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54,000 th – 48,000 th visitors, new blog software, and some reader’s rave reviews, Alight at the End of the Funnel, and the C-R theory’s “Secret Weapon”.

I would like to welcome our 54,000 th , 53,000th, 52,000 th , 51,000th and our 50,000 th visitor, and the 49,000 th and the 48,000 th visitors to the home page, plus all the others before and after.  If I were more cynical and worldly, I would say: “It’s about time you got here!!”, but in reality, I am very thankful that you decided to come and look at this web-site.

Speaking of visitors, I intend to re-visit some topics semi-randomly throughout this blog, so these will re-appear after some digressions.  Since this blog is already much later than I wanted it to be, instead of re-editing it, to concentrate sections, and delay this for a few more weeks, I will try to tie in various sections, but leave more randomness than usual, and allow some duplication of thoughts.  I probably got more carried away with writing, than I did with outlining where I wanted to go, in a logical progression.  This blog is more illogical, but still interesting.  Rather than chop it up, and throw away half, I cut and pasted a bit, but still left some things to reappear again, later,  in unexpected places.

I have been well pleased with this new blogging software we added from Word Press, and with my ability to easily edit and reply back on a select few of your reader’s comments.  With the exception of clearly commercial spams, and overly mentioning the sending sources, I have been letting most of the comments through.  Recently, I received about 70 nearly identical comments in one or two days, with many different sender’s names attached, but from the same sending sources.  I begin to suspect that some of those are from the same source, and are looking for mention, rather than being truly concerned for this site.

After consulting with my webmaster, we just added a new, anti-spam plug-in, called Are You A Human?  It seems a lot more fun, and much less annoying than one of those splotchy, squished letter, distorted-text, guessing tasks.  If you wish to add in a comment, you must now first play a short game, usually under 10 seconds, to prove (or demonstrate) that you are not a spam-bot.  While adding that test has cut back on the number of comments I receive, it may keep the genuinely interested commenters from competing with professional mailbox stuffers, and web-creeping bots, looking to drop their wares into every possible crevice.

We were searching for an optimum way to eliminate the repetitive comments, and boost the more desired questions and helpful comments.  P.S., so far, I do read all of your comments, and I do pay attention to what you write.  I will try to trim-back some of the comments, and move the simpler ones closer to the end, or place them into a specially designed storage facility.

After so many years of not hearing back from my readers with any degree of regularity, the comments are very nice.  There are some automatic programs that simply paste-in nice statements to everyone’s sites, and those will be left behind, or downgraded manually, as duplicate and very similar entries are received, especially on the same days.  I decided, for now, to leave some of the oldest comments up, just to show that some people are reading and enjoying these blogs.

NOTE: I have received very few really critical comments, that did not have advertising embedded within.  I am looking for ways to make this site better, so your suggestions and questions are also welcome.  If you have science topics you would like me to comment upon, feel free to suggest those, too.

I have also been slowly trying to go over the older blog posts, and fix small errors that crept-in during the move-in process.  The older blog software also used to steal my extra spaces that I placed between each sentence.  I would always put in two spaces at the end of every sentence, unless I added in some explanatory text, for that sentence, inside a parenthesis bracket.

We have just had some of the most spectacular days, weeks and months ever, for the C-R theory, with more visitors now in one day than we used to get in a week.  Just recently, we had almost 1200 visitors for the full week, the most ever.  The same goes for daily downloaded bandwidth, we had our best days, weeks and month ever. Recently, we had 242 visitors for the day, also a daily record.  I remember full weeks, a few years back, where I was happy receiving 40 visitors, so the site has made great progress in attracting both newcomers and returning visitors.  Some of those returning visitors are also an indicator of levels of interest being generated for these ideas.

Before we decided to add the anti-spam filter, my inbox was stuffed with duplicate e-mails received on-line from commenters to the web site, mostly for the blogs.  I probably had a couple days with 1 email count for every 2 nd visitor. (although many of the e-mails could have been all sent from the same person or spambots) That is why we decided to search for a newer approach to reducing spam, rather than manually discarding the most commercial and irrelevant pieces.

Some of the comments started to delve into the meat of the issues, and almost all expressed both appreciation and strong gratitude for my blogs.  Additionally, many expressed thanks for my example, for them, to help inspire them when they write their own blogs.  I will have more to say on that shortly.

I had expected a lot more traditional opposition, from those indignant defenders of the status quo, telling me vitriolically that I was wrong.  So far, there have been very few defenders of the existing ideas writing-in, upon which the mainstream science rests it’s case.  In this day of many internet sites, it may be more common for those who strongly object to these new ideas to simply “pack-up and go” to another web-site where they agree with the presenter’s opinions, rather than, to confront some new ideas, which may be difficult for them to accept, if they have lived with the old ideas for many years.

Reviewing the History of the C-R theory:

To demonstrate that I was not always “this nuts”, I acknowledge that I started-out, in 1978, in the standard science camp, basically accepting the standard ideas, including the Big Bang, and not seriously disagreeing with most of what I was taught.  I was also pondering just why gravity was allowed to escape out of a black hole, when heat and light did not.

It was only after I received some new insight, that answered that above inquiry, in February, 1979, that I seriously started changing my view and my understanding for the “cause” of gravity, and that a radical re-organization of my opinions took hold.  I probably spent at least 5 years learning about the full implications of the C-R theory’s ideas.  This would involve mental tests, or thought experiments, where the results could be evaluated, and compared with known reports.  After that approximate amount of time, I decided to personally “champion” those new ideas, and embrace them as “probably more correct”, when I considered all I had learned and read.  (More details along the origins of this specific line of reasoning will follow a bit later in this blog.)  This leads to a follow-up thought:

I had been debating, for a long time, whether I should eventually, publicly post, on-line, about the possibility of receiving Divine help, by a request for understanding, in attaining some of the C-R theory ideas.  While I cannot PROVE it, I also would not deny that it is possible that some help was indirectly received*. (*There is an old saying: When you find a turtle, perched atop a tall fence-post, he probably had some help in getting where he got to.)

A Simple Request for Help:

In November, 1978, I did make a casual thought-request*, [*non-verbalized], to a certain Deity, [God], that I would like to understand the role of [generic] black holes, and how they work, some time before I died.  Then, I promptly forgot all about it, and went about my normal business.

About 3 months later, in early February, 1979, the “AHA light”*, [*the one that certifies a new understanding], went on, and within a day, I had the basic beginnings of the C-R theory.

I will not seriously claim that any of the C-R theory concepts came directly from God, (they did NOT come directly from God , by the way).  I also would like to say, a request for understanding was made, [by me], and that a brand new level of understanding was received, about 3 months later, far beyond what I had imagined I might obtain.  There was no package, with a “From: God, — To: Jerry” gift tag, no written receipt, in short, “Plausible Deniability”, all the way around.

What I can claim now, is, when I made that request, back then, I KNEW that I did not know the answers, and I had no clue to suspect that an answer was available.  After I started understanding the basics, and with 30 years of exciting additions observed in reports from science magazines, polishing-up and tweaking the results, as new data arrived, {and not just by cooking the books, to change the expectation to always match the newer results}, I have wanted to make this possibility known.  I held off for a while, (over 30 years), while the theory was building a following, and laying the foundations.  NOTE: There was no previous system this concept was directly based-upon.  I did consider the hydrological cycle, amongst other things, as a starting guide.

NOTE: I do not claim that any choice to use me was made BECAUSE I was better than anyone else.  If anything, the choice might have been because the results were foreseen to be the most practical, or useful, to making the Creator’s handiwork better noticed and more appreciated.

My real reason for finally letting this be known is, with all of the great messages I have been receiving, I now suspect that similar opportunities might be available to other home readers, upon their request, so that they, too, might also receive additional insights in other areas.

Un-claimed “baggage”, found at a LOST and FOUND department:

Since I never claimed to have “invented” this overall C-R theory process, but merely, offered that I think I have been allowed to recognize it, to uncover it, and that before I started to understand it; the only important question would be: Who actually does understand it?  This is where the idea of “helping hints”, “leaked?” from the mind of the Creator, occurs.  If God truly knows how the universe works, and how the Black-Hole C-R works, and how it fits-in to the events proceeding in a larger universe, and He had some “spare” understanding available to impart, the question then arises: Was there a way to make it known to someone*, [or by default, to make the process known to *me?]


I have been very reluctant to post about this possibility, in fears that it could be misconstrued.  Despite that, I wanted to acknowledge that there was the possibility of my receiving help, as much because I believe the Same Source may also be made available to all other home readers, upon their requests, too.  I will state that I believe that my receiving assistance, in this case, was NOT based as much upon MY MERITS , but was due, instead, to the generous nature of the Giver, and/or, His perceived desire to make these new thoughts better known.

Is there a C-R theory “Secret Weapon” in the war against ignorance ?

(I have been wanting to blog about this possibility for quite a while, but I also wanted to wait until the time was right. I now believe, with the recent success this web-site is enjoying, “the time is now right”.)

Whether the incoming reader believes in God, or is open to the possibility, downright skeptical, agnostic, or atheistic, we have some home-readers in each of those cases.   Each category can argue their position to the mutual dissatisfaction of those choosing any of the other positions.  I will now “admit” that I do regularly pray on a near daily basis, for the opportunity and the ability to provide improved guidance and the insight to all of my incoming readers, and I have done so since at least late 2005.  I believe that the free, GeoCities hosted web-site, supported with pop-up ads, was on-line back before then.

Now, whether one believes in God, or not, what cannot be disputed is that my entreaties for our incoming visitors success, insight and satisfaction, may finally be taking effect *. [A Personal NOTE here, *I place more of my faith in that God heard, then answered my requests, than that my entreaties were answered by my bedroom walls or some other inanimate objects.]

Very recently, the web-site has had times that averaged over 150 visitors per day, (although not all of those incomers go to visit the home page, to be counted there).  At least a few were writing-in with positive comments, before the spam filter was added.

It is conceivable that this web site might have had that exact-same number of visitors by now, without receiving any such Divine help; but, is it a mere coincidence that the success I prayed-for is starting to be realized, with real significant tallies regularly increasing?  I certainly can confirm that my prayers did not seem to have hurt this web site, and stunted it’s eventual growth.

For those who are firmly agnostic or atheist, the ideas that (a) God might take an interest in making-known these ideas, showing-off His creativity to everyone possible, would be dismissed or ridiculed.  For those who do believe, I would offer the distinct possibility that similar results, (or even more spectacular ones), might be available to you , as well. [But, YOUR future results can not guaranteed by me , anyway.]

As such, if Divine assistance was involved in any way, helping to guide or form my insights, does that count “officially” in science as cheating , or is it simply a best-use case of available {and untapped} resources?  Asking for insight, and having it “granted”, to the extent that it was, I can say that the “answer” received, was far beyond what my initial request imagined that I would receive.  It has been one of the best “surprises” emerging from the C-R theory.

Again, I can rule out direct help, and state, categorically, that there was none.  What I cannot rule out, (or even rule-in), is that my requests for insight and understanding may have been granted, then answered, in ways far beyond what I had anticipated.  To be honest, there is also “plausible deniability” too, with no incriminating physical evidence of any assistance, left behind.  Only my side of the story is available.

One of the reasons for mentioning this is: if this success was available to me, based upon an initial, one-time request, way back then, 30 some years ago, might not the same, (or much greater) results be available to other home-readers too?

A new pun is suggested here: Choosing the right ” ** FOOL” for the right job.

(The Pun based-on a common saying, used later on in this blog: choosing the right tool for the right job)

Was it my lack of indoctrination, more so than my innate understanding, or my absence of a good idea for how to accomplish a whole suite-full of benefits, that the Creator found so useful, rather than: that my “worthiness, or holiness” so far exceeded yours *? [HINT: * I do not believe that is so .]  Was it simply that I was the only one He could find, that was “foolish-enough” that I would publicly claim, advocate, and pass-along these “ridiculous” new ideas, (and to be willing to risk being thought-of as a fool ** by some Newtonians), to everyone, for free; rather than, there were some special abilities I possessed, that allowed me to be used to get these ideas more-widely distributed?

NOTE: I would even be glad to have a scientifically-controlled contest for additional insights granted, between die-hard skeptics, agnostics and atheists , vs. believers, by having them too pray regularly* for similar insights into the Big Bang and dark energy, [*as a control standard], to any non-divine “entity” of their individual choosing, like a brick wall, an ancient tree, or an impressive or imaginary object, and see if their minds can conjure-up similar insights within approximately 3 months, without continually re-thinking about any current situation(s), during that entire period.


[If the Black-Hole C-R issues an internal memorandum, with information about it’s internal state of affairs, will it also be communicated-outside?]

Conventional theory believes that, since gravity makes it’s presence known outside the (generic) black hole, so also will knowledge about the internal spin-state, and any amount of stored-up internal electrical charge be available outside.  They simply believe that direct knowledge about ALL of those other 2 similar items, is conveyed-out, in the same manner, and with the same-type-of mechanism, as is gravity.

One of the KEY concepts, unique to the C-R theory, is that neither knowledge of the electrical charge inside, nor of the internal spin, is ever coupled-out, from inside a Black-Hole C-R .  Part of this idea is that there is no corresponding internal mechanism capable of tracking or assessing that information, much less communicating with the outside (of the generic black hole), because of the extreme conditions*. [*denying any kind of light the ability to travel at “c” within this Neutral Zone C-R ]

With the internal escape velocity always greater than the speed-of-light, this prevents ANY influence moderated at lightspeed.  Even the KNOWLEDGE of those two properties is therefore, NEUTRALIZED, shut-down, turned-off, or “deflected into an unknowable direction”, but not the “up, down, back, forward, right or left” we are used to.

HINT: To remember this difference in the simplest-possible way, just say: “NO”, is the direct opposite of: “ON”.  The simplest, easiest to do operation should win.

A New Pun based upon a wireframe drawing diagram describing the situation outside, then inside a Black-Hole C-R :

 Alight at the end of the Funnel

I broke-down and bought the full-priced book I had commented about in my last blog, called Gravity’s Engines , by Caleb Scharf.  Buying a book at full price is something I rarely do.  I usually wait a half year or a year, until the book becomes remaindered or closed-out, and it therefore becomes considerably cheaper, and then I buy it.

The selection from the book, that I talked-about in my last blog had such interesting insights, that I overcame my “cheap streak”, and bought the full priced book.  After reading the book, I am now very glad that I did.  There was much scientific material inside the book that only the C-R theory would like or appreciate.

While perusing the pages, I ran across a simple line-drawing diagram of a funnel, that hyperbolicly-warped section of the spacetime curve, signifying the spout where the Black-Hole’s C-R gravity becomes intense, and showing just where the curvature finally becomes equal to, if not greater than, the speed-of-light.

NOTE: The drawing is a mathematical concept, trying to convey the level of distortion or stress placed upon this specific volume of spacetime.  It is NOT an illustration of what that volume undergoes.  It is more like an exponential chart, or a graph of extreme conditions, there, quite unlike anything we have ever experienced.

The sight of that wireframe drawing quickly triggered my brain to derive the title of the headline above, and it’s appropriate pun for this section: alight at the end of the funnel. [The dictionary I used had at least 5 different meanings or interpretations of alight, and several of them could specifically apply to some of the different aspects of situation faced by matter, here.]

The real situation, faced by incoming matter, is of far more practical concerns.  I do not remember remarking on the funnel diagram illustration in any recent blog, so I figured now was the right time to remedy that situation. [and spout -off even more about the unique, new insights, C-R theory derived ideas]

NOTE: When I get around to creating an appropriate diagram, post it here. {It will not be available initially, when I first post this blog.}

In conventional thinking, mathematically, when an object enters the generic black hole, the depicted “ end of the funnel “, is way beyond where the gravitational escape velocity becomes equal to the speed of light.  Conventional reasoning suggests: that, the journey of the incoming particle does not end there, but continues on, “falling” all the way “down”, into the singularity.  Conventional thinking maintains that the: “above lightspeed escape velocity” conditions, are in effect everywhere inside the funnel diagram, clear to the * singularity .  They imagine that the entire inside of the generic black hole is governed by this extreme level of curvature, where the escape velocity is above lightspeed.

What * LIES at the center of a Black-Hole C-R ?: — [the singularity being the chief * LIE ]

I have stated in many places before, that the C-R theory totally rejects the singularity, but any time I can get a good opportunity, like this blog, to re-explain the concept: Why to reject the singularity?,  Thinking in new terms, and from a new vantage point, it might help our readers to drive home the true magnitude of the expected differences in outcomes.

Let me state, for the record, once the mass, (or even any photon), enters into the volume of space where the escape velocity is greater than lightspeed, ALL of the known “rules of the game” for physics are changed.  I will add-in to that, I expect that those rules also will change in the SIMPLEST, and EASIEST-TO-UNDERSTAND way, for us humans to comprehend.  Your understanding is conditional upon: if you can even temporarily accept the C-R theory’s ideas.

Next, let me also state that this particular region of spacetime, lying at the very tip-end of the funnel diagram, is especially unique.  In the C-R theory view, this region is the ONLY PLACE inside the Black-Hole C-R where the condition (of, “above lightspeed escape velocity”) prevails.  This region is ALSO the minimum-possible energy configuration.  Gravitationally, it is LIKE “what absolute zero is to temperature”, or, as low-energy of a configuration as one can ever go.

In the observations and illustrations section, there is a diagram/PDF titled “Licking the Singularity”, and this kind-of a whimsical title, punning or referring to the “rainbow-sherbet-like” colored section of the [ ice cream ] cone-like curve, located further inside.  This new insight adds this stabilizing object [or volume], directly inside.  This conic section is added into the center of the funnel.  It’s plot is shaped kind-of like a dunce cap, or a pointy ice-cream cone, showing how the curvature on the “inside the funnel”, decreases again, ALL the way back to zero, at the center of each and every Black-Hole C-R .  HINT: No generic black hole ever has this feature.

What is so special about that concept is: Even mainstream science fully understands ( * almost) all of the science covering this internal “time-active” region, inside the Black-Hole C-R , termed the Active Zone C-R .  Every physical interaction we are already familiar with, in our real world,  is permitted within an Active Zone C-R

HINT: We LIVE inside an Active Zone C-R , and our entire universe is a really BIG one. [the largest structure we can observe]  None of the properties would seem strange, other than the added requirement * that the real-time rate varies back upward, again, as we go inward, towards the center.  Thus: time again gets more-fully active, (or becomes MORE REAL?), as one nears the center.

NOTE: In essence, the inside Active Zone C-R of a Black-Hole C-R should look and behave quite like a smaller version of our universe.  It has ALL of the same real-time properties we see in our universe, but on a much smaller scale*. *{It is probable that most, smaller Active Zones C-R , do not have a lot of empty space inside, but might be more filled-up, solid, (or, packed with a dense, liquid-like, sea of “neutron soup”), on their inside.}

The only requirement to create (and to maintain) this volume, called an inner Active Zone C-R , is that it have exactly enough matter, at a sufficient density, to reach the escape velocity of lightspeed at it’s outer [Schwarzschild] radius.  Once this condition is met, the inside section folds-in, self-seals up, and closes off.  Everything additional entering the Black-Hole C-R can now only be stored-up in the Neutral Zone C-R .

TECHNICAL NOTE: Until the Active Zone C-R is created, we simply have a larger and larger mass, but all standard rules of physics apply.  The inside of the Active Zone C-R will not normally have large quantities of ionized matter before closing-off.  As soon as a sufficient quantity of dense matter has been concentrated, that is when the Black-Hole C-R is “officially” born.

The key difference, and real innovation here is: in adding the Active Zone C-R inside, on every occasion, that real time activity, including every allowable interaction occurring at lightspeed, is permitted again.  THUS: The MAJORITY of the bulk, (or the mass), composing the closed-off, inside region of the Black-Hole C-R , becomes humanly understandable, and operates within all known laws of physics, again. [and, the singularity inside is easily avoided by imposing the higher energy “entrance-requirements”, necessary to be allowed-inside, and to experience real-time again]

Just Use A HIGHER Standard: [Reasoning Gravitationally]

If the home-reader can grasp this idea, that most of the mass on the inside of the Black-Hole C-R is in a real-time state, that we humans can easily comprehend, then, the real benefit to our new understanding kicks-in.  NOTE: The headline above PUNS on: higher , gravitationally, too.  Because everything in the Active Zone C-R operates at a higher energy (time-wise) level than are the contents “squeezed” into the Neutral Zone C-R , the Neutral Zone’s C-R contents cannot just naturally “fall” inward, proceeding further, unless [and until] they * can obtain MORE energy. [which they are * FORBIDDEN to do, because they are already turned-off completely, when they are lodged inside the Neutral Zone C-R

While they are stored in a NEUTRAL state, they cannot ACQUIRE any additional energy, either, because the energy only works (or is absorbable, or interacts), in volumes where lightspeed operation is permitted.  This also completely stabilizes The Neutral Zone C-R , position-wise, locking it in between the two (time)Active Zones C-R , and keeps it from collapsing further inward.

HINT: Just think how a valley, constructed without ANY EXTRA energy available, contains a bowling ball between two sheer mountain cliffs.  As long as the bowling ball cannot obtain enough energy to climb-up, it is stuck where it is, in the lowest-energy position available.

For the experts, this process is so simple, a CHILD can understand it, so get one to help you along, if needed.  It is just not Newtonian, but different.  It is curvature-based, and not “emitted” from the center of an object.

RECYCLING the “Minimum-Energy Concept”, learned-from the hydrogen’s “s” orbital:

The Neutral Zone C-R must have a complete, Active Zone C-R , stuck inside, to CREATE and maintain the condition of the most EXTREME curvature.  HINT: The minimum-energy location of the Neutral Zone C-R , sandwiched-in, between two Active Zones C-R , [the inner and outer ones], is also very similar, [energy-wise], to the situation faced by the hydrogen atom’s “s” orbital.  This orbital is also “the minimum-energy location”, for the non-excited electron.

NOTE: If the electron approaches closer-in to the nucleus of the hydrogen atom, from the “s” orbital, it must gain energy, “which it DOES NOT have”.  If the electron orbits outward from the “s” orbital, it also must acquire more energy.  WITHOUT obtaining MORE energy, brought-in from somewhere else, the “energy-poor” hydrogen atom’s electron is “stuck in the “s” orbital forever*. [*Remarkably, though, quantum mechanics still allows a very small probability [squared], that the electron can instantaneously also physically be far-away from the atom at any brief, random instant.  Such is the true weirdness of quantum mechanics.]

Now, with those items discussed, we can return back to the funnel diagram again.

The C-R theory’s new “spin”, or

When faced with a dilemma, to do NOTHING may be the best course. or,

[this spelling: Pun intended ]: A Soar * Subject with the Experts

Only in the volume of spacetime, in the funnel diagram, at the end of the spout-section, where the escape velocity is above lightspeed; the C-R theory’s idea is that this condition simply inactivates, immobilizes, neutralizes, and turns-off every electromagnetic-type interaction, including absorbtion, emission, collision, radioactive decay, and detectable motion or travelling. {The motion still occurs, but it would not be detectable, or measurable.}  This situation also prevents any knowledge of internal conditions, (there inside), from escaping, or being communicated-out, via any means.  NOTE: This includes any coupling-out of the knowledge of the internal SPIN state, too.

HINT: To see why the C-R theory claims that the internal spin is not leaked-away, take a dull pencil or soft crayon, and rotate or spin them vertically, while you press them down lightly, (so as not to burst the balloon), on a loosely-filled water balloon.  Note that the surface structure of the balloon may deform or distort slightly at the point-of-contact, but it’s surface also just slips past, and does not “change shape continually”, but stays in a static shape.  It never starts to spin the rest of the balloon, as the pencil or crayon rotates.  Thus, the curvature-concept itself is more “geometric-like, or shape-based”, and this change should not couple-out the internal spin information, but mostly, ignore it or * soar, and glide-over it.  [The experts may get sore about this idea, however.]

CAUTION: If the net strength of the curvature, “radiated-out”, from the active inside edge, would change with time, THAT change would couple-out, but the “averaged-value” of the curvature remains constant, with time.* [*NOTE: The energy possessed by the angular spin of the mass inside does modify the total curvature a little bit, and would change incrementally, if the internal spin could be added or removed, or turned on and off at will.]

Shape Shifters:

ALSO, if the internal shape of the central mass, inside, could be DELIBERATELY changed, with time, as the mass inside rotated, this CHANGE would be coupled out*. *TECHNICALLY, that type of “communication, by the modulation of the gravitational curvature “radiation”, from INSIDE a Black-Hole C-R “, may open the window to a skilled inventor, to develop a “faster-than-lightspeed” practical communication method, sometime in the far future.  That slow-change method of moving the inside mass itself, might be glacially-slow, as measured in pre-global warming terms.

The fact is that I noticed that such a deliberate communication method, accomplished from the inside of a Black-Hole C-R , CAN occur, is what I found most significant.  Some futurist might then find a way to further exploit and refine that modulation method, but also to increase the rate of information-modulation to a much more useable level.]

WHY use a Neutral Zone C-R ?

All of those concentrated electrical-charge properties still exist inside, stuffed-within the Neutral Zone C-R , in every real sense, but they are prevented from changing-with-time, via. interactions occurring, while matter resides in this zone.  For this very practical reason, the C-R theory calls this zone: the Neutral Zone C-R .

Entropy, or Not Entropy, THAT is the Question:

By design, matter and energy can only be swallowed, accumulated-in, stored-up, confined and re-organized.  Regardless of earth’s physics books “rules”, about the “Second Law of Thermodynamics”, printed to the contrary, ABSOLUTELY NO “inside information” can leak out at lightspeed.

THIS FORCES the entropy content of matter inside, DOWNHILL, or back into a more-organized, less randomized state.  In short, only this section of a Black-Hole C-R NATURALLY reverses entropy.  By design, either this region CANNOT obey the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or the second law simply does not and cannot apply there.  HINT: This cannot ever be verified, or tested, in a lab, because we cannot create that extreme condition, or even simulate it, from earth, without acquiring an operational Black-Hole C-R , first.

NOTE: If this entropy-reversal process does not happen, the Black-Hole C-R loses one of it’s most useful talents, that of controlling or OVERCOMING entropy.  STRONG HINT: Just think: The right tool for the job, is restricted to using the BEST tool one can find that CAN do the job.  NOTE: I know of no other theory offering such a simple and understandable method of PRACTICALLY reversing entropy, offered to the home-reader.

ADMISSION: While this concept can never be tested from here, on earth, or in a laboratory, the outside aftermath of many of the ex-Black-Hole C-R events can be observed, and their true energy-outputs might just be shown to be vastly greater than every known conventional physical energy-production method can offer.  This leaves little alternative to, a sudden,  catastrophic release of what had been eaten, stored, and  accumulated by the Black-Hole C-R , gradually, over very-long time periods.  By COMPARING the measured energy output with all possible known, conventional methods of energy-release, the catastrophic release method might be the “necessary alternative”, if the energy output observed far-exceeds ALL known energy-generation methods.

Another indication is: If the energy output released is spectacularly higher that the supercomputer’s analysis shows is possible, using known methods, this new method might hold the clues.

HINT, HINT, HINT: If the aftermath of the explosion of a Black-Hole C-R shows EXCESSIVE MULTIPLE-POSITIVE ionizations, and the number of these multiple-positive ions remains high for thousands of years, that is good news for only the C-R theory.  Long before that, the temperature-driven adiabatic expansion should-have cooled-off the temperature of those remnants, similar to how a cloud cools off with any added height.  Also suspect that it is the presence and overabundance of those very-same multiple positive ions THAT IS DRIVING and maintaining the expansion.  Spectroscopic examinations of the remnants, should detect these ions, present in OUTRAGEOUS quantities, if they are there.

(My telling YOU that those multiple positive ions SHOULD BE THERE, will not put them there, for you to find, if they are not actually there.  I simply cannot “LIE” any evidence like that into existence, persuaded only by my humble writings.)

This long-term expansion is not the only benefit, as matter consumed by the Black-Hole C-R will be positively ionized, and highly electrically charged.  Since the matter is effectively neutralized by the storage conditions, the “sleeping-matter” has no objection to entering into a shared-state, packed-in like sardines, and will not object to initially entering-in, then sharing a confined space with many other positively-charged protons.

What is most unique about this design, by selecting only the larger massed particles, “before the internal storage situation is imposed”: The Neutral Zone C-R accumulates the ONLY KNOWN FORCE that CAN easily overcome gravity, after the blob inside becomes re-activated.


It is possible that I have been guilty of under-describing the violence and turbulence of the matter undergoing storage in this manner.  I may have imagined it as too genteel, or too elegant, and too smooth.  The real situation may be more like a violent mugging, or a complete revolution, where all known semblance of law and order is violated.

The vortex-like spinning, concentrated inside this zone, may also stir things up more turbulently and randomly, once matter is trapped inside, than I had previously suspected.  As long as the confinement conditions last, so that the escape velocity remains superluminal, (or, over lightspeed), the situation inside the Neutral Zone C-R remains stable and manageable.

When the THINGS that go BUMP in the “Night”, bump into each other:

Is it only the experts that are “Left in the Dark”?:

Eventually, some external disturbance, like a large mass, based outside the Black-Hole C-R , could slosh-around or “drag, and then, average-down” the “extreme warping” envelope, enough, or “ratchet-down the extreme curvature to less-than the escape velocity of lightspeed” immediately outside.  After a large-enough mass gets too close to the outside Schwarzschild radius, the trap is sprung, and the jailbreak occurs.  If the de-warping influence is limited in scope, and not completely destabilizing, a minor release of some confined protons and neutrons could occur, something like a Coronal Mass Ejection, occasionally occurring somehow, from deep down inside our sun.

NOTE: If two large Black-Holes C-R are involved, it might even be possible for mutual escapes to occur from matter stored-up directly-between both of their Neutral Zones C-R , as they approach.  See the dumbbell shaped, dual glowing spheres, in the Hubble picture of Abell  __, for a view of what the aftermath of such a dual, expanding-globed, charge-release event might look like, after a few years have passed*. (*I do not know if there is any evidence of two Black-Holes C-R involved in this particular case, but the picture does remind me of what that type of event might look-like, seen from earth’s distance, after some elapsed time.)

On a larger scale, with progressively larger shape-distortions, de-modulating the warping, and more free charges escaping, a nova could be the result.  Even larger, a full-blown supernova of either type could occur.

Upping the scale, and the resulting aftermath, a hypernova, can take place.  Along the way, a Seyfert galaxy, an Active Galactic Nucleus, (AGN), a quasar, right on up to a gamma ray burst, (GRB), will top off the list.

By the way, before I ruled out the possibility, I originally thought even the initial cause and start-of Big Bang itself could have been explained by the C-R theory methods.  HINT: If YOU still cling to the idea of the Big Bang, I would allow you to accept the C-R theory’s solution as a better alternative to an unknown cause, even though I have ruled it out, for logistical purposes.  But, if it works FOR YOU, it is better than complete rejection of the C-R theory ideas. (From my view, you are better-off accepting these ideas, somewhere along the way.)

NOTE: The reason I eliminated this possibility, of starting the Big Bang, is I realized that, if our universe cannot collapse inward, [because it is NOT unstable], there would be no way to set-up conditions to cause a full collapse of everything in this universe.  Before initiating a universe-sized Big Bang, understand the C-R theory’s description of a stable, Closed-Universe, inside every Black-Hole C-R .  That expounded explanation can be fodder for yet another future blog, sometime later on.

Correcting Issues of Space in the blogs:

When the older blog texts got copied over, then pasted into the new WordPress site, some of the posts seem to have lost question marks and other punctuation marks that I know I am cognizant-of, and that I am usually careful to add-in when they are called for.  I am slowly going through the older blogs, mostly in order, and making small corrections, or adding in extra words, if I now think it might clear-up the text a bit, or make a sharper-point to what I originally meant to say.

Comments, or spams?

Before the upgrade, I would rarely get any comments from readers.  (maybe a few posts per year)  Now, the new site received an abundance of mostly very favorable comments, (and too many clearly irrelevant commercial spams, which I gladly delete), with a sprinkling-in of some negative remarks.  I would still like to get more real questions from confused home-readers, when you have difficulty understanding a new concept or accepting some parts of the blogs.  I do want to try to help you to understand these new ideas, and those ideas are only covered here, at the C-R theory web-site.

I am overjoyed that many posts have thanked me for the inspiration the blogs have given to them, and for being so unlike the other, routine blogs elsewhere, that they have read.  I have always tried to include-in you home-readers into my internal dialogs.  I want to include you into the thrill of the discovery process, and help you to become co-discovers of these new items, with me.  I try to address you more as fellow colleagues or friends, even if you initially disagree. (I expect your initial disagreement, as a starting condition, as an only option.  These C-R theory items are too new to be mentioned anywhere else, as viable alternatives to the standard theories’ ideas.)

I continually strive to find ways to communicate these key ideas in simple terms, and suggest real examples harvested from the posted scientific literature, where the differences, and benefits, stand-out distinctly, in the articles, as they are written.

I started-out in a similar position to many of you newest incomers, where I had blindly accepted what science had dictated, and I was not yet aware that there might be simple and viable alternatives.  HINT: 30 some years ago, I was searching, manually, through the literature available to me, in libraries and books and magazines, for any reports and observations I could find.

In my 30 plus years with the C-R theory ideas, I have never met anyone else who said that they already had acquired similar ideas, before visiting the C-R theory web site.  I am glad that the majority of those who do respond seem overjoyed to find out that there might be a viable alternative to the Big Bang theory that THEY personally can understand.  It is not just that a reasonable alternative explanation exists, but it includes a pathway so logical and simple, if not retro-obvious, [obvious after you find out about it], that the home-readers can understand it, too.

I am thrilled that the responders-in enjoy finding out, for the first time, that they can find that some simple logic might hold answers that they can comprehend, without needing multiple PhD’s and/or advanced mathematical techniques. [not that those who have achieved such learning are wrong for doing so]

I know that not all first-time visitors become new-believers in the C-R theory ways, on the spot, but even they seem to sense a “cracking-open of the windows to their understanding”, that many had feared was totally beyond their abilities to grasp.

While I do accept that the C-R theory’s ideas are still considered as mere speculation, and not as a proven-fact, by some readers, a goal is that the home reader is not having their sensibilities assaulted with ridiculous assumptions, such-as: the entire universe’s ever-increasing velocity and expansion outward occurs, without finding ANY clear source of available-energy, to PAY the BILL, FOR the amount of energy needed to move and accelerate this ENTIRE UNIVERSE, at an ever increasing rate.

Science, like Rodney Dangerfield, don’t get no respect.

My contention is: That SCIENCE lost the general respect from the public shortly after the arbitrary and capricious way that the absurdities of the Big Bang were ignored, and the conclusions supporting the Big Bang were “rammed-down peoples throats”, proverbially speaking, as the only rational possibility, with no dissent tolerated.

IRONIC NOTE: After science staked the case for the existence of the neutrino on the basis of “a dinky amount of missing energy” [and some missing spin, too], from the decay of a neutron, on the basis of the principle of Conservation of Energy, they then discard that very-same “sacred” principle, despite the far-more-egregious energy-amount needed to expand and accelerate the expansion of this universe.

By cavalierly ignoring what should-have-been the “near-sacred principle” of Conservation-of-Energy, for “our Entire Universe”, thus implying that, the Big Bang’s conclusions are so inevitably certain that SCIENCE just KNOWS it is right, so YOU need to march-in-step, and just go along with it.  Thus, the “public” meekly accepted science’s pronouncements, with almost NO DISSENT published, for around 80-90 years.

By embracing the C-R theory’s simple logic and methods, SCIENCE might yet again re-earn the trust and confidence of the general public, when the most fundamental BASIC PRINCIPLE in SCIENCE, Conservation-of-Energy , is restored to it’s rightful place, [as Supreme Ruler, over ALL, instead-of: as a discarded derelict, and a quaint-old notion from those ignorant ages of the past, before we all KNEW better.]

It pleases me that many other incoming reader’s seem to agree with me, or, that they are at least happy to learn-about the C-R theory ideas as a possible alternative.  Some have commented that they never heard of any (of these) explanations elsewhere, that were as sensible, before.  Again, that does not prove anything, but it does demonstrate that simple answers, which can be clearly understood, might make better sense.  I have tried to present a worthy case that I can share with you, that is simple and helpful.  I never feel that I need to try to force you to believe what I say, without backing it up with some real observations and reports to support those ideas.

The home-readers have been more reluctant than “the experts”, to pre-dismiss the C-R theory views, just because these views do not agree with the textbooks, as written, if the end result agrees better with observed reality.  If home readers sense that they start to understand these new processes, in a way that “the experts” outright reject, should I blame them if they like what they hear and read?

I want SCIENCE to be open-minded again, and suitable for ALL people to understand, and to consider, and to weigh the benefits vs. the cost.  I do apologize for “doing an end-run”, around the establishment, when they refuse to even consider this new alternative, because their pre-conceived notions tell them: “This cannot be so.”  In a supreme case of irony, the C-R theory’s home-readers might get to understand more events, and, perceive how this universe works, before the so called experts do, because of their flexibility to accept a newer concept.

2,500,000 More Supermassive Black-Holes C-R found by NASA

NASA just announced last month, that their WISE satellite, an infrared-seeing device, {that ran out of coolant last year, but that can continue seeing some of the warmer infrared objects}, found an extra 2.5 million supermassive Black-Holes C-R , by seeing their infrared emissions, selected from the images taken.  Of course, they think they just found generic black holes, but the C-R theory will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

At least, this means that even the most massive type of Black-Holes C-R are much more common in space.  For the good of the C-R theory, this finding should make it a lot more probable that ALMOST ALL stars are powered by smaller Black-Holes C-R , hidden inside those stars, at their middle.  With the new findings, dinkier Black-Holes C-R should become a little bit more probable, since there are already so many more massive ones. (and just think of all those too far away, or too small to be found, while looking into the dark)

I had been hoping for an announcement, hypothetically something more along the lines of: “We found so bleeping many extra electrons out there, we just had to accept the C-R theory’s line of reasoning”.  I can give it time, but the home-reader might be someday prepared, in advance, for the “shock” that the C-R theory was right, all along.  For now, we’ll just have another 2.5 million Black-Holes C-R to keep our eyes on, and see what develops.

Other Black-Holes C-R are NOT on any Black-Hole’s C-R menu

STRONG HINT: If NASA cannot find ANY candidates in these new 2.5 million supermassive Black-Holes C-R to show where at least one of them is being eaten, or merged, consider that a good sign for the C-R theory, too.  If they can point out any case where one of those has actually disappeared, while another nearby Black-Hole C-R gets bigger, and there is an impressive display of earth-rattling gravitational-wave disturbances detected by the gravitational-wave telescopes, like LIGO, then the C-R theory will be wrong.  Stay tuned for further (non-)developments.

SCIENCE finds cases of excited electrons BILLIONS of light years away

I know that one can read about cases of “inverse Compton scattering” observed in Black-Holes C-R positioned over a billion light years away from us.  This process involves low-energy photons, or radio-emissions, sapping-away, or extracting excess energy from tight beams of excited electrons, at relativistic speeds, then taking some of that energy to boost their signal’s strength and energy-level, (and their frequency, too).  What is most “exciting” about this is: Here is a case for excited electrons, in excessive abundance, obvious enough to be seen and noted, from over a billion lightyears away.

REMEMBER, buzzwords like excess electrons, excited electrons, energized electrons are all GIFTS, from nature, to a C-R theory-like process, but, they are only appreciated as relevant  by the C-R theory.

NOTICE POSTED: From Nature: To ALL Black-Holes C-R :


Remember, also, the C-R theory is about the only theory that recognizes or claims that the matter immediately inside a Black-Hole C-R is already at it’s minimum energy capability, so NO additional ENERGY, at all, could be released, if one Black-Hole C-R ate any “accessible part” [the outermost layer] of another Black-Hole C-R .

CAUTION: If two supermassive Black-Holes C-R kind-of do a slow tango, or a pirouette-like twirl, swirling around each other, either one could “barf”, or more politely-stated, “release the slowly-accumulated contents of it’s many dinners” [consumed over however-many years], and set off a massive explosion.  This resulting energetic explosion might be mistaken for a case where the one Black-Hole C-R is eating another.  There is a huge difference in two concepts, but witnessed from afar, science might just apply “wishful thinking”, and see what they want to see. [Of course, the C-R theory should be above that, too, since I’ve alerted as many home-readers to actually LOOK-FOR such things, in existing reports, so I cannot just make-up the type-of results I want you to see, then selectively feed them to you.]

HINT: Wherever a non-central supermassive Black-Hole C-R is EJECTED, at high speed from a galaxy, rather than being eaten, that is also very good news for the C-R theory, indicating that NO MERGER took place, despite the “incredible-gravitational-pull” expected to be generated, by standard Newtonian reasoning.

I will add in this pun again: Gravity is kind-of like seniority, i.e., No Time, No Pull

HINT: If I went into a gourmet restaurant, I would not order a 50 lb (or even a 50 Kg) bag of sand to eat.  I do not have the taste for it, nor the appetite for it.  Now consider the Black-Hole C-R .  The mass directly inside another Black-Hole C-R is already at it’s lowest energy level possible.  There is no massive output of energy available to be released AGAIN, if this same mass is re-eaten, while it is already as low-energy as possible.  This IS one instance where the Newtonian FORMULA will give one a misleading expectation of great fireworks, when a non-happening is the true result.

There was a great, one page article, in the September, 2012 Astronomy magazine, on page 10, by Bob Berman, about the technical aspects of a general science article.   Technically, almost every article’s statements are wrong, on one scale or another.  I think I’ve tried to cover many instances in these blogs, where I try to caution readers that some of my statements are true on the one scale, as I stated, but are false on another scale, if one considers: Are there any possible exceptions?  I do not always want to be too nit-picky on every article I discuss, and disprove or explain-away all possible exceptions, every time I write a statement.

In one sense, almost any statement made in any article is true in one limited aspect, but could be false, if a bigger, or more involved picture is considered.

Here is a for instance.  Let us imagine a simple statement: The sky is lighter in the daytime than in the night-time.  That seems like a pretty simple truth, and, yes, sounds true.  If we consider almost any single location on earth’s surface, that statement could be true {except maybe, from inside a cave}.

Now consider that same statement, made with a vantage point one light year in any direction, outward and upward from earth.  Technically, from that vantage point, the sky is almost equally dark, whether it is day or night directly below, on earth.  The statement itself has not changed, but the evaluation of it’s trueness has changed.  Now, if that same, simple statement can be almost completely true in one sense, and almost totally false, in another sense, should I not make that statement?

The problem is, we humans want to think in simple, rational, short statements, all the time.  If we always had to consider, can what I write be both true and false, sometimes, and should I be far more specific, every time I write?  I would hate to have to pre-qualify every exception to every general statement I ever wrote for every article.  That would remove the fun from my writing and from your reading.

But, in a strictly legal sense, if every statement I can make can also be false, when viewed in some non-standard manner, sometimes; would saying nothing at all be a better strategy?

I would say no.  But, I do also want to be cautious, and I often try to point out how I could invalidate my general statements with small, subtle changes in inferences I make, or by those things I leave out.

As-is, I have enough trouble getting people to believe the straight-on C-R theory, without deliberately trying to make all my statements look legalistically-complex.  I did want to remark upon some ideas, and show why one needs to be very careful in making plain, simple, yes-or-no-type statements.

In one sense, almost every statement I have made is false, in some exceptional cases.  It is not that I try to deceive you, but those possible exceptions, that are always there, might be too trivial and are probably very rare.  In modern legal contracts, the specific jargon is stated in such a way as not to be fun to read, and to be vague and indirect.  If I can convey the simple meaning first, to where most readers understand that case, then I can delve into the devious exceptions that I can think of, to invalidate almost every claim I make, in some way.

One way is to think, how much do we NOT know about any situation?  The more one knows, the more one learns just how much more is left that we don’t know about.

In another sense, there may be a fractal-like similarity in some cases, where the deeper one dives into the problem, the more involved it becomes.  It is just like the old classic question, how long is the coastline of Britain?  The smaller the scale used by the measurer, the larger the numerical answer becomes.  No one scale is just right, but each one gives a different-scale answer.

Should we just let the rules slide?

As we explore further, the answer also increases in complexity, similar to a fractional-exponential, (or fractal) manner.  Not increasing as rapidly as a higher whole power, or in the next-level exponential, as in, the difference between a quantity squared and a quantity cubed, but increasing, nonetheless.

In my “good old days”, when schools and colleges let students use slide rules, the increasing, but fractional exponential growth could be likened-to calculating numbers by simply adding (or subtracting) the length of line segments, (as logarithms of exponents of base 10 or e, the natural number base for logarithms), to approximate multiplying quantities too large to manually calculate, by hand.

Even the practical knowledge of how to perform a specific task of using logarithms to estimate final answers, by simply adding their lengths together, [to multiply the numbers], regardless of the exponents involved, (those were totaled-up separately), is in danger of being lost.  While far less accurate, in the number of significant digits involved, in pre-computer/calculator days, students only needed to find answers with slide-rule-accuracy, abbreviated s.r.a., on test exams.

This nearly-lost artform of calculating with the slide rule might give readers some added insights into fractal relationships, too, since both groups involve dealing with exponents of numbers that are generally, not whole numbers.  My younger readers (and many older ones, too), may not even be aware of slide rules, much less, any practical methods for dealing with them. [from those ancient, pre-computer days]

My reason for digressing to this archaic topic of slide rules is: when discussing older ideas, there may often be connections, adding new potentials for insights, and a recycling of practical results, where insights learned from old situations can help to re-explain new ideas with a deeper level of reasoning.

An irrelevant, but interesting aside here is: rather than the disaster one obtained using a mainframe computer, when dividing any quantity by zero, which resulted in establishing an infinite-loop; when subtracting the equivalent, exponential length for zero, from a slide rule, there would be no actual “length change” in the slide rule’s position, and a divide-by-zero disaster could be manually averted by the user.

Now after digressing a bit, it is a good time to return to attempting to understand the situation at the end of the funnel.  In using a wire-frame diagram to address the Black-Hole’s C-R situation, one could similarly consider, rather than a disaster in the making, a simple understanding provides a much better solution.  If I can work-out an illustration  diagram where I can highlight the limited “ curvature above lightspeed-region “, it is ONLY in this thin-little region where that situation occurs.  Everywhere else, further inside, in a Black-Hole C-R , the situation IS now manageable, and understandable, using only standard science.

The real insight happens if one can realize the intense benefits to nature accomplished by using this innovative new approach, adding-in, then using a Neutral Zone C-R to “solve the puzzle [dilemma] of the singularity”.  The Neutral Zone C-R is the only place inside any Black-Hole C-R where matter faces the most extreme contortion of the conditions.  If there can be no singularity, by design, this simplifies one’s understanding of the Black-Hole  C-R enormously.

All-of-a-sudden, the situation is now very rational, and quite straightforward.  The Black-Hole C-R eats mass, stripping then separating-out the electrons, and storing-up the protons and neutrons.  Since the stored mass cannot interact while in this state, mass can only accumulate, and increase in it’s simple packing, thus decreasing it’s entropy.

When the cataclysm occurs, this Neutral Zone C-R is compromised, de-warped, and liberated.  The energy release is so intense, so spectacular, and so sudden, that normal science has never been able to explain it.  Since they do not believe the C-R theory’s processes, they have never simulated nor tested that method with their supercomputers.  Novas, supernovas, quasars, Seyfert galaxys, Active Galactic Nucleus (AGNs), and gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are all related, but occur on a larger scale, with increasing energy scales and greater counts of particle releases.

This charge separation induced mixing [explosion] actively repositions matter, and introduces new complex mixing-dynamics back into the makeup of our universe.  It stirs-up matter again, shuffling-around hydrogen, heavier elements, and photons, and imprints a much larger superstructure framework on our universe that a mere 13.8 billion years of simple expansion, and standard gravity, could never produce.

NOTE: Such a universe would look exactly like our universe looks to us now.  It always would have looked approximately that way, in the past, and it always will look that way, far into the future.  This built-in recycling, energy-recovery engine needs no (human) oversight, and will never “run-out-of-steam”, it will never expand-out to a futile, faded state of utter uselessness.

The net effect on one’s long-term outlook changes remarkably, too.  Instead of near certain long-term doom, our universe becomes alive with exciting future potential.  It will never end in a whimper or a last gasp.  While it would not directly affect our future for maybe a billion years, or even longer than that, humanity still has a good reason for hope, when using the C-R theory, as compared to any other theory as our competition.

I have finally said enough for this blog, and I still have more areas I want to cover, so they will just have to wait for the next blog, or beyond.

HOME-READERS: Please use the comment area at the bottom of the main home page, or any blog page, to address any questions or concerns.  Just take the “Are You A Human?” challenge, and play a short, game-like task for under 10 seconds, to prove you are not a spam-generating web-bot, and your comments can be posted.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for considering the C-R theory as your “Theory-of-choice”, to use when YOU try to understand this universe, our home, that we live in.

Last edited and modified on April 30th, 2014