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by Jerry A. Reynard

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Fishtank Physics

Blog for the day, or new item, Fishtank Physics: Why thermodynamics, the study of a glorified fishtank (with accurate measurements, and accounting for energy losses) is the ultimate, “Think-inside-the-box” type-of thinking.  [Unimaginative]

To this, the C-R theory says, no wonder they won’t appreciate, understand or conceive-of the ideas needed to restore entropy created exclusively within the C-R theory.  Only by exploiting the properties of the Neutral Zone C-R can physics someday hope to see how this universe restores entropy, and why our universe hasn’t “run out-of steam”, so to speak.  (There could be other ways, too, but none nearly as simple, and easy to understand.)

With the understanding of the work-energy contained within steam, and the desire to recover or use ALL of the practical amount, or as much as was physically possible to extract, the science of thermodynamics was born.

Eventually, after extensive trials and tests, they realized that there was a limit to the practical amount of work that could be extracted from any amount of energy, and that depended upon the temperature differences (or energy concentrations) between the two ends.  The bigger the difference, the more that could be extracted, the lesser the difference, the less that could be practically achieved (even if the energy WAS abundant, if it was too concentrated, i.e., couldn’t be “moved” to an area of lesser temperatures) energy could not be efficiently extracted.

Eventually, scientists arrived at the “second law” of thermodynamics, that energy always goes downhill, or entropy (the measure of disorder within a system) increases with time.  That the C-R theory has proposed to overcome that limitation, by using the properties of the Neutral Zone C-R, an exclusive outer part of a C-R theory “brand-name” Black-HoleC-R, has not yet been accepted as “believable” by mainstream science.  {Reference note: The Neutral Zone C-R is the portion of every Black-HoleC-R where matter and energy are contained at an escape velocity “Above the speed-of-light”} The C-R theory does maintain, that, by design, the Neutral Zone C-R either: A, Does not obey the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or B, cannot obey the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  (There would be subtle differences in POSSIBILITIES and abilities, I will not discuss them at this time.)

At some later time, scholars could debate whether: The Neutral Zone C-R is exempt from the second law (by a legal loophole, i.e., since there is no “time” within a Neutral Zone C-R ), or, the second law is not a law, but something less, as it only applies to Active Zones C-R, areas which do obey the second law.  {Those areas where electromagnetic energy, or light, is active.}

The real question, or observation, is: If our universe is infinitely old (by the C-R theory hypothesis), and not just freshly-started at a big bang, then why does our universe have any energy at all, why isn’t it “run-downhill”, energy-wise? Answer: This universe practically recycles matter and energy, and is particularly GOOD at it {really, more like excellent-plus some}.  {I will not “scientifically” discuss whether or not “It has direct help” {from a Creator, or more specifically, The Creator}, because science cannot yet prove it, or test it with any degree of rigor, much less objectivity}.  HINT: A well tended garden shows evidence of it’s tending, vs.  a garden with evidence of complete abandonment or long-neglect.  One simply KNOWS the difference between the two ends of those extremes.  Caution needs to be exercised in the middle, though.  An unattended garden (where the gardener is on a break) may look better than a tended garden, where the gardener had been away quite a while but is there, now.

Technically, mainstream science has carefully observed and measured a “glorified fishtank” and decided that that tank is a suitable model for the behavior of everything in the universe (as in The Second LAW of Thermodynamics).  While their intentions are benign (if not quite admirable), the results simply do not apply (as “observed”.  HINT: Seen and measured under “light-speed-allowed” circumstances).  Since the Neutral Zone C-R simply cannot be “observed” under any circumstances, this AUTOMATICALLY invalidates the conclusions derived therefrom.  (meaning: It doesn’t apply!!!)

That is why the C-R theory believes it has achieved an insight based-upon situation based reasoning, where simple formulas, or observations cannot apply.  It is a method not nearly-as-often used to success as might be possible.  (It should be tried more regularly.)

An improved video version of: An Experiment ANYONE can do at Home, is nearly ready.  It should appear within the next two weeks.  If this does not significantly challenge your thinking, and raise a few eyebrows in the process, then I’ve failed.  On the other hand, I hope at least some readers/viewers out there will take-up my challenge, and repeat that experiment for themselves, which can easily and cheaply be done at home {or anywhere else}.  If you pay close attention, and LISTEN to what I’m saying, you may well be amazed, astounded, confused, and skeptical.  If you can simply dismiss it, you’ve missed the point entirely.  I will prepare a blog to be posted after the experiment is posted on-line, to follow-up on the ideas and claims I make in that video.  To those few who do check it out, you may find-out something NEW which has been “Hidden-in-plain-sight” for at least 80 years.

Although the experiment has been done many times before, I intend to show YOU readers/viewers at home something new, and previously unnoticed and unconsidered.  A new way to look-at the experiment, and a new viewpoint to consider.

Both the Comedy-Recycling theory and the Big Bang theory are looking for the best answers, and the simplest answers, and both clearly wish to understand our universe better.  Both are using different methods, and looking in different places to search for answers.  One of those two seems to be confounded by every new development, and “only” needs about 7 anomalies to make it almost work.  The other one simply accepts what is seen, but understands those things much differently.  Hopefully, time will tell which one is a better choice.