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The Comedy-Recycling Theory

(Of the Entire Known Universe)

by Jerry A. Reynard

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I decided to post one more blog, pre-April-Fool’s-Day, if possible.  One of the topics I’d like to cover would be a forum I noticed on Hypography discussing, How Does Gravity Escape a (conventional) black hole?  It was one of the few contemporary forums that recently has taken-up that topic.  I believethe C-R theory has answered that question to my satisfaction, and I did not see anyone at that forum bring-up the C-R theory point-of-view.  If I had added my comments, they would have started on the last page, so I figure, since this is MY blog, I can putthe strong points much more prominently on the first page (of the new blog).

Just over 30 years ago, I was also pondering the question, “How does gravity emanate from a black hole?”, and I went over most of the conventional ideas, including properties of gravitons that might allow gravity to be felt.  None of those options though neatly answered the point, without seeming to also violate Conservation of Energy.

Eventually, I was led to a totally new answer, one never discussed or visualized elsewhere, that seems to give a good accounting for: How can gravity (still) emanate from a {C-R theory “brand-name”} Black-HoleC-R?

Part of the NEW insight is that, if gravity DOES NOT escape from a Black-Hole, but instead, curvature   “modulates” or makes changes-to (affects) the properties of spacetime containing that same matter, this “New Trick” ALLOWS gravity to maintain constancy, to exert it’s full effect, WITHOUT requiring ANY radiated emissions at all, much less needing anything travelling at above the speed-of-light.

If we imagine a person standing in the center on a trampoline, or a bowling ball resting on the center of a round, clear rubber sheet, we would note that the SHAPE of those sheets was affected by the presence of the mass in their middle.  (The analogy would still be appropriate if the sheets were not round, and or if the masses were not at the center, but that makes it easier for us to visualize in this case.)

In this particular case above, allow us to move either sheet as high above or as close to the ground as we desire, but the affect of the shape still allows the person or the bowling ball to change their potential energy (height-above-ground) in response to the shape (somewhat analogous to the curvature of gravity).  If we stiffened the trampoline or the rubber sheet, a lesser amount of height change would be accomplished by adding more mass than if we loosened the respective sheets.  As long as we keep the sheet or the trampoline from breaking or distorting beyond repair, we could “modulate” the change in the height above ground (the gravitational potential energy) of the person or the bowling ball.  Similarly, if we modulated the mass of the person or the bowling ball, we would change the shape of the surface.

It has also been noticed that when changing the gravity (the amount of curvature), the real-time rate of matter changes.  On earth, raising a mass by one meter results in approximately a gain of one part in 1016th.  If one extends this analogy across the entire (closed) universe, we could imagine a full curvature at the outer edges, and minimum curvature at the center of the universe.  As long as we were not at the exact center, we would see everything closer in to the center as blue shifted, and everything further outside our position as red shifted.

What the C-R theory uniquely has realized is that gravitational curvature is what provides or establishes this “reference frame”.  Remarkably, by changing the external reference-frame value, curvature is able to “adjust” the energy-value of matter.  When this energy value CHANGES, THAT freed-up ENERGY is what provides the source for what we see as kinetic energy (speed or the energy for the acceleration of matter).  Since this energy comes-out-of (or must go into) the very matter itself that is being changed, “gravity” itself NEVER provides, or needs to SUPPLY or to transfer that energy through or across the Schwarzschild radius from inside the Black-HoleC-R.  

That means that the “liberated” kinetic energy resulting from the action of curvature on matter (what we THINK-of as THE FORCE of gravity) is, in reality, something of an after-effect from , (and NOT the actual or direct CAUSE-of ) gravity.  That means that “gravity” is not reduced in efficiency by the tiniest amount by having to “tunnel-out-of, leak-out (inefficiently), or pass-through” the Black-HoleC-R.  {In conventional electronics the tunnelling diode is reduced in coupling-through-efficiency by a substantial amount when the tunnelling diode “leaks” electrical charges across the forbidden barrier.}

NOTE: It still does fall-off with an inverse-square amount based-on the distance, but it is not reduced further in efficiency by tunnelling across the Schwarzschild radius (or, in more popular terms, across the event horizon).

Another remarkable, and unique feature from this method of providing gravity (and yet another reason NATURE has chosen to use it), once matter has passed-into the Neutral ZoneC-R, the volume directly inside-of the Black-HoleC-R, that matter has already surrendered ALL of it’s loseable-energy.  This completely eliminates, or turns-off, any further “pull-from” gravity, and prevents that same matter from collapsing further inward (back into the inner region where real-time activity is again permitted).  This “Inside Active ZoneC-Ris the exact-same “type-of volume” that the C-R theory claims IS the inside of our universe, and possesses ALL of the properties that we see in our universe.  (See the green text below, the list of those properties.)

1. Our universe always appears to have almost exactly enough matter inside to exactly close-off this universe, BECAUSE it actually DOES have EXACTLY that much matter.

2. This matter is perfectly stable, and cannot possibly collapse further inward.

3. Matter at the outer edges appears increasingly time-slowed-down ( red shifted to us), because it IS that way.  Matter there is worth less energy than matter closer-in to the middle (or here , on earth).

4. Matter closer-in to the center (from our earth) appears blue shifted, because it IS worth more energy, and it IS clocking faster.  It is worth MORE energy.  We would have to GAIN or acquire more energy before we could venture there.

5. Matter and energy are both perfectly contained inside this region.

6. The contents inside can and DO recycle perfectly over time (covered elsewhere).

7. Since NO energy can ever leak-out from this inside region, system-wide entropy is also contained-within, and this region can never “totally run-downhill” energy-wise.

EXTREMELY STRONG HINT: It is not by accident, or an OOPS (accidental) moment that our universe uses this method of maintaining stability.  It is part of the PLAN, or the way this universe HAS ALWAYS been and will always be.

NOTE: This (hypothetical-theoretical) type-of universe has exactly the same properties seen in our universe, almost point-by-point.

1. This type-of universe NEVER needed a starting anomaly like a singularity, or energy created from nothing.

2. This universe never HYPER-expanded after starting-out from a singularity, because there never was a singularity (or a beginning!!!).  

NOTE: Sub-sections of this universe can and do recycle, and would qualify for a: “Let there be light.” type-of description, for those to whom that would make a difference.

3. This type-of universe is NOT now expanding, and does not need some “magical” energy source to provide the increasing levels of expansion.

4. Conservation of Energy is always strictly maintained, and we never get (or give-up) anything “for free”.

5. This type-of universe ALWAYS has exactly-enough matter-energy inside to exactly fill-up this universe, and to close-it-off completely, (from the curvature of all of the mass inside).

6. From the structural points discussed above, it cannot collapse further inward.  The contents are free to dynamically interact, circulate, recycle, interchange-energy or position, and collide, just as real matter is seen to do in our universe.

7. This universe will never “grow-old” or fade-away, or expand-apart, or run-down.

8. This universe faces absolutely NO time-constraints about how the “supposed-to-be-young-looking” structures evolved, why galaxies look like they do, why star clusters behave as they do, or why matter has such a complex structure overall.

Remarkably, this type of a universe HAS BEEN mistaken for a universe created ONLY 13.7 Billion years ago, and the “gravitational red shift” has been mistaken as a “Doppler shift”, caused by the expansion of the universe.

The increasing blue shift (up to a point) is the dead giveaway that the red shift is not caused by expansion, or rushing-away, but is caused by changing gravitational curvature, adjusting the “time” difference in each timeframe observed.


Although the expansion of this universe COULD explain the increasing red shift with a distance, it cannot explain-away the simultaneously-seen increasing blue shift (up to a certain point).  The action of another “mysterious anomaly” needs to be invoked to explain this away.  The simple overlaying “time-frame reference-change” can explain both the red shift and the blue shift quite easily.

Look for another blog on April-Fooling Science, TWICE, to follow immediately.