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Welcome to the 33,000th visitor, and to the 33,333rd visitors, and all others, too.  I wanted to note those milestones for this web site, before starting in on this month’s main topic, FOUNDATIONS.


One of the most significant differences in the C-R theory is a “Foundation” issue.  The C-R theory states that every Black-HoleC-R has a completely closed-off region inside.  This is a critical difference, to understand just how nature exploits this issue, and uses this inside region almost like a platform, or a foundation, to build or establish the necessary part of the Black-HoleC-R, the region where spacetime is turned-off, or inactivated.

I would like to re-explain this concept yet again, to try to convey the real advantages to using this method, and show why I think nature has taken this approach already.

I am trying to help new arrivals to this web site understand just how profound of a difference the Black-HoleC-R has vs.  a standard black hole.  The start of the understanding begins with just why a Black-HoleC-R cannot simply collapse into a singularity inside, as it’s more famous counterpart, (the standard “generic” black hole) is supposed to.

To start the appreciation process, let us imagine taking any famous structure built by mankind, then imagine throwing-away or removing the foundation.  Any monument or structure begins anchored to it’s base, and depends upon it for stability, and to share forces generated when storms and stresses threaten it.  With a good foundation, those stresses are channeled and shared throughout the building, as the original architect anticipated.  While there have always been situations later-on that exceeded anything imagined by the builder, initially planning-in a generous safety margin sometimes holds the structure together, and minimizes damage.

If we deliberately remove the base any object was built-upon, we head for imminent danger.  There are very few manmade structures that could survive normal, everyday stresses without their foundations remaining intact (without some temporary bracing, if that structure is being moved or transported intentionally).  Most architects would cringe if we took their creations and threw-away their bases, leaving the structure unsupported and unanchored.

In the conventional black hole, however, there is absolutely NOTHING, structure-wise, upon which to build but the flimsiest of voids, or the emptiest of vacuums.  This arrangement continues until one reaches the centermost singularity, an unimaginably small region of near-infinite density, where newly-arrived matter and energy meet-up with all of the original matter-contents from the starting mass.  No equation on earth can account-for the processes that are expected to go on there, and no lab in this universe (that we know-of) can test or duplicate those “imagined” conditions.

All that is suspected is that the Newtonian-type attraction has yielded, or finally ceased, after that attraction has overcome the internal structural integrity of protons, neutrons, [and maybe the electrons too], or their internal sub-constituents (like quarks).

Where the difficulty should lie in this scenario, is, how can such an arrangement as the singularity convey back-out the knowledge-of {or the expression-of} the quantity of the mass, of the innermost contents, or does it?

This is where the real advantages of the C-R theory process come into play.  Start off with a large mass, just a few atoms shy of complete-criticality.  It will be almost-at the tipping point, with almost enough mass, at almost the proper density, to produce almost enough curvature (or gravity) to close-off that mass, or have the escape velocity equal (then exceed) the speed-of-light, outside of that mass.

One of the most interesting items about this condition is that, at the center of that mass, the curvature is minium, or zero.  Only as you add-on mass outward from the center do you increase the overall curvature, in every direction.  It is only at the outside edges, or right at the outer surface, that the curvature is MAXIMUM.  If you can understand this, and grasp it well, you can start to understand why this is a strong base for this good idea.

Active Zone In the curvature-based gravity concept, it is where the curvature is greatest, that the largest effect is created, or active {the light green area}.  The effect is still active, (although fadingly intense), as we approach the center.  NOTE: The maximum action from curvature, [but NO emissions], WILL occur at the outside edges.  There is never any influence, at all, at the center.

Now, when we throw in the final few atoms, to increase the internal mass to exact criticality, where the escape velocity will EQUAL the speed-of-light, we would note that the greatest curvature, and the maximum external effect, would still only occur at the outermost edges, while everything further inside remains virtually unaffected, with sub-critical curvature levels all the way down, after the final few atoms are added.

When we cause gravity in this manner, {by the effect of curvature upon matter}, we maintain our full inside base intact, to create the closed-off conditions at ONLY the outer edges.  They are now “OFFICIALLY” at a Schwarzschild radius, after the full-curvature creates the escape velocity that equals “c”.  The inside volume is still intact, and fully active, time-wise.

Personal Note: The C-R theory attempts to avoid the conventional use of the label: “event horizon”, to also describe this outermost barrier or boundary.  In conventional thinking, where the outside appearance shows only the fading and dimming light, trailing-off as something external approaches, then enters-in, the external appearance recognized as “the event horizon” only relies upon the rapidly fading “leftovers of light” emitted outside.

In a practical sense, by studying this leftover-light, [conventionally, the event horizon], the appearance will not gain us any good clues for understanding what is going on.  For this reason, the C-R theory recommends discarding any ideas mentioning or utilizing the appearance of light remaining outside, as seen from the “event horizon”.  This suggests returning to the consideration of the original mathematic description of Schwarzschild radius.  That situation there is more-like a marker, or a city’s proud banner, advertising “Welcome to …”, a sign, denoting a real change in jurisdiction, and announcing a “new set of rules” for one to be governed-by, once you cross-over (in)to that side.  When you are officially “inside a Black-HoleC-R“, some of the old rules just do not apply.

The nicest part of this “new” arrangement is, only at the “lawless” region, where the escape velocity is greater than the speed-of-light, would there be unfamiliar territory to us.  Immediately inside this volume, there is a completely intact, but fully closed-off region, a volume where ALL of the science, physics, and math rules we ARE familiar with still totally APPLY.

What was necessary in achieving my understanding of: why that inside volume could not collapse, was to show how the process benefits both the inside and outside.  Only by establishing that “Foundation”, [underneath, established on the inside], could we create those internal conditions necessary to bring the escape velocity over lightspeed at the Schwarzschild radius.  This scrunched or pinched volume inbetween becomes the Neutral ZoneC-R, in the C-R theory’s lingo, and the governing properties arise only BECAUSE the escape velocity EXCEEDS the speed-of-light.

By preventing electromagnetic energy from “cruising-around” normally, (at lightspeed), and trapping it inside a “resonance-well”, where it technically “resonates” at lightspeed, [but in another, “hidden” dimension, or a side-loop], it cannot communicate knowledge effectively out-of the Black-HoleC-R.  The knowledge-of the pent-up electrical charge still exists, but cannot just travel anywhere else, like go from any “point A” to any other “point B”.  Nature “jails” both matter and the photons, or light-energy, inactivating them, and preventing any form of interaction.

This “protective custody” concentrates everything incoming, and packs it in firmly, reestablishing increased order, (or entropy), by this arrangement.  This “forces” a restoration of entropy, by increasing the orderliness of everything inside, while simultaneously establishing the mechanism whereby gravity can later-on be overcome, if those charged contents become “de-contorted-enough” to be sensed, they can then be freed.

This escape process might be enhanced by a close encounter from one Black-Hole C-R nearing another Black-HoleC-R, if the averaged-out volume-of the curvature directly-between the two entities slips below the warp-level, to where it is again below lightspeed.  This initiates the release/escape process, where the instantaneous explosion can release energies exceeding any known process that mainstream science understands.  (except for pure matter-antimatter annihilation) Think of the ionized mass and energy trapped over millennia or eons, suddenly freed-up.

While this sudden freeing of the contents inside would be totally useless from a conventional black hole’s electrically neutral diet, the uniqueness of the C-R theory concept declares that the Black-HoleC-R predominantly captures only the protons and neutrons, while allowing virtually all of the electrons to escape the capture process.  This is where the true “genius” of nature’s design (which I am uncovering, {or reporting-on, speculating-upon}, but not creating from scratch), benefits from a systemic approach.  Each of the individual pieces of the C-R theory process are useless individually, but priceless, when they are combined-together, acted-on as a group, into a fully functioning part of a complete system.

I can only emphasize, this is why this particular mechanism was chosen (by nature, or, more specifically, by the Creator).  By selecting the smaller parts to exploit the complete system in operation, the interconnections become more obvious, and the reasons for those specific choices become more necessary.  (I did not create these ideas, but, I believe I was allowed to understand them.  I then felt obligated to share them with you, for free, just in case they are true or correct.)

What I am trying to do is to present these items in a logical manner, and describe them in such a way that, if nature has truly chosen this method, that indications of this system should “leak-out” in known observations of existing phenomena.

(Remember that the events, as seen from earth, and as described in the available literature, are presented solely by people who were not brought-up to think in the C-R theory way, and who have no interest in supporting it.  The events are described as if they fit-in to the current mode of thinking, and are part of those simple processes.  Extra electrons and stored-up positive charges do not fit-in to these world-views, so they are not expecting any such things to be occurring.)

I would hope to alert scientists to things to observe that might help to give hints, provide clues, and establish whether the C-R theory is credible, or imaginary.  I am trying to show where to look, and the types of things to give new significance to the C-R theory in everyday operation.  Are these ideas plausible, and does nature already offer some direct evidence that Black-HolesC-R rather than fusion, from excess electrons released in the process, provide the majority of the energy interactions we observe from stars? If we were to deliberately look-for indications of a C-R theory-like energy creation alternative, could it be ruled-in, or ruled-out?

By presenting these ideas publicly, I hope to alert as many people as possible to this alternative view, and give the C-R theory a chance to sink or swim on it’s own.

Further comments on the C-R theory

Here are a few items I meant to comment on earlier, but forgot-about at that time.  There was a blog column in Astronomy magazine, commenting upon the confidence that science has over things that are taught and believed.  Most of what is currently taught about the conventional black hole has a very low confidence level, since there is virtually no way to test any of that which is generally accepted, but not provable.

While I also cannot prove the C-R theory, what I can do is recommend things to look for which demonstrate that a C-R theory-like process is going-on, and there is ample evidence already known-about, (but successfully ignored, or not connected-in).

There is an abundance of electrical activity occurring almost everywhere within this solar system, yet “science” still thinks that space is mostly electrically neutral, and that charge imbalances will average-out, or spread-out, without accumulating.  A really good clue is the flux-tube current, occurring cyclically, between Jupiter and Io.  It can be as high as 5,000,000 amps, (with each of those amps representing 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrical charges, flowing EVERY SECOND), which should clue-in you home-readers that hmmm, maybe there is something electrical going-on that could be noticed, if looked-for.

Mind you, this is only one instance, among ALL known electrical-like phenomenon, like aurorae, lightning (thunderstorms), ion-belts, magnetic fields, solar winds (accelerating as it LEAVES the sun’s vicinity).  Somehow science misses this “evidence” of mega-electrical activity, right under our “collective” noses, because it does not fit-in to their paradigm of “How this solar system works”.

I’ll give you a small hint, these electrical charges do not just occur on their own, but they have a source {or many sources}.  If we simply suppose that activity like this also occurs outside the solar system, too, we have a significant amount of electrical activity.

When science is looking for mysterious dark matter, to hold together the galaxy arms, they ignore the most obvious answer, that electromagnetism holds together the arms, and drives the rotation, too.  But, since there is not supposed to be that much electrical activity, (or magnetism), in a galaxy, science is looking for non-existent “dark matter” to provide the missing gravitational force, whatever additional influence that is needed that conventional gravity does not supply.

The C-R theory states that at least some of the stars themselves will release tremendous quantities of excess electrons, supplied by the Black-HolesC-R inside, powering most stars.  After all, would not you use the most efficient energy-releasing mechanism, if YOU were designing a universe? Fusion obtains 0.7% of the available energy from hydrogen, whereas the Black-HoleC-R can extract about 50% of the rest-mass energy from the same mass.

Additionally, instead of choking-off the fusion in a star, when the mix of the hydrogen to helium drops below an optimal percentage, the drop-off of hydrogen to helium ratio by half does not “poison” the gravitational-energy mix, or shift it into another gear.  This could make Black-HoleC-R powered star-lifetimes last 100 times as long as a fusion-powered star.  NOTE: If you have the patience (and the ability) to wait around that long, you can then check it yourself {or disprove it to me, if it does not}.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society, there is nothing vaguely resembling that amount of tolerance for a delay in waiting for the correct answers.  That puts the C-R theory at a competitive disadvantage, to conclusively determine the correct answer, right now.

That is why I have tried to list a few of those known objects or phenomenon which can give the home reader some idea that there are many C-R theory-like processes going-on, and already written-about, but that the indications of those results have been reported by individuals with no “expectation” of something like that happening.  That makes it a bit more difficult to be truly objective.  What one needs to do it to look for massive electrical-charge displacement in action, and summarize those type-of results.

One of the rare few places where extreme electrical (magnetic) activity takes place is in magnetars.  The known magnetars all have enormous magnetic fields, far above the wimpy “1 million Teslas” practical limit experienced in labs here on earth.  When attempting to deal with higher continuous magnetic fields, our labs experience catastrophic material failures in our samples or our measuring equipment.  This limits the experimental results that can be replicated on earth to a really puny level, as compared to the magnetar’s environmental levels.

One could also try to investigate the levels of polarized light in this universe.  Polarized light is everywhere, and comes from every direction.  What should surprise scientists is the level of polarization already known about.  Polarized light can only be caused by huge electrical fields, or strong magnetic fields.

Has anyone added-up the amounts of polarized light, and then announced the amounts of electrical currents, or magnetic fields required to polarize just what we know about?

I will admit that I do not know how many additional stars out there have a double-negative ionization of their photospheres, like our sun does.  If one considers that after heating hydrogen gas up to over 6,000° C, our sun’s photosphere’s hydrogen atoms each pick-up [gain] an additional electron, instead of shedding their electrons as the gas is heated.

This electron-saturation might not be anomalous, IF our sun is mostly powered by a Black-HoleC-R, which is continually emitting excess electrons.  The sun’s photosphere is the one sure place to see that this phenomena shows-up continually.  Possibly, there is another intelligent and reasonable alternative to explain-away this anomaly.  One thing for certain is that I have just not imagined-it, but that this anomaly exists, and IS on the record.  It certainly has not been widely touted as something of keen interest to science.

One final item I noticed this last week was that Science News, July 2, 2011, covered an announcement from Robert Quimby of Caltech that there is possibly a new class of a type of supernova discovered.  What is most interesting is that scientists have ruled out the 3 leading energy producers for most supernovae, including radioactive decay of the remnants.  That may be good for the C-R theory, because it has, or needs, a new type of energy producer, (the sudden freeing-up of confined protons and neutrons).  Interestingly, most of the light from this new-type supernova is emitted in the ultraviolet band.  Apparently, no trace of hydrogen gas is seen in the remnants, either.

I will keep reading on this new find, and see if it appears to fit in to a C-R theory-like mold, or is something not (yet) compatible.

That should do it for this blog.  I hope to find even more items for next time, and cover some more basic areas in a new manner.  Again, feel free to use the contact the author section from the home page to contact me, if you have suggestions or questions.  Thank you all for visiting, and please re-read sections if you need to to see how the whole C-R theory fits-in to a working system.

Until I can convince enough others of the validity of these ideas, and get them to help to share these concepts elsewhere, the C-R theory web pages will be your only reliable source for these ideas.  If I can find similar ideas posted elsewhere, that can help the home-readers to understand these new concepts, or to illustrate the points, I will pass those along, too.

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