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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

Comedy-Recycling Theory Blog

Date: March 14, 2015

December 2014 – March, 2015 Blog

I would like to welcome our 150,000 th visitor and beyond, as well as all who have visited, to the Comedy-Recycling theory.  I would invite everyone who is not satisfied with the Big Bang theory, to try-out the C-R theory, and see if you do not find the universe much more human-understanding-friendly, after reading about this theory.

Happy pi ( π) Day, Everyone

This blog is being posted on pi day, 3-14-15.  Pi, (π) is an important math and scientific symbol, and deserves it’s one day a century of fame.  Cherry π is also one of my favorite desserts.

We Joined the Natural Philosophy Alliance

Near the end of November, my webmaster and myself went to the Natural Philosophy Alliance 2014 conference in Baltimore, MD.  There were many interesting presentations, including many not considered as viable by mainstream science.  There were some that have implications favorable to the C-R theory. Several presenters arrived at similar conclusions, but with entirely different reasoning-paths.  The C-R theory is based upon a somewhat natural philosophical reasoning, and my webmaster found a documentary describing the group, and recommended joining it to me.  I was favorably impressed with the attendees and presenters at this year’s conference, and I think this group would fit-in well with some of the C-R theory’s strong points.

I may discuss some of this year’s presentations more thoroughly after reviewing some video footage digitally recorded at the conference.  It would not be fair to rely exclusively upon my memory of the presentations, without reviewing the recordings.

I will include a link to their website on this site, to allow our home-readers to explore their ideas and check out their papers and presentations. www.worldnpa.org

Some of the edited videos from last year’s November conference have already been posted on line, and more should follow.

NOTE: This does not imply any endorsement by the C-R theory of other members claims, but, it affords an opportunity for our home readers to explore additional new ideas not embraced by mainstream science.  I have found some of the presentations quite interesting, and some impressive results which seem reasonable to me.  There are some I would disagree with, also, but I am glad to have heard them out, and to have the opportunity to evaluate their findings from a C-R theory viewpoint.

Announcing a Special April Fool’s Day Blog

or, Celebrating those who have remained fooled since at least 1929

Before proceeding further, I would like to announce that there should be a special blog released just before April Fool’s Day, 2015, dedicated to the world’s scientists who have remained fooled (by nature) for these many years.  The C-R theory will have extensive comments on this claim in that blog.  I will also plan to post a top ten list of favorite jokes and puns, harvested from the blogs and the main theory.

In the view of the C-R theory, the world’s scientists have been fooled by nature since at least 1929, but they do not know, or acknowledge this.  The next blog will cover the claim much more fully.

Claims for “Proof” of the Hyperinflation Phase of the Big Bang were retracted

The most recent news is that scientists retracted their claim, from last year, that they found the “smoking gun” proof for hyperinflation at the beginning of the Big Bang as the 1 part in 10,000,000 of polarization of the 2.7K background radiation, something I took issue with in the last blog.  I did not expect to be “vindicated” quite so soon, and I am certain that the C-R theory’s objections to it were not the cause of it’s being retracted, but it is nice that something the C-R theory is concerned with becomes rectified so soon after the blog was published.

Otherwise, mainstream science is prepared to spend over two billion dollars to build and to maintain the LIGO, space-based interferometer, to look for gravity waves hypothesized to be produced when (generic) black holes collide and eat one another.  The sad thing about this is, by the C-R theory, this can never happen, as a Black-Hole C-R can never eat another Black-Hole C-R , for simple reasons that only the C-R theory can now understand.  [By Newtonian reasoning, the C-R theory ideas would not make sense.]

Since gravity already is maximum directly inside a Black-Hole C-R , the energy-value of matter already eaten is also at it’s lowest possible energy value, gravitationally.  No further energy-release will be gained even if the entire Black-Hole C-R could be eaten again.

I would be highly disappointed if the LIGO device actually measured intense gravity waves as expected by standard theories, but I would accept it, and move-on from there.  While it is possible that a few neutron stars being eaten might actually put out some small gravitational waves, there should be no earth-shaking measurements recorded due to Black-Holes C-R merging.  I simply want the C-R theory to be on record, officially, predicting null results, ahead-of-time.

By the C-R theory, the mass inside a Black-Hole C-R is already, gravitationally, at the lowest possible energy level, something akin to absolute zero, temperature-wise, but with respect to gravity.  ADMISSION: There may be a bit of wiggle room here, in my new thinking, as all Black-Holes C-R are not exactly alike, depending upon their location within this universe.  Whether this location-position difference is enough to allow any Black-Hole C-R to physically dine upon another Black-Hole C-R will remain doubtful, but I cannot totally rule it out, as I ponder over every possible permutation of potential encounters.

No Black-Hole C-R  Cannibalism

It should be noted that, even if a Black-Hole C-R could dine upon another Black-Hole C-R , the energy output available will be orders of magnitude lesser than what would be expected from the standard Newtonian formula, where it is the two masses and the distance between them that determines the energy potential available to be released.  NOTE: Nature has firmly scolded me that, if we stupid humans ASSUME that gravity works all the way from minimum curvature, up to maximum curvature, then back down to minimum (or zero) curvature again, gravity feels NO COMPUNCTION to oblige us, and simply does what it was designed to do.  It only works from lesser curvature to greater curvature, and when that is finished, it is done, kaput, spent-out, and takes a permanent break from affecting mass.

This idea about gravity only working while curvature is increasing is a direct recycling of the idea nature used a century ago to avoid the collapse into another singularity, at the Ultraviolet Catastrophe.  This was when Maxwell’s equations predicted that every electron should continually radiate away energy of motion, until the electron collapsed into the proton.  It took a complete revolution in thinking and understanding, realizing that physics required electrons to radiate-away their energy in quantized packets of energy, called photons, which prevented that disaster.

The Comedy-Recycling theory simply learned that lesson, then re-applied it to the exact-same type of situational-dilemma, gravity-wise, to once-again prevent any possibility of forming a singularity.  This solution relies upon nature to already have solved the problem, in a practical manner, because nature is not slavishly relying upon limited and inflexible equations for understanding.  NOTE: The C-R theory is not saying that most equations are not useful, but over-reliance upon them, vs. a simple understanding of the situation, is likely to create confusion when the equation, and not the simplicity, is allowed to dominate the thinking.

While I cannot prove that the solution is valid, in an academic court-of-law, the simple principle of Occams’ razor should triumph yet again.

What I hope to accomplish is help others to understand the solution, to allow them to apply more rigorous math skills and find a solution that actually addresses the situation, or at least, more-correctly fits the situation.  I am reasonably certain that almost no-one has considered gravity from a curvature-based reasoning.  What is most interesting is, gravity, technically, is no longer a force, or the CAUSE, but what we think of as {the force of} gravity is actually the end result, or the aftermath of the action of curvature upon matter.

If you think of a car wreck, where two automobiles attempt to simultaneously occupy the same volume of space, the wreck is the RESULT of this action, and not the cause.  If you can understand it this way, you might now understand why gravity is so difficult to resolve and to combine with the other 3 forces.  The old assumption was (and still IS): All forces were united as one at the beginning, but they slowly broke-away, as they were “frozen-into” different states or forms, as the universe expanded and cooled-down.  {But still at temperatures far above what we would consider cool.}

A Four=Gone Conclusion — or,  Forces, Our Hand

What the C-R theory now understands is, this is flawed reasoning, and gravity, as a force, is irreconcilable with the other forces, because it is totally different.  This difference is critical in allowing gravity to be sensed outside of the Black-Hole C-R , whereas all of the 3 other forces remain trapped inside, unable to bridge the gap and couple-out to express themselves.

A key point of new insight, available only from the C-R theory, might also help ones to better understand some aspects of How Gravity Works.  Without presenting all of the justification here, let me reveal what I have learned about gravity.  I was discussing with my webmaster about the properties of older seatbelts from around the mid ‘60’s, where the seatbelts continually ratcheted-in, and would not release again unless the seatbelt was almost fully retracted, then it was allowed to re-extend again, and repeat the cycle.

What is important to understand is: the influence of gravity is something like that ratcheting action, and only increases while the local curvature increases.  Once a local maximum value is reached, gravity is done, and it will not continue to operate further, decreasing in value as one attempts to proceed further downward.  This is because curvature actually causes gravity, by affecting (influencing) the storage-ability of matter.  Once gravity has taken a mass into the maximum curvature available, it’s job is totally done.

I am familiar with the standard Newtonian formula, taught almost universally now, as the proper way to understand gravity.  Unfortunately, gravity has shown me, by experiment, that is NOT how gravity works, it was merely ASSUMED to do so.

I will state that, above ground, the Newtonian formula works well.  Where it will fail, humanity has not yet been able to travel there, and might not ever be able to do so.

(Other locations will be available to test that hypothesis in the long-term future, but not that we could actually test it, for years to come.)  [I have covered this in other, earlier blogs, so I’ll just state it, for now.]

If you can understand this concept, many exciting things become available to you to solve riddles about this universe, well hidden, yet easily solvable.  The entire nature of our universe has been mis-understood and that explains a lot of the things that science remains baffled-by.

A brief statement would be, a proper understanding of gravity will explain why a closed universe is likely, and no singularity is ever possible.  Where would a ball fall to if it could be dropped down into a hollow shaft, down into the earth, and why the exact spot would change cyclically, with time.

A more accurate statement would be: gravity is the result of the action of curvature upon matter, and NOT the cause of matter’s motion.  To avoid too much confusion, for the most part, the C-R theory will go along with the ingrained notion of gravity causing motion, but in reality, science understands it backwards.  [That is a very good reason to explain why science gets so many concepts so wrong, BECAUSE it is starting-off with a false premise.]

More about these ideas will be presented in the next blog, which should be available either before, or by April 1, 2015.

Jerry Reynard  March 14, 2015