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CR Theory Takes on the Weirdest Objects in the Cosmos

October-November blog: There is a special issue of Astronomy magazine for Fall, 2011, that just came out, called Bob Berman’s 50 Weirdest Objects in the Cosmos , and I let this topical issue bump-back my original lead for this blog which was about the Crab Nebula’s surprises.  [I had hinted in the last blog that I wanted to cover the multiverse, but decided the more-immediate opportunities were too fresh and too exciting to cover these other articles that were discussed.  I will save my comments about the multiverse for the next, or a later blog.]

The first weird item of “C-R theory interest” is Sagittarius A*, the 49th of 50 objects, counting backwards.  It is the Black-HoleC-R at the center of our galaxy.  From the C-R theory, the main reason this large Black-HoleC-R is so “quiet” is that it is also surrounded by as many as 20,000 lesser Black-HolesC-R, which collectively do intercept most of the loose-and-available “edible” matter [hydrogen gas], near our galaxy’s central 3 lightyears of volume.

The real significance of these 20,000 lesser Black-HolesC-R is totally missed by mainstream science, which does not expect a C-R theory type-of process to be going on.  I suspect that these lesser Black-HolesC-R may also have something to do with our central Black-HoleC-R being a “measly 4 million solar-masses”, as compared to the billion(s) of solar-massed supermassive Black-HolesC-R, seen in other galaxies.

HINT: The 20,000 lesser Black-HolesC-R may be the real reason(s) behind the excellent “livability” in our galaxy, vs.  the enormous radiation outputs experienced in galaxies with far-larger central Black-HolesC-R, that make those galaxies much less hospitable to lifeforms like us.

Without giving too much away, it might be the actions of these 20,000 lesser Black-HolesC-R which help-to release all of the high-energy excess electrons, which becomes the source for the filling-up the two huge lobes, containing 100,000 supernova’s worth of energy, filling the 25,000 light-years above and below our galaxy’s center.  {As compared to only the central Black-HoleC-R being the generator of the energy filling these lobes.} Those lobes were just discovered last year.  (HINT: Those mysterious lobes MAY also feature prominently later on in this special issue.)

NOTE: Mainstream science maintains that these lobes are filled with pairs of electrons and anti-electrons, {positrons}, mysteriously created by interactions with dark matter, [which the C-R theory says does not exist].  The C-R theory claims that these lobes are filled with almost pure electrons, freshly stripped-off from the Black-Hole’sC-R lunch.  Whether these electrons came from matter eaten by the central Black-HoleC-R, or from the lesser 20,000 Black-HolesC-R, or some combination of both, cannot be determined right now.  What is CERTAIN, is that there are enough potential suspect Black-HolesC-R lurking there, in and around the center of our galaxy, and in that immediate vicinity, and there are huge lobes filled-up with something highly energetic.

The C-R theory’s argument is that, by conventional theory, standard black holes should not be spontaneously creating excess-energy electron-pairs by simply “existing”.  One can argue that the central Black-HoleC-R, Sagittarius A*, shows very little current activity, as compared with many other central supermassive Black-HolesC-R in other galaxies.

The starburst galaxy, (item # 47), M82, becomes an interesting possibility, for showcasing the release of a huge amount of energy from one of the supermassive Black-HolesC-R at the center of a galaxy, colliding with another galaxy, M81.  The huge amounts of radio energy, exploded gas, and infrared energy, should all be indications of some earlier activity, which should be consistent with the release of the contents from a supermassive Black-HoleC-R, accumulated over eons or billions of years.  This is how I believe nature recycles matter and energy, and restores the “freshness” of this universe, internally.

The Antenna Galaxies, (item # 45), seem to indicate yet another type of energy release event, where two galaxies seem to be colliding, and the processes of star-creation is going wild.  Where the “weirdness” comes in is from the (unsuspected) electromagnetic qualities that are just not supposed to be going-on, aided and abetted by the huge releases of energy and electrical (positive or protons) charges freed-up when a supermassive Black-HoleC-R becomes contorted-enough to release some, or all of it’s contents.

Where conventional science wants to attribute ALL of this energy released in galaxy collisions solely to gravity, [including the huge “fictional” contributions from unseen masses of dark matter], the C-R theory contends that the central Black-Hole’sC-R role in this process is totally unsuspected, and unaccounted-for.  I would advise readers to look at the claims from the C-R theory, and LOOK for similar occurrences everywhere there are enormous quantities of energy released, confined positive charges explosively freed-up, and rings of released charges expanding at velocities not explainable by initial temperatures created in conventional processes.

My hope is that others will realize that one CAN understand more of the type-of events we actually find occurring in these spectacular displays, everywhere we look, and can add a few layers of insight.  [without needing ANY encounters with any dark matter]

Even though we do live in an era with improved technical resources, and can search the heavens with fantastic new “appliances”, both astronomers and cosmologists do not understand the many clues nature is TRYING to give us, as to the operations inside our universe.  They ARE baffled by a search for a real underlying CAUSE, or, they do not recognize or understand a believable energy source to “pay-for-it-all”.  It SHOULD-BE an embarrassment to science that the “dark energy” ultimately comes from seemingly nothing, right out of thin air.  THAT IS NOT SCIENCE.  (It may be wishful thinking or inventing fairy-tales.)

As an alternative, the C-R theory only uses known objects and known forces, in new ways, to accomplish processes which should sound remarkably-like what we actually find in the real world.  We NEVER get something from nothing, and everything is paid-for-in-full, energy-wise.  The processes are new (and maybe speculative).

Next on the list is the galaxy at Centarus A, NGC 5128, (item # 42).  It features massive lobes of high energy particles leaving the central Black-HoleC-R at speeds at least half the speed-of-light.  Do these solid particles gain some of their energy from jets of pure electrons, which only the C-R theory expects to emanate from a feeding Black-HoleC-R? It emits intense radio waves.  There was also a jet of X-rays, which could also be a clue to indicate the presence of high energy electrons.

Arp 220, (item # 38), is the most intense infrared source from a galaxy in our sky.  It was catalogued by Halton Arp.  It seems to have regions of, both stars born a half-billion years ago, and regions of stars very recently fired-up (within the last few million years).  I suspect some C-R theory-type processes will be featured here, too.

One of the next items on the list is Io, (item # 34), Jupiter’s innermost large moon.  From the C-R theory, this moon receives a [time and orbit varying] cyclic flux-tube-current, of up to 5,000,000 amps, and NASA has measured a voltage of 400,000 volts across Io’s face.  The C-R theory claims that at least some of this electrical current could be contributing to the heating, creating the active, sulfur spewing volcanoes observed.  {The electrical items of interest to the C-R theory were not featured in this article, but this moon, Io, was noticed for it’s weirdness.}

I may save more items on this top 50 list for the next blog, in the interest of finishing this blog up and getting it on-line sooner, rather than waiting until even later.  I was already planning to feature some new comments on two more of the items on the list, both from the Crab Nebula and it’s remnant pulsar, before I obtained the issue, so I will comment on them, below.

I was reviewing some articles, at work, over my lunchtime, about the most recent surprises from the Crab Nebula.  It emitted outbursts of gamma ray energy over a very short scale, many times more powerful than it’s normal output.  An article from earlier this year was stating that the Crab Nebula’s electrons emitted were already some 100 times more energetic than the best energies earth’s “high-energy accelerators” can muster.  [up to 100 GeV] That also includes the regular pulses emitted by the Crab Nebula’s pulsar.

Scientists had grown so accustomed to the “normal” Crab Nebula energy-output, that it had been used to calibrate some earlier equipment in space.  Later-on, it was found that even this “normal output”, has surprising, short-term variations coming from it.

While earth’s scientists attribute the outgoing beams, travelling at 99.99% of the speed-of-light, to an equal mix of electrons and anti-electrons, (positrons), the C-R theory would claim that the beam is the leftover residue from a Black-Hole’sC-R lunch (or dinner), and will eventually be found to be composed of almost purely electrons.

While the electrons should normally repel each other, their collective magnetic fields might just bunch them together, to make it easier for them to leave the scene, en-masse, somewhat reminiscent of a mass-jailbreak, where the escapees band together to escape, then flee separately later-on, after they’ve fled the scene.

I remember seeing stock footage from early amusement parks showing groups of people sitting on some wooden circles, who would go shooting-off sideways, when the circles were spun around.  If we could imagine that flat circle as a half a globe, and reverse that footage, it might resemble what the proposed electrons do when leaving a Black-HoleC-R.

Whether or not that is how electrons really behave, it would be one of the simplest explanations as to what could cause two, intensely-energetic beams to shoot-away from Black-HolesC-R at 99.99% of the speed-of-light.  The analogy above kind-of simplifies why those electrons would bunch-up into two beams, emerging from the top and bottom of the spinning Black-HoleC-R, vs.  leaking away from all directions, as an expanding shell.

If any of the C-R theory’s readers out there has a spare supercomputer, and a few million dollars to spare, it would be interesting to see if a simulation of the C-R theory-based processes would produce the required jets of matter.  A simulation based on the existing theories, where the electrical positive charge does not become infinitely isolated inside, and the electrons are not stripped-off, will not show anything like what is seen.

Note: this electron-rejection idea, based upon the construction, operation, and feeding of the Black-HoleC-R, is unique to the C-R theory.  For a fuller description of how the Black-HoleC-R works, see my earlier blogs, or the C-R theory sections on Black-HoleC-R operation.

Another hallmark of the C-R theory’s differences is that the generic supernova’s enormous instantaneous release of intense energy, is primarily due to the escape of a built-up from accumulations of positive charges, rather than a runaway, one-time thermonuclear fusion reaction at the end stages of a star’s lifetime.

Note: If there is a sudden, explosive release of an enormous quantity of newly-liberated positive charges, the SUDDEN re-appearance of those charges could also contribute substantially to the enormous magnetic fields attributed to both pulsars and magnetars.

Some magnetar’s magnetic fields have been estimated at one trillion Teslas.  [Our earth’s magnetic field is about 0.6 Teslas.] This level of magnetic fields simply CANNOT be created on earth (yet), as the best laboratory equipment disintegrates or shears-apart from magnetic stresses after reaching “only”, about 1 million Teslas.

This simple causative mechanism also easily explains the origins, (and continual replenishment), behind the source of cosmic rays.  The cosmic rays are predominantly single, high-energy protons.  I read last year that one extreme cosmic ray had been measured to have at least 300 quintillion eV, even though the “average” cosmic rays encountered were much less energetic (at a half-million to a million eV).

NOTE: I have also read that such an energetic cosmic ray would allow that single proton to pack an energy-punch equivalent to a major league baseball [fastball] thrown into a catcher’s mitt.  Fortunately, most of those cosmic rays are intercepted by our protective atmosphere, and become converted into a massive shower or swarm of lesser-energy particles, well before they can impact us.

Every second of every day, several cosmic rays are crashing through your bodies, leaving a trail of damage, which does build-up over a lifetime.  The cellular repair mechanisms of your body attempt to repair the most significant damages, but subtle changes do persist.

I do not know of any other theory, besides the C-R theory, that is willing and able to make very specific predictions as to what to look-for, and where to look.  I invite all of our home readers to look for reports of new phenomenon featuring C-R theory-like levels of energy output.

In spite of the tendency for science writers to “not-write” articles from a C-R specific vantage point, there is abundant evidence left in the everyday reports, suggesting vastly more electromagnetic activity, magnetic fields, interstellar gas flows, ionization, warm gasses (from 4,000 to 10,000 K) in the Reynold’s layer, huge lobes filled with electrons (or else, a 50-50 mix of electrons and anti-electrons, if standard theory is correct).

Strong Hint: If we also observe all of the electromagnetic radiation emanating from galaxies, in almost every energy band, and the level of polarization, from the presence of strong magnetic fields, we can check that SOMETHING electrical is going-on there.

The REAL IRONY: In spite of ALL the evidence for electromagnetic activity inside galaxies, astronomers want to attribute the action holding galaxies arms together exclusively to gravity, generated by dark matter, for which there is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence, instead of a KNOWN FORCE, electromagnetism, which is 1040 times stronger, per atom, than the attraction from gravity.  Every galaxy we detect seems to be rife with polarized light, magnetic fields, radiation in every band from radio, microwave, infrared, light, X-rays, and gamma rays.

If we were to set-up a police-style line-up, looking for the “ guilty parties to “ blame for holding-together galaxy arms, let us imagine this example.  To cause the Reynold’s layer, found in the Milky Way and other nearby galaxies, dark matter would be needed to generate the excess gravity to hold-together the galaxy arms from shearing-off or smearing out, and twisting, (spiraling-around,) until the arms were stir-blended, (mixed-in until they were homogenous), together.

Or, to generate the magnetic fields capable of confining or constraining the galaxy’s arms from shearing-off, we would need candidates to blame for the 4,000-10,000 K hydrogen gas layer.  [the Reynold’s layer] If we lined-up ALL of the galaxy’s 200 billion stars, side by side, and had them each read “I’m guilty”, (of causing this galaxy’s arms to hold together intact, magnetically), we could eliminate those below 4,000 K and above 10,000 K.  That would still leave tens of billions of viable suspects to consider.

The world’s scientists just have had such “blinders” on, that they have only considered dark matter as the possible source of the missing gravity, and “forgotten-about” the other 50% of the known inverse-square forces, electromagnetism , for which I, (as the C-R theory’s author,) consider the evidence to be abundant and overwhelming.

I would appreciate any of my incoming home-readers to help get out the idea that there is a practical, reasonable alternative to dark matter to explain why galaxies arms hold together, available in the C-R theory.

The recent surprises from the Crab Nebula were said to be unexpected by scientists, but I think they are more “good news” for the C-R theory.  There were unexpectedly high levels of x-rays, varying over very short time intervals, found coming from the remnant location of the explosion in the Crab Nebula.  I probably have avoided this topic, from a C-R theory standpoint, since I felt that the pulsar left behind more clearly seemed to demonstrate a “neutron star-like behavior”, as opposed to a Black-HoleC-R like appearance.  Just recently, in searching articles about the Crab Nebula, I came across an article from April, 2011, with descriptions of the emissions from the Cygnus X-1 pulsar as “electrons with over 100 times the amount of energy of anything we can produce in our most advanced LHC.  That article emboldened-me, and reminded me that only the C-R theory claims that Black-HolesC-R emit copious amounts of these high-energy electrons.

This helped me to decide that maybe the C-R theory ideas can help here, in this case, too, and that the pulsar at this spot is either a type of a Black-HoleC-R, or somehow, is mimicking the same, [or a very similar process], as I have attributed to Black-HolesC-R.  If it also is stripping off the electrons from matter, and confining the neutrons and protons as effectively as a Black-HoleC-R, then it is time to let science have a look to see if it is so.  Give that idea a fair “test-drive”.

I’ve been saying for over 30 years that the Black-HoleC-R eats only the proton and proton-neutron combination, and separates, [and spits-out or rejects], the electrons, without consuming very many (if any).

Either these high energy electrons ARE from Black-HolesC-R, or something similar that the pulsar there is mimicking.  This means that, maybe the C-R theory ideas can be of use here, to help scientists to understand what is going on.  Mainstream science certainly is not looking for any “C-R theory-like” mechanisms.  At least until some other, more plausible process can be proposed, get the C-R theory’s “foot-in-the-door”, where it might be helpful.

The October 2011 Scientific American also had an interesting cover article about “Warped by dark matter”, which is worthy of a mention.  The article, starting on page 38, by Leo Blitz, covers a twist to the shape of the Milky Way.  I would offer that, as well as holding our galaxy’s arms together, simple electromagnetism can also produce the warped shape of our galaxy, and not need to call upon dark matter to do the job.

According to this article, it is possible that this warp-shaping varies over time, [oscillates], and is cyclical.  The C-R theory could agree with that possibility, just not that it was the influence of dark matter acting upon the galaxies, via gravity.

Not one experiment has ever shown any indication that anything like dark matter exists.  Mainstream science is using dark matter as a simple fix for the expectations of their theories, to correct the errors which should have been obvious, [that those theories don’t fit reality].

I hope to expand upon that idea in the next blog, and still get to the C-R theory’s take on why the multiverse is not needed, either.

This blog was to have been October’s blog, but I goofed-off enough so that this had to wait until the beginning of November.

I was going to celebrate the 36,000th visitor’s arrival to this web-site, but I also delayed long enough that we are now just over the 37,000th visitor’s arrival, too.

Thanks to all who have visited.  I hope you can find new ways to appreciate our universe.  If you do not believe the C-R theory yet, that is expected, too.  I trust that I can provide some fodder for arguments that many have never considered.  If you cannot change your lifetime’s viewpoint in one reading, that is normal, too.

I would simply try to ask for a fair evaluation, with an open mind.  If I can start the process of changing your thinking, that is progress.  If I can help you to learn more about our fascinating home, (this universe), then that is a good thing, too.  Nature has left abundant clues, hidden everywhere, in plain sight, for ALL to see.  If I can help you to understand HOW the pieces and those clues all fit-together, that is my goal.

My biggest claim is, our universe MAKES SENSE, once you understand HOW to look at it, and WHAT you are seeing.  If YOU can use some of this information and speculation from the C-R theory to understand it better, then we all benefit.  There IS much more left to learn, and to understand.

There are many reports with items that may make more sense when combined with many other observations.  If you can contribute to the overall understanding, that would be great.

Please feel free to disagree with the C-R theory, or to build upon it and try to improve it further.  If you do enjoy it, please let others know, and recommend it to them.

Expect to need to return more than once to fully grasp these ideas.

Until the next blog,