chart on page #3 One site listed 156 known different ions, many with multiple-positive ionizations.  Some of these ions were still active 11,000 years after the original supernova event took place.  That suggests a staying-power not anticipated by standard theories.

Link-in pdf from soft X-ray ion list from the 3000 year-old SNR N132D, featuring ions +5 and higher.


Note the incredible damage done to the experimental apparatus caused by the LHC’s “confined-proton release” event. (HINT: The C-R theory says this release IS a guide to up-close supernova events.) What to look for, evidence-wise, result-wise.  NOTE: This also suggests a possible link to CME-caused damages on earth to electrical systems here.  The same type mechanism is involved, but on an even larger scale.


Scale-up, sunspots *, CME, nova, supernova, Seyfert galaxy, active galaxy, quasar, GRB.  All are increasing magnitude of the same-type of event, all* work from the same plan, by the same cause mechanism. (*almost all?) *sunspots may not be same-type.


Dust-free supernova aftermath measured last year.  Not a problem for the C-R theory, if proton-proton repulsion swept clean the entire neighborhood.  Standard theory expected a very dusty remnant to be left behind.  See our video segment.


Charged-particle release events Each event is independently “self-smoothing” on a large scale.  The C-R theory says these events (smoothed-out over time) are the true source of the 2.7 K background radiation we see.  There is no connection whatsoever to a big bang.

No overall coordination is needed to achieve the current, very smooth result.  An advantage of system-design.  Scale-up these events from a nova, supernova, Seyfert Galaxy, Active galaxy, quasar, and GRB (gamma ray burst).

(all these events are in the same family, increasing in scale and magnitude, from item ___)


Cosmic rays (high energy positive charges) (covered in other blogs earlier) NOTE: A new article claims that some cosmic rays are also composed-of an ionized nucleus of various heavy metals, as an ion, too, and not just single protons.


One cosmic ray last year was measured-as being worth at least 300 quintillion electron-volts.  That number could be very reasonable, by the C-R theory scenario, but not by standard theories.  See our video segment. LINK


An observed neutrino burst coinciding with the start of a supernova burst in 1987.  That is claimed by standard theories as proof of the rapid thermonuclear fusion, freeing neutrinos.  The C-R theory says, neutrinos trapped over millions or billions of years are suddenly freed with other supernova contents (concentrated protons and neutrons).  Both explanations might be correct, but neither explanation can be excluded from the observations.


The prolonged glow from a supernova (and the amount of excess positive ionization) after 450 years, it still has many multiple-positive ionizations.


Supernovae continue to expand long after they should have cooled-down by expansion.  One site listed some types-of ions still accelerating after 11,000 years after the supernova event started.


Fe23+ and other multi-positive ions present in supernova remnants and Seyfert galaxies hint at a much-greater role for multiple-positive ionization.  Indicates high degree of multiple-positive ionization. (and/or a lack of at least 23 local electrons, to smooth-out the multi-positive ionizations.  Unless there are not enough “single hydrogen atom” electrons around to surrender their “one” to some heavy-metal’s absence of 5, 6, or higher numbers.) Present in many, (ALL?) supernova remnants? NOTE: (I read that there were 156 different ions reported in some supernova remnants.  This is not uncommon, and should be used as a guide, to suggest positive ions play a much bigger role in explaining the actions of supernovae than standard theory ever dreamed.) Here is a link to a soft-X-ray source including ions 5+ and higher only.  Notice, this supernova is at least 3,000 years old, and STILL includes this extensive list of multiple-positive ions, from the chart on page #3


Look for excess positive ions to be THE POWERING SOURCE of supernova expansion, and the driving force. (These ions were not just created in the aftermath, but were the initial, true, original CAUSE, driving the explosive expansion.) That gives these ions a much greater STAYING power over a prolonged period of time than heat-generated ions, (generated by radiation as a by-product of the original explosion).  That also explains why those ions just don’t “appropriate” the electrons from much weaker, single hydrogen atoms.  There are simply not enough electrons available to compensate for the sudden release into the environment of massive quantities of the proton-ions, freed-up in the supernova.


Cosmic rays coming from all directions, not just some few specific local regions.  Indicates that the sources are all over the sky, in every direction.

The END {and/or conclusion} section ITEMS (below):


Irony: The larger our universe is, the less the overall density needs to be to achieve full closure. {become the inside of a Black-HoleC-R } As long as the sum of the mass is large enough to “close-off” the universe everywhere at the outer edges, that is all that counts.


Farthest-off objects are only ageing (in real time) at a few percent of earth’s time-rate.  Their time-rate decreases with increasing distance from the center (which is inside of us on earth in this universe).  (Each time-rate varies with the distance from the center, by location.)

This concept is unique to C-R theory; everyone else expects their time is almost equal to ours, after correction for speeding away.  This is also why the Hubble constant isn’t really appropriate, as a measure of increase.  It is an “illusion”, and not a true constant.


No need for dark matter, and no dark energy.  The C-R theory just doesn’t need them to explain our universe, as is.  Will be commented upon in later blogs.


The C-R theory process offers a better fit to conservation-of-energy.  No need for continual violation.  A return to “science”, just like it was practiced 200 years ago, way-back-when, “when: not violating conservation of energy” was considered BETTER science (or just good science), and more likely to be found true.


This concludes the observations section, where I have tried to remember some of the items I’ve read about in the last 30 years or so.  This blog is not intended to be a complete or extensive list, but it is at least representative of many items observed in the last 30 years which don’t fit-in well with a “Big Bang-derived” scenario.  These items don’t fit the mold or the standard theory’s expectations.  They don’t spring-out and say, Oh, I see why this would do that.

On the other hand, every one of these items is MORE understandable IF and only IF a “C-R theory-type” process is going on all around us.  In every case, the C-R theory provides a new pathway to see why these events occur like they do, how and why they are interlinked, and the phenomena noted suggest a connection to some aspects of the C-R theory, where a real difference would be expected.

If the connection is merely a figment of my imagination, then others at home will not notice this possibility, too.  If you, at home, do start to sense a connection, or you start to realize, “Maybe the C-R theory isn’t all made-up.  Maybe it does offer a real positive contribution to linking-in ALL of these-type phenomena listed, and giving us some good insights into the processes going on everywhere around us.”

In the next blog, I’ll add-in another list of speculations, questions, answers, and more, that will help to tie in the above list, and root the items into a common scenario or framework.  {I would have added the list now, but the list just got way too long already for a simple blog.  I do intend to overwhelm the home readers with the abundance of these type phenomena, and a large list does that best!!}

I did not provide current links to many of these items above, as I’ve been aware of many of them for many years, and I don’t have written down the original place or article-source where I first noted the item.  Most of these items now are Google searchable, and will readily link-to many web sites that will cover each item from a non-C-R theory viewpoint.  I did try to provide a brief C-R theory spin, although not too extensive, as the list was already long.  I will try to provide more documented links at a later time, where home readers can check-out several helpful web sites where these items are mentioned.

My claim is that all the above items fit into a giant puzzle, where each small piece provides a partial glimpse of the whole-ongoing process.  Only the C-R theory attempts to link-in ALL of these items, and show WHY each one matters, how they are similar, and how each suggests that “something-like what the C-R theory suggests is going-on, is really going-on.” There are probably thousands of similar observations, each one seemingly insignificant, which can provide a picture of a universe brimming with electrical, ionic, magnetic, and “freed-up electric-charge” activity.  Such evidence abounds.

I would contend that our universe IS NOT electrically neutral overall, but that an enormous amount of electrical activity is going on all around us, and our solar system has many known instances where there is just too much electrical activity, too much current, too much high-energy interaction to regard our universe (and outer space) as electrically neutral.

No other theory has such a simple causative mechanism. (The electrical universe web-sites claim some of the same electrical activity, but simply have the electrical charges coming from “somewhere else”.) Standard theory is oblivious to the electrical activity, and dismisses almost all of it as a coincidence or treats each phenomenon as an isolated anomaly.

I would hope to persuade some readers out there to simply look around, and notice all of the phenomenon linked to electrical activity, cosmic rays (or high energy positive charges), excess electrons, and polarized light.  Realize that all such activities indicate something is going on, and there probably is a good, simple explanation for it all.  The C-R theory is attempting to show you home readers a new way to look at these type events, and to integrate them all into a much bigger, more complete picture.

Please drop-in again soon, and I’ll try to provide the second part of this blog within the next week, where I link in further speculations, ask probing questions (with a C-R theory viewpoint expecting something close to what we do see), providing some theory, and suggesting why the C-R theory does now understand more of what is actually seen, and how it all fits-in to an overall plan, with an overall purpose, and how our universe is behaving as a finely-tuned system, with everything going-on as a normal, everyday activity.

If you don’t want to wait until then, please proceed over to the C-R theory (either version) and read as much as you can.  Many of the items mentioned here will be suggested from the descriptions provided, and from the scenarios covered.

Oct. 10, 2009, and last modified March, 2015

End the 1st part-of this blog