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Celebration of 20,000th Visitor and More

First off, I would like to celebrate the C-R theory’s 20,000thvisitor.  I cheated just a little bit to get that honor, myself.  I checked-in when it was at 19,998, and I refreshed a couple times within the next five minutes thereafter.  There were many initial months that the site ran without a counter, so the real number of visitors is higher.

I would like to thank those thousands who have visited, and I would especially like to thank those who have repeatedly re-visited.  I hope that I can aid more of you home readers in your quest for improved understanding.

I realize the difficulty some have with accepting these new ideas, and I am continually trying to re-present these unique ideas in new, fresh ways, with new “spin”, and with new references to items in the headlines.

I also apologize that there is no pre-agreed-upon language to fully express some of these new concepts.  They are just too new to have a common reference understood and accepted by all readers.

I would like to revise my blog strategy, and discuss why I believe that the C-R theory is relevant, and why it might be worth your while to read it carefully.  The C-R theory is my humble attempt to communicate a really NEW way of thinking about gravity, it’s true cause, and to share something important which I believe has been completely missed almost everywhere else.

The C-R theory is something-like “informed speculation”, rather than a strict, by-the-book, attempt at theory.  I have been trying to share that our entire universe is quite probably the inside of a giant (universe) sized Black-HoleC-R.  As such, one of it’s most interesting properties is that our universe is completely closed-off inside.  This “forces-upon” all of the contents inside, a “preferred reference frame”.  {with minimum gravitational curvature at the center [the blueshifted area], and maximum curvature everywhere at the outermost edges, just beyond our visual ability to detect, because-of a complete time stoppage.}

The real significance of this can only be appreciated by considering a much smaller example of a time-rate change that is “known about”, but not widely covered.  I’ll start-off there.

Home readers can access web-sites about the GPS satellites, where they can find out that the GPS satellites orbiting some 20,200 km.  above the earth gain about 45.5 usec every 24 hours from residing in a slightly lesser level of curved gravity.

(The satellites also slow-down by a bit over 18 usec per day, due to their higher orbital speeds, giving them each a net time-gain of around 38.5 usec.  per day.) Ground controllers then “correct” this time-gain-offset, and cause the satellites clock circuits to “intentionally-miscount”, (therefore, actually correct-for), this real time-gain, as if they were residing snugly on earth’s surface, in that same ground-level time-frame as the GPS user on the ground.

By extending our understanding from correcting the “variable time” concept, from one small item that we do know-about, I next would like to vastly extend that same idea to consider a time-rate-adjustment plan, “Universe-wide”.  (Something-like, measuring the thickness of one sheet of paper, and trying to extend that small insight to understand some of the complexities of all of the forests in North America, or the whole world.)

Cross section diagram

What I have never seen covered anywhere else is a realization that, if our universe is “closed”, then just such a “preferred-reference-frame”, or gravitational slowdown is required of ALL the contents inside this type-of a universe.  The amount of the effect varies in proportion to their distance outward, from the center.  This also means that most-of the phenomena we see in this universe are all seen at their true, real-time rate.  They appear now, just as they occurred originally, and those events do not need to be further corrected, time-wise.  (the darker areas of the small graphic diagram of” half of our universe” are really much slower, just as they appear) (HINT: We on earth are not at the center of the graphic, but somewhere in the lighter area near the center.)

NOTE: Equal color areas in the diagram are also equal in their real time-rates, whether slowed-down or speeded-up to us.

The easy way to tell where the “center of this universe” is, it will be the only place everyone sees that has the maximum rate of blueshift to all of us.  This blue shifted location happens to be called [misnamed] “The Great Attractor”.

“The Great Attractor” is supposed to have such a large mass there that it is sucking earth, and everything closer-in to it, towards that location.  {Hence, the “expected blueshift .”} Science has also failed to find any indication of a sufficient amount-of mass located there to accomplish this prodigious feat.

Everywhere else, further outside of earth’s vicinity [measured from the center], will be more slowed-down (or redshifted) to us.  This redshift is known-about, but is widely believed to be caused as a remnant of the Big Bang, and is thought to be Doppler-shifted, due-to the accelerating expansion.  Because of this ASSUMPTION, the redshifts have been erroneously “corrected” to attempt-to “restore their true nature”.

Five or six indications that this “correction of the observed-data” might be a mistake is for all of the un-caused anomalies that are then needed to make this Big-Bang derived universe make sense.  That the C-R theory can eliminate ALL of those odd anomalies may be a stronger point in it’s favor.  The principle of Occams’ razor states that the simplest theory that fits is most-likely to be correct.

Not to brag too much, but is it easier to explain why an entire universe is accelerating in it’s expansion, [with no obvious energy source to provide it], or to correct that misperception, and show what is really happening? The C-R theory is one of the few theories to attempt to use the latter method.

The C-R theory claims that our universe is completely contained (inside), static (expansion-wise), very dynamic in the interactions permitted, perfectly stable, and well-suited to recycling both matter and energy.  You can read-through some of my earlier blogs for more coverage on those ideas.

A few months ago, I ran across an interesting article, about 18 pages long, from Wikipedia, about Jupiter’s Magnetosphere, and I thought I’d like to share the link with interested home readers.

http://en.wikipediaorg/wiki/Magnetosphere_of_Jupiter .

(This article may be edited again, later on, and some sections or ideas removed or glossed-over, or revised, to make it less useful to the C-R theory.  Archive the article in it’s present state, if possible, before it changes-away.)

(I had intended to remark upon this article a few months sooner, but had other things come up, first.)

The article is mostly a simple summary about Jupiter’s Magnetosphere, and it had some very interesting items (from the C-R theory hypothesis) within.  One of the foremost was that, the net sum of energy emissions from all of Jupiter’s aurorae was 300 tera-watts (TW).  There is an interesting small box about halfway down the 18 page article, listing the various emission bands, summarizing Jupiter’s respective energy outputs for each of those bands.

The C-R theory would like to remind scientists in their search for the non-existent Dark Matter, instead of looking for something that does not exist, why not try to look for what IS known-about.  Just look at ALL of the stray electromagnetic energy apparent within this humble solar system of ours, with the conditions around Jupiter as a prime example.  HINT: Most of this electrical-type phenomenon MUST have a real cause, or a REASON to exist.

There is a cyclical current, flowing between Jupiter and it’s moon Io, sometimes as high as 5,000,000 amps, with up to 400,000 volts of electrical potential across the face of Io itself.  There are enormous magnetic fields, and electrical currents, too.  {Comment: Almost every planet, with the possible exceptions of Mercury and Pluto (which now, officially, may not even BE a planet anymore), has some known aurora type storms.} The linked-to article even mentioned that Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has been observed with auroral activity.

I read elsewhere about a single storm raging on Saturn that has been continuously observed for months, which emits more than 3,000 times the level-of radio emissions of the worst, most intense earth-type storms.  All of these aurora-type phenomenon also look like they, too, are electrical in nature.

IRONIC NOTE: If there is this much electrical activity “ right under our noses ”, in our home solar system (earth’s “back yard”), then how much more collective “electrical activity” might there be galaxy-wide, with billions of stars, at least some of which are very “sun-like”? Can these collective electromagnetic outputs account for most, or all of the “anomalies” in galaxy arm, star-velocities which science readily admits is NOT “ caused entirely by the influence of standard gravity ”?

Could this simple electrical and magnetic activity be the cause of the much higher radial-velocities measured in outlying stars in galaxy arms? Do these electromagnetic currents “drive the motor”, so to speak, providing the attraction that holds (and maybe even rotates) galaxy arms together in spite-of their spin (or, their rotational velocity), and drives their motion at a higher velocity (than can be provided-for by gravity alone)?

Might it not make more sense to search out and study these electrical type of events listed above, before questing off to search for Dark Matter, which is plainly absent in any and all near-earth observations conducted so far?

Without taking my word for it, I would encourage the home readers to do their own, independent searches (free of a selected , pro-C-R theory, bias) on electrical activities within galaxies, using Google, Bing, Yahoo, and/or any other of their favorite search engines.  Here is a potential partial list to search-for indications of electrical activity already known about, but not-yet “connected-in” {pun: or plugged-in} or understood by mainstream science:

1.  High energy, free electron beams, emerging from galaxy centers

2.  Cosmic rays (positive charges) released from galaxies or supernovae

3.  Quasar emissions and galaxy-Black HoleC-Rconnections

4.  Collimated jets of “something” emerging from Black-HolesC-Rat nearly light speed

HINT: Gee, I wonder how easy it could be for a KNOWN force [electricity], to accelerate away two pure streams of excess, stray electrons, freed-up immediately outside of a Black-HoleC-R, at nearly the speed of light?

5.  Where is polarized light (and other em-band frequencies, too) seen, and WHAT is it exactly, that polarizes the light?

6.  What level of electrical activity, Ampere-wise, is indicated by the amount(s) of polarized light seen in various locations? HINT: It is enormous, whatever it is.

I had a short list of some 69 different electrical phenomenon, unlinked or unconnected by mainstream science, in my October 2009 blog.  There are many items there the interested reader can look through and evaluate.  My contention is that they are all related, C-R theory-wise, to help us try to see what is really going-on in the universe.  They suggest a pattern of large-scale electromagnetic interactions, that is completely unexpected by standard theory.

After doing an independent search, the readers should note that there is a tremendous amount of relatively-nearby electrical-type activity for an “electrically neutral universe”.  Maybe that assumption of overall electrical neutrality is mostly wrong? The C-R theory is one of the few theories to have a ready-made causative mechanism, {offering the creation-of ABUNDANT, stray electrical charges}, which is available to explain why free electrical charges are seen in such abundance almost everywhere we look.

The next question is, if the C-R theory type mechanisms are occurring, is the level or quantity of freed-up charges then reasonable as compared to the real-world phenomena that we see? I would ask the home readers to only answer that question after doing their own independent search on the above items.  I believe most of their answers will be an obvious YES.

Let me state possible numbers here, just for our sun.  A widely-accepted number for the number of hydrogen atoms undergoing fusion each second is 4 x 1038.  If the process of falling into the Black-HoleC-Ris at least 20 times as energy efficient, per encounter, then divide that number of fusioning atoms by 20 (the number for efficiency increase per atom could be as high as 80) = 2 x 1037.  To make that number more manageable, divide it by Avogadro’s number, 6.02 x 1023and arrive at approximately 33 billion amps.

Divide those 33 billion amps by the 1 ten-billionth of our sun’s total energy earth’s surface area receives.  Then, allow for some magnetic field sweep-ups or herding of nearby earth-volumes of electrons, say, up to 30 earth-diameters out (concentrating a volume of electrons from a surface-area of 900 times the size of earth’s surface collecting area) would yield a possible 2800 amps of continuous electrons charging of planet earth alone.  NOTE (Although the volume was swept-out, only the surface area increase would increase the counted charges.  Measuring the depth-away would not increase the numbers by the cube of the volume, but only by the square of the surface-area.)

Overall, I would recommend using this Wikipedia article on Jupiter’s Magnetosphere to search-for some practical results that can enhance your understanding of: Why the C-R theory ideas on electrical activity connections might have real-world applicability.

I also ran into another fairly large, book-to-be, presentation (~160 pages), about an attempt to explain this universe using curvature, titled Curvature Cosmology, by David F.  Crawford.  http://davidcrawford.bigpondhosting.com/index_files/cc2.pdf

This author relates his unsuccessful attempts to publish an article in several magazines, supporting his efforts at using and plotting curvature to explain observations.  It is a bit over 1 Mb download size, and was recently updated (in March, 2009).  For those readers looking for math equations, and a fuller, more scholarly (mathematical-based) treatment of curvature, this looks like an interesting presentation.  While it is not quite as “radical” as the C-R theory, this individual seems to have had a very hard time getting those referees in the science-publishing industry to find some merit in his attempts.  (It is a dryer reading, however, and may be way too technically complex and long for the average, C-R theory home reader.)

I am certainly supportive of anyone else realizing that curvature may play a much bigger part in understanding our universe than is suspected elsewhere.  I do not believe this author realizes yet that our entire universe might be affected, system-wide, by a curvature-based reference-frame.  I would like to offer readers other resources to help them understand curvature.  The book also talks-about the reluctance in the media to even consider this “curvature-idea” as scholarly or noteworthy.

There are also some new magazine articles that might be worth discussing in my next blog.

I have some upcoming blogs ready to discuss some of my new thoughts on the W.I.R.D.A.R.D.  Principle, (When In Rome, Do As Romans Do, … abbreviated ).  This article speculates on light’s built-in ability to conform it’s speed to whatever new media (glass, water, a vacuum) it travels-through, and how that adapting may “mask” the changing of lightspeed happening elsewhere in the universe.

Lastly, I would like to re-emphasize the unique understanding possessed by the C-R theory as to a practical method of how the C-R theory “brand-name” Black-HolesC-Rhelp to reverse entropy in this universe.  Only the C-R theory understands how the Black-HoleC-R, with it’s Neutral ZoneC-Rlocated immediately inside the Schwarzschild radius, can concentrate matter and energy in a time-neutralized manner.  It still has the potential to recover 100% of everything ever eaten by the Black-HoleC-Rif one has the overall patience to wait-it-out, and let nature take it’s course.

The process is so simple, yet so genius in it’s practicality and ingenuity, it suggests (but does not prove), there is a Designer.  The C-R theory maintains that it is no accident that our universe has plenty of energy to go around, and there is NO possible danger of our running-out of energy at anytime in the foreseeable future.

NOTE: I do not claim to have invented this method above, but merely claim that I have been allowed or permitted to understand it, or to notice it, and to share that new understanding with you home readers.

It is the “system-wide package” of understanding that allows the C-R theory to make such a bold statement.  Our universe IS the inside of a “universe-sized” Black-HoleC-R.  It is not expanding, but static.  It will always be exactly-full, and will always have a critical inside density.  It cannot possibly collapse.  (all explained elsewhere)

Time does vary by gravitational location, and it also varies by measuring the distance from the universe’s center.  Time is DEFINITELY-NOT isotropic, or the same in all directions.

The design of the universe is such that it cannot collapse “gravitationally”, because the matter at the outermost edges is worth less energy there than matter closer-in to the center.  It always is that way, and always will be that way.  The majority of the redshifts we see are (time-rate based) gravitational redshifts, with some rotational Doppler shifting viewed when looking at or near spinning galaxy centers.

The old “Newtonian-ideas” about gravity simply do not apply.  Those ideas were based on a simple summation of the forces, as understood by Newton’s equations (written on paper).  They were very successful for many years, but have some real limitations, too.

The C-R theory says that it is “curvature” that causes the acceleration.  It does this by re-arranging (or redistributing) some-of the energy from the overall rest-mass.  When decreasing the real-time energy , by exchanging the “energy-difference” induced when shortening the time, into kinetic energy.  No external energy source is ever needed.* ABSOLUTELY NO gravitational energy ever leaks-out from inside a Black-HoleC-R.  Also, no knowledge of the internal accumulation of electrical charge, (even if those charges are “switched-off, time-wise”), can be communicated-out from a Black-HoleC-R, either.

*That means that the internal mass that “creates and maintains” the curvature DOES NOT need to create, supply or provide-for the gravitational energy “in advance-of the encounter”.  It also does not need to internally account-for the exact amount of energy needed externally.  It is the mass [located outside] itself that provides (exchanges) it’s own “internal” energy, hence a very complete energy-auditing is maintained.

Curvature, a kind-of “fractal-dimensional warping”, or shape-distortion, is present outside of a Black-HoleC-R, but there is no need for a “speed-of-light based causative mechanism” to do so.  It is more-like a (geo)metric thing.  HINT: To imagine this “dimensional-varying type-of communication” instead of using words, think if I communicated my intent to you by kicking you in the seat of your pants with varying force-levels, instead of talking to you directly.  That is something-like how curvature works to communicate to a mass, “persuading it” to change it’s energy-carrying capacity, thus to indirectly cause “gravity”.

NOTE: The curvature directly causes the action of gravity, instead-of being a product-of or aftermath-of the initial action of gravity.  {The curvature is the cause, the gravity is the after-effect, or the result achieved, after the action has occurred.} Although it “ACTS like a force, from our view, technically, gravity is not a force (a cause), but the result.

NEW ADDITION: If gravity was a true force, emitted at lightspeed from the mass located inside the Black-Hole C-R , it could not escape from inside, just as light is prevented from escaping.

There is now a complete difference in action between the two different “inverse-square forces”, {gravity and electromagnetism}, working outside of a Black-HoleC-R.  Standard theory has always ASSUMED that those two forces started-out as siblings, each one performing the same at the singularity, (when the temperature started at around 1096degrees), but then separated their actions, broke-off from true symmetry (after temperatures fell to around 1030degrees), and thus, both act the same at a distance.  Quantum theory more or less expects both the electromagnetism and gravity forces use the same, identical mechanism to communicate, and the same paths to “escape”.

NEW ADDITION: The C-R theory NOW claims that this difference in behavior is WHY nature uses two different inverse square forces, because they operate differently.  Nature MUST have two different forces that operate similarly, where we (on Earth) CAN measure them.  Only in locations WE CANNOT GO will those two forces differ.

The C-R theory INSISTS that no speed-of-light based knowledge ever escapes from a Black-HoleC-R.  This is not a BAD thing though, but part of the plan, and part of the usefulness of the Black-HoleC-R, as compared to a lousy, inferior, conventional black hole .  By accumulating both matter and radiated energy in a time-frozen method, with absolutely no leakage-out, the Black-HoleC-Rbecomes 100% thermodynamically efficient at recycling energy.

NOTE: This recovery method insists on mostly catastrophic-failure type energy releases, resulting in a nova, supernova, quasar, Seyfert galaxy, and GRB.

The Black-HoleC-Rbecomes a kind-of anchor at the center of a galaxy, but also a garbage disposal, and later-on, an “emission source” of refreshed and renewed matter.

SECOND NOTE: Only the C-R theory maintains that the second law of thermodynamics does not (or cannot) apply to the Neutral ZoneC-Rof the Black-HoleC-R, because of the “no real-time nature” allowed inside the Neutral ZoneC-R.  (The Neutral ZoneC-Ris the volume of the inside of the Black-HoleC-Rwhere the escape velocity is above the speed-of-light.  This effectively “traps” energy in an inactive, incommunicative, neutralized state, or, resonating “out of the same plane”, where we normally measure time, light, and energy.

HINT: Think of a fish (in the air), trapped in a fishnet, unable to “swim” in water, or of a greyhound chasing it’s own tail, running in circles, instead of running on the track to win the race (around the dog track).  Also: Think of a piggy bank, which must be broken to recover any of it’s contents.  Each of these examples above present some aspects the C-R theory attributes to the Neutral ZoneC-R.

By understanding such simple concepts, linked together, the C-R theory tries to gain a truer picture of real-world events.  ALL of the major anomalies arising from the Big Bang scenario disappear, or are no longer needed.  A larger part of this entire universe becomes humanly-understandable again, or is at least more understandable than mainstream science allows.  I am trying to convey those new concepts to you, at home.

I would recommend trying to think in simple, logical, scientific terms again, using known concepts, to understand aspects of our universe.  There are many areas I have oversimplified in this short blog presentation.  I would recommend trying to read some of the areas of either of the full C-R theory presentations.  Only by thinking about this universe as a “full system-package”, can one start to grasp the underlying simplicity and organization that the C-R theory is trying to showcase.  I am trying to help home readers re-understand this universe, and take on a new view, by suggesting what we should notice and where we should look.

Please think of the C-R theory as something like a new field-guide, showing you how to recognize certain events and processes, pointing-out new items, linked together in contexts not yet considered by mainstream science.

Thank you for letting the C-R theory try to become your “Theory of Choice” when choosing a [the best] theory to understand the universe-by.  I do apologize that I had to make so many differences between the C-R theory and standard theories.  I do realize that many will not accept these ideas at their first presentation.  If it takes you a few re-visits to warm-up to these ideas, that is expected.

All I would ask is to give the C-R theory a fair chance to be evaluated.  If it has weaknesses, let us find them and fix them, or reject this theory and try something else.

I welcome any home-readers to use what they can of this theory, and try to find new uses for it that I have not-yet thought-of or noticed.  If it is correct, I expect there to be many as-of-yet unnoticed new phenomenon that will fit nicely into the overall patterns suggested by the C-R theory.  If this is not the case, then the theory may need to be revised, modified, adjusted, polished-up, or discarded.

I have chosen to “give-away” these ideas for free, not because that is their “true-value”, but because freely giving away these ideas will remove some of the first barriers against their adoption.  If I did not believe these ideas had merit, I certainly would not have posted them on the internet.

I am still learning how to apply these ideas, and finding new areas where they seem to go along with new discoveries.  I would like home readers to look for C-R type patterns of electromagnetic energy interactions.  Can we challenge the perception that this universe should be electrically neutral? Do Black-HolesC-Rreally create electrical imbalances in every interaction? If ordinary black holes do exist, as science imagines, this universe should be much more electrically neutral, everywhere.

I am counting-on the long term inevitable discovery of the vast amounts of electrical interactions generated by every Black-HoleC-R.  If outrageous quantities of stray electrons are not found almost everywhere we look-at, where a Black-HoleC-Ris feeding, the C-R theory MUST BE wrong.

If ex-Black-HoleC-Renergy-release events do not free-up tremendous quantities of excess positive charges, which should show up spectrographically in the ejecta, the C-R theory also must be wrong.

PLEASE, when science finally “pulls it’s head out of the sand”, and notices this electrical activity, REMEMBER that you heard-about it here, first.  Only the C-R theory is sticking it’s proverbial “neck” on the chopping block, and demanding that such electrical activities SHOULD be going-on, in abundance.  If they are not, the C-R theory is wrong.

If there is any “easy” test of the C-R theory, demand that we detect excess electrons outside every eating Black-HoleC-R, and demand freed positive charges released from novae, supernovae, quasars, GRB’s and the like, powering their continuing, accelerating expansion.

If you think you are starting to understand these new ideas, I would appreciate your passing them along to others, too.  I could use your help in trying to show others how fully useful these ideas seem to be.


Jerry A. Reynard {minor corrections and additions made April 23, 2014}