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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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Happy New Year

I would like to wish all C-R theory readers a happy new year for 2009.  I hope that at least a few of you can accept some or all of the new ideas expressed by the theory.

I was going to explain my thoughts on the making of the C-R theory.  I would like to explain my take on gravitationa" curvature.  Gravitational curvature can be thought of something like a shape-bending or capacity changing.  Consider a balloon.  Blow-up the balloon nearly full, then hold-on to the stem, but do not tie it off.  If you let some or all of the air out of the balloon, this somewhat approximates how I envision curvature changing the capacity of matter to store “gravitational” energy.  I also imagine a sponge lodged between two flat metal plates, with 4 screws adjusting the width of the plates between full capacity and decreasing to no capacity.

I do not know whether or not the capacity change caused by curvature is strictly dimensional, adding sub-dimensional loops smoothly, or fractal, adding smaller sub-dimensions in incremental {digital} jumps, with a possible non-continuous nature, something like a Sirpinski fractal.  Whichever method nature chooses, I imagine the “path-length” increases for light (electromagnetic energy) when a slow-down occurs.  This path-length change is the real cause of the red-shifts we detect in this universe.  The way to tell for certain that this IS the case, is the appearance of “The Great Attractor”.

If the red-shift is CAUSED by an expanding universe, there should be red-shifts everywhere.  While it is true that there are red-shifts in every direction, there is also “The Great Attractor”, where blue-shifts occur in one direction, up to a point.  NOTE: Conventional theory can only explain this as an anomaly, otherwise, it has no “cause”.

On the other hand, if our universe is FIXED in size, not expanding, and is closed-off and self-contained, then there must be a preferred reference frame superimposed over this universe.  There will be NO curvature at the center, some additional curvature here at earth’s location, and complete curvature in every direction.  NOTE: If we are not at the exact center, then earth MUST be slowed-down somewhat as compared to the center.

NOTE: If this curvature-based red-shift is indeed the case, then science is adding a double-whammy to their thinking when they “correct” the observed visual data to remove the red-shift and restore the time-base on far-away objects to make them the same time-rate as here on earth.  This means that the type 1a supernovas observed close-by and far-off do not occur at the same real time-rate.  This extra mistake in reasoning is why current science believes that our universe is not only expanding, but expanding at an expanding rate.